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  1. There has been mention of "the Kid" (funny Rusty was calling him that). Anyhow the kid is Derek Braunschweiger who is Jim's drum tech. Derek is a very accomplished percussionist and has been accepted at Berkley School of Music. Dereck not only teched for Jim but played congas, wood blocks, and tamborine on a couple of tunes. One other note; Derek's favorite babysitter when he was young was Jim's daughter Cherise. I assume that Jim was an influence to his purcussion skills.
  2. On the Raspberries.net website I was asked who Billy and Paul were and what equipment they use. So once again "sorry for being long winded" some additional information on the "Overdubs" and yes, I did include information about Jennifer. The question who is Billy and Paul can easily answered as they furnished both back up vocals and fill guitar and keyboards which allowed the band to reproduce the album sounds live. One other person was involved in this group coined “The Overdubs†and that would be Jennifer Lee who was definitely the best looking of the total seven musicians on stage. A little information on each of these exceptional musicians; Billy Sullivan; Billy is a very accomplished musician based out of Cleveland. Billy has toured the past 18 years with Gary Lewis and the Playboys along with writing and recording commercial jingles as well as spending time backing up other musicians in the studio. Billy uses a Line 6 Vetta II Combo Amp. This amp is very flexible because it lets you run 2 amp models at once creating a great stereo sound. All the effects are built in. He uses a combination of three foot pedals, the first being the foot controller for the Line 6 amp which allows complete access to the effects programmed in the amp, the controller lets you change sounds and access the effects. The 2 other pedals on the floor are a Boss Tuner and a Boss Compression Pedal. The amp has both of these effects in it but the Boss tuner allows faster access than the one in the amp. As for guitars, again Line 6 !!! Billy is totally into this digital world we're in!! The guitar is called the Variax (Same as Eric). Same concept as the amp, it digitally models a whole collection of guitars all in one guitar. Billy makes big use of this in the Raspberries because he easily switches from a Telecaster to a Les Paul and to a Gibson J-200 Acoustic guitar all in one guitar and without having to change guitars. Technically, he really doesn't need his Taylor Acoustic guitar for this show because the acoustic guitar models in the Variax are fantastic.Billy used a Taylor 312-CE Acoustic guitar on one song "Starting Over" and had it tuned to E,A,D,G,B,D . This tuning sounded beautifully with Eric's piano. He also used a Fender Telecaster just with 5 strings and tuned to an open G, Just like Keith!!! The mandolin he used on 'Might As Well" is a vintage Gibson Mandolin that was made in 1923. Paul Sidoti; Paul is a multi-talent musician as well. Like Billy, Paul spent time on the road with Gary Lewis and the Playboys. Paul has been the leader of a couple of tribute bands including Kiss and his latest project Tequila Sunrise which he plays Joe Walsh in a tribute to the Eagles. Paul provides backup guitar and keyboards as well as vocal for the raspberries. His choice of guitars include a Fender Custom Shop Cherry Sunburst Stratocaster w/Floyd Rose licensed tremolo with tremsetter, EMG pickups w/multiple eq settings and combinations, Fender Banana Yellow Telecaster, Ovation Cherry Sunburst Deluxe 12-string acoustic/electric, Taylor 614CE acoustic/electric (6-string). The electric guitars are played through a Fender Cybertwin amp w/Cybercontroller footpedal while the acoustics are put directly through the main sound system. Paul plays a lot of ketboards throughout the show and utilizes two different keyboards to achieve the “Berrie†sound first and most used is the Roland Fantom S88 w/string, orchestral, and keyboards expansion boards and the truer piano sounds he uses a Yamaha Motif 8 keyboard. Lastly some information regarding Jennifer Lee who is the best looking of the seven musicians on stage. Like Billy and Paul, Jennifer is an accomplished musician known throughout Northeast Ohio for her vocal skills. Backing up both local and national acts live and in the studio along with providing vocals for many television and radio commercials have been keeping Jennifer busy. She is an accomplish pianist and provides keyboard work with Paul on a couple of Raspberries tunes. Additionally, Jennifer provides the needed procession fills on many of the tunes. All three of these musicians play an important part in these Raspberries Reunion shows. Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim wanted to make sure when they decided to do these shows that the quality of the performance was equal to 30+ years ago. In those performances the band was able to provide the same live stage sound as the recorded versions. As they proved on 11/26 they were right on target and I believe sounded better than the recorded versions. For more information about Billy, Paul, and Jennifer visit their websites: www.billysullivan.com www.tequilasunriseband.com www.jenniferlee.net
  3. Marvin, Don't worry someone from the road crew will make sure you get to the airport
  4. No book and quite frankly not the talent to do it. Lots of great stories, but they will be kept between me and the band.
  5. OK here is the skinny on the recording: The recording was done to a muti-track system recorded both to DAW and direct hard drive. And before anyone asks, I do not know when the finished product will be available or if the NYE show is going to be filmed and/or recorded.
  6. Dave's new bass is not a custom color however, it took Dave about three weeks to find a dealer that had it in stock. Dave played a very similar bass in the original band (different color)and he really liked it. Therefore, he bought the new one. The only issue he has is that he likes the Fender Precision bass, which he also played in the early berries. So as you noticed he used both. As he gets more comfortable with the Ric I beleive he will use it more. My sister said the blue color matches his eyes. Personally I hadn't noticed. Regarding the recording; I am not sure but I will find out and post it later today. I did not spend much time with the recording people as we were extreamly busy from 7:00am until showtime. Remember, this was the first time we had set up the show outside the rehearsal hall and we really wanted things to go as smoothly as possible.
  7. Just before the curtain opened Wally, Jim, Eric, and Dave all shook hands. I beleive I did see some tears in thier eyes. This was a long time coming and I hope for them as well as the fans the music will continue.
  8. Thanks Gene, I will get pick from Dugan, I know he saed a couple. As for the picture, I will hold you to it.
  9. And as I reported earlier, Jim is also a proud owner of one of those Vox amps to go with his guitar pic's
  10. One other answer. . the person playing congas, tamborine, and wood blocks was Jim's drum tech. His first name is Derrick and he has a very long name that I don't remember (is it age) and most likely would screw up the spelling. Derrick did a great job both as a tech and playing the music
  11. For the record...Paul and Billy had pic's made for the show. We ordered a gross of pic's for each person and I believe they are all gone. I think we will reorder for the NYE show. Being Wally's guitar tech since the Target days it was nice to see him finally get his own pic. Problem is "I did not keep one for myself". It seems over the years I have worked with Wally, Dave , Jim and Eric and neer saved much at all.
  12. hof63, You might want to try Sam Ash as I beieve they are a Vox dealer or check the Vox North America website where they list all of their dealers. Yes, Dave did play through the same model (Vox does not have this model with a bass head). However, he did use two bottoms. We did try another bass head but it was not as clear so Dave decided on using the Vox. Just a note: Each member owns one complete amp set up. This includes Jim who said he always wanted his own amp and sign pic's. Not bad for a drummer