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  1. Hey MJ,

    He's not playing for free..the promoter is just footing the bill.

    He is super in concert and a great fan of the berries as well us being a fan for Rick. He has been to a couple of shows since the beginning of the reunion tour. If you get a chance to speak with him give him my regards from the berries crew.

  2. As my "Baby Sister" has said thanks to all for your support through these tough times. Adrienne has been unbelievable handling all of this and I have really taken a pretty quiet back seat. That's just the way I am handling things. It has been really tough for me and my immediate family with many issues since last August but I still believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel and pray every day that it's not a train. So once again thanks and I really hope that we get the chance to see all of you somewhere on the road if the boys make the decision to do it one more time.

  3. And recently the complete shopping center that housed the Cyrus Erie West was torn down. I think the only building still standing in the Greater Cleveland area that housed a "teen club" and honed the chops of the brother berries is the old Chesterland Hullabaloo building which I believe is now a carpet store.

  4. I sort of remember that the GATW lyrics were deemed a little to sexual for one Detroit radio station and during an early tour the guys basically had to make an apology at the station while we were up in that area doing shows. Eric would remember this and have to confirm that it did happen.

  5. Yes, I remember a big show at the University of Birmingham with Beach Boys, Billy Preston, and many other major acts. The stage was in the middle of the stadium about 60 feet above the ground. Three levels of staging areas for equipment to be raised by forklift to the main stage. Highlight of the load-in was seeing Billy Preston's white grand piano roll of the stage and drop 60 feet to the ground. An hour later, another white grand piano is delivered to the site.

    In Boston at Paul's Mall, a showcase for the radio industry with Skylark. A very impressive group from Canada. They had a hit with Wildflower.I remember those shows (2 nights) because on our breaks we went outside and the sidewalks and streets were always wet. Couldn't figure out when it rained, found out that the city washed down the streets and sidewalks every night around midnight. Ah, to be young and naive would not necessarily be a bad thing.

    Maybe one of my favorites was right in Cleveland where we played an outdoor show at Edgewater Park with many local and national acts for the push to have 18 year olds register to vote. And one show in Youngstown, Ohio where we opened a new amusement park and there was this new start up band very early in the venue (2nd or 3rd act) in a venue of 6 or so (we were the headliner) that went by the name "The Eagles". I think they ended up doing pretty good in the music business.

  6. I was told by a real good source that they were using back up vocals, some doubling for DR and a lot of bass tracks being played off stage on a keyboard. Wolfgang is a nice kid but he is no Michael Anthony.

  7. Every time I am in Cleveland for business, whether it be the day gig or Raspberries I try to catch Billy doing his solo act. Believe me when I tell you that the catalog that he plays is unbelievable. I always just sit in amazement. If you have an opportunity to see Billy "just do it". You can check his website (check ec.com links) for Billy's solo dates. And don't forget about the lovely Jennifer Lee she has a weekly appearance on Wednesday's at Becky's located in Willoughby Hills on Chardon Road near Bishop. She and Debbie Lewin put on quite a show. All of the Overdubs are quite talented and have great solo careers. I know that Billy and Paul have My Space pages that have updates of show dates and don't forget about Jesse Bryson, Wally's son living in NYC and continuing the Bryson tradition of great guitar work and song writing.

  8. OK, I have let my "Baby Sister" handle most of this and so I felt it was time to chime in. First and foremost THANK YOU a million times over for all of your prayers and support, it really helps to know that so many people care about others. For the past six months my life has gone through many ups and downs and sometimes I just did not know what to say or how to handle things.

    I visited Bonnie today and I am amazed how she continues to fight this. Her determination will allow her to survive. I visited Kevin last week and the guy is just amazing. Give him another month and he will be ready to assist us in moving the gear. Now we just need a reason to move it.

    Lastly, as I have said Adrienne has been unbelievable throughout all of this. What everyone should know is that she is scheduled to have back surgery at the end of this month. She was suppose to have this done a couple of months ago but postponed it due to Bonnie & Kevin. The pain in her back and feet have gotten to a point that she can not wait any longer so our family seems to be supporting the medical profession this year.

