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  1. Nice venue once you got in, but possibly the worst load-in/load out experience in the history of the band. Never had a load-in take 4 plus hours. And very nasty neighbors next to the Highline. That weekend has all kinds of stories that will be told for years to come with our crew. However, outside of the load-in/load out we made the best of it and had a lot of fun!!!
  2. Back in the days nobody but nobody did the Rolling Stones like Target!!! Wally, Mike McBride, Mike Chandler, Vic (can't remember his last name) and sometimes Bob McBride and then they added another drummer so Mike could stay upfront (can't remember his name. Stacked Marshall's, bass rig of dual Traynor 8/10 and of course the standard Shure vocalmaster system. Wally yelling at me "I can't hear the monitors", and me yelling back "that's OK, I can't hear the mains". Marshall's always pinned at 10. . . Those were the days....
  3. I was lucky enough to attend the Mike Smith Tribute at BB Kings and saw many wonderful acts including the Fab Faux, Peter & Gordon, Zombies and many more. What a great night.
  4. Happy Birthday!! You have finally cracked the 50 barrier. As I have said before, "If we knew we were going to live this long, we would have taken better care of ourselves". Again my friend, Have a great day and hope to see you soon. Ernie
  5. Tim, It wasn't Dugan it was Kevin Dargo (Adrienne's boyfriend) who has been part of the road crew. Kevin doesn't always get to travel with us because someone has to stay home and take care of thier zoo (dogs, cats, birds). Kevin is a great guy and always works security at Blossom. Dugan is out on the west coast continuing his work with Michael Anthony and Sammy Hager. Glad you enjoyed Blossom and Cleveland. Ernie
  6. I made a mistake on the date of the Flying V. The serial number is somewhat hard to read but we and Gibson think it is vintage 67 but could be 59 as well. I started working with Wally in 67 and he already had the V so I am not sure of the date it was built. I will do some additional research and get to the bottom of the dates. Everything on the guitar is original other than the tuning pegs which I changed to Grover's in 1971. The color is black. always has been and it has never been retouched, none of Wally's guitars have been retouched. Every nick and scratch are original. I know I have put a few in them myself.
  7. Personally I no longer own any guitars but I do carry, polish, restring, tune and take care of the following and have since 1967 which makes me proud: 1968 Gibson Double neck SG 1275 - Black Parker Classic Fly Deluxe- Cherry (Last one personally made by Ken Parker) 1965 Gibson Flying V - Black 1996 Ric 360-12 - Maple 1995 Epiphone Gibson Special Custom - Black 1964 Fender Telecaster - Black 1968 Gibson Blue Ridge Acoustic 1999 Martin Custom There have been many others including Strats, Variax,etc.. I can't keep track in my mind we average about 35 guitars on tour and they are basically my responsibility. Currently I am storing a Fender Precision Bass and a DanElectro Longhorn Bass.Hopefully, they won't be in storage too much longer.
  8. Every one of the guys have always taken the time to talk with fans about most anything. They are very open and honest. I can tell you that many of the shows Rusty had to work very hard to gather them together to get back to the hotel after a show. They always wanted to stay and talk with people. As for band and crew relationship; they always ask if there is anything they can help with. Since my heart attack in 2003 Dave and Wally are always on my back telling me "don't lift that and take a break, etc, etc, etc..The one thing I can say about this band and the way it has been since 2004 is that we are a family, sometimes dysfunctional, but truly care about each other. The last 4 years has been a blast for me, not only the music but the hours of laughter with band and crew. Believe me, "we're not in it for the money".
  9. You can meet Baby Sister she works at Blossom. Usually hangs out as security at the sound board.
  10. Happy B-day Marlene. Hope to see you somewhere along the road. Who knows what the future holds. Many happy days ahead. Ernie
  11. I was hoping to be there but nobody called.
  12. Happy B-day Eric. Hope to see you soon back out on the road. Ernie
  13. Roadie #3


    According to Bernie; Kevin "Dugie" Dugan
  14. On Saturday look for our own Kevin "Dugie" Dugan working the stage for Sammy. And, if you look real hard you might just see WEBMASTER extraordinare Bernie Hogya himself.
  15. Dave, To my best friend, have a very happy birthday. See you soon.
  16. Watched it, its our Dugie. However, when we did the Cleveland show in November he couldn't fix his flashlight . .go figure
  17. Yes, I talked to Dugie and he told me about this show but he wasn't sure when it would air or what channel it was on. When Dugie was telling us the complete story we were rolling on the floor. Only Dugie could pull this off. However, I would have to say in the past our crew has pulled off some miracles. MJ, do you know what channel it was on?
  18. Happy Birthday Susanna, Have a great day.
  19. The only issue the road crew had with the suits is that we had to carry around a couple of extra wardrobe road cases that were about 5 ft tall and 3 ft deep and wide. In addition, along with moving the equipment, setting it up and all the normal road crew duties, we had to find a dry cleaner with 1 hour service to clean the suits. A little known fact; Wally kept one of those cases and we striped the guts and at times it now has become a road case for guitars (not to often, hard to handle). Raspberry red in color and it still carries the original Raspberries logo.
  20. Have a great one Danny . . . Heading up today for the week going to Becky's tonight to see Jenn and then help out Billy on Wednesday (Beau Coup) at the Boneyard.
  21. If I remember correctly Eric played the DA early in the Raspberries and in my memory bank is a picture of Eric having a Plexiglas DA bass. I an not be sure but I think that I remember lugging that thing around.
  22. Although I had already left the band at that time I would be willing to bet that the 5th Raspberries at the Agora concert was Jeff Hutton. I believe this show might have been one of the first with new members Mike McBride & Scott McCarl. I think Opie joined about a month later when the band got the Mellatrons and needed 2 additional keyboard players.
  23. Mike was a great drummer and a energetic front man. Before the Raspberries I was the roadie/guitar tech and FOH engineer for Target a rockin' band that played all over Northeast Ohio. Comprised of Mike McBride - Drums & vocals, Bob McBride - Bass & vocals later replaced by a a guy named Vic (can't remember his last name) Wally Bryson - lead guitar & vocals, Mike Chandler - Rhythm guitar & Vocal and then another drummer named Butch (can't remember last name) was added so Mike could stay up front. No band and I mean no band could touch the energy and sound as they performed Rolling Stones, Mountain and other rock music. In addition I don't know of any other drummer that played as hard as Mike. We had a drum board made from two pieces of 3/4" plywood that the drums were set on. I used a 4" x 4" block bolted through the plywood to keep the bass drum from moving and all of the cymbal stands were held in place by 2 screen door springs. Back line was made up of double stack Marshall's for Wally & Mike and a double Traynor set up for the bass rig. Sound was run through six Shure columns with a single mixing head and 1 extra power amp. Monitors were the Shure mini- monitors. Somethings never change; I can remember Wally yelling at me that he could not hear the monitors and I remember yelling back that it was OK cause I couldn't hear the mains. They played those Marshall's pegged at 10. And yes, Wally played the double neck, Flying V and Rick during that time. What great memories and stories I have of those days.
  24. Nut sauce is real. It lubricates the fiction points of where a string meets the bridges and/or saddles. This helps with tuning so the string does not bind while sliding through the bridge when you are tuning. This does a couple of things; makes it a little easier to tune and keep the guitar in tune, the strings seem to last longer and lastly reduces the buzz that is always prevalent with the strings riding on the bridge. Some guitar tech's use graphite but I prefer "Big Bends" nut sauce. It's a little cleaner than the graphite. The only downside that I have encountered is in the winter if it is really cold the sauce will crystallize and needs to be heated up before a gig. A hair dryer does a nice job.
  25. I agree with Danny and don't forget to use nut sauce on the bridge. It really helps with tuning.
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