    So once again thank all of you


  9. Another little note: As everyone knows Eric always wants the shows to be perfect and it is evident with the results of the performances. He also believes that the way the band looks on stage is very important including the stage set up. Before the first reunion show the choice of the Vox amps was made more for the way they would look on stage because we did not know all the ins and outs of these modeling amps. It took us a while and the help of the Vox representative to get them "dialed in". From that point forward Billy has done the most experimentation with the amps and has become our in-house expert on the amp set-up. Now with his purchase I am expecting even greater sounds coming from those amps.

    Originally we were going to add the chrome "Beetle stands" to the amps but that would have caused additional headaches for the crew in transportation and set up time so it got axed. It is one of my jobs is to do all of the production design for the band prior to shows including stage layouts. A few changes have been made since the first reunion show. My question is; have you noticed the changes in the stage set up and do you like what we have done?

  10. Great news Billy, Hopefully you will have a chance to use it in the future with the Berries when we book more shows (yes, I am keeping fingers and toes crossed). Who knows when rehearsals starts maybe the Vox will come into play. I know it is a lot lighter than the Line 6.

    And Chris, it uses tubes in the pre-amp. This is a modeling amp that has the capability to simulate about 20 different amps both old and new. It is great technology. For me, it has reduced the load of amps that Wally would usually use on stage from 3 or 4 plus a Leslie speaker and the Vox does it all. A little tough to get Wally to buy in at the beginning since is a purist and never uses pedals or gimmicks to get sounds, its always been just the guitar and an amp. He always has amazed me and I have been his tech since the late 60's.

  11. I don't know maybe loading up a truck with a bunch of guitars, amps, keyboards and drums and driving to some city and set up the stuff for a legendary band to do a couple of shows. I know it seems like a lot of work but for me "Truly a vacation"

  12. No, I just have to worry about keeping all those expensive guitars in tune and shinny. It is really a blast and I feel so lucky to have the honor to work with Wally for almost 40 years. Yep, this summer will be 40 years since I first started tunning that Flying V. Working with Eric, Dave, Wally and Jim and the dubs is really a lot of fun. Yes, hard work a usual show day is at a minimum 12 hours long from load in to load out without much of a break (there is always something to do) But I wouldn't trade the time with anyone.

  13. Just an update; Bonnie is doing well and holding her own. I called the hospital earlier this evening and her husband said she had great color and felt good except for being sore.

    On the other hand Kevin has had a turn for the worse and Adrienne left AZ earlier than planned (this afternoon rather next Tuesday) and arrives back in Cleveland around 11:30pm tonight. She is heading directly to the Cleveland Clinic. Apparently the bleeding in his brain has increased and they had to do some surgery to drain the blood and relieve the pressure. Adrienne promised she would call me in the morning and give me an update.

    My whole family appreciates all of your prayers and thoughts. I will continue to update everyone on the board as I get new information.

  14. I got a call a little earlier today from Adrienne (Baby Sister) who is out in Arizona with our older sister who is fighting cancer telling me that her better half Kevin Darago who also is a major part of the Cleveland road crew was rushed to the hospital this morning with the possibility of a stroke. She said he had a major migraine and could not stand up and 911 was called. I have not talked with Adrienne since mid afternoon and I am waiting for an update. As soon as I know something I will post it. We appreciate your continuing prayers for both Kevin an our sister Bonnie.

  15. 17/20 for me. An additional fact about question #2. Not only did Charles F. Brush invent the ARC light the high school that Eric and I both graduated from is Charles F. Brush High School, AKA Brush Arcs.

  16. The "positioning" of Ken and Barbie on stage had originally been the responsibility of Derek better known as "Goose" drum tech/percussionist. Sadly he went off to college and the responsibility moved to other members of the road crew. During the 2007 tour our monitor engineer Kirk Maharg stepped up and took care of placement. It is always fun to find new places or should I say where they are positioned for the shows. Many times they are moved between sound check and show time just to keep the guys on their toes. And so you know they did attend and where in the VH1 video's, never missing an opportunity to be with the band.

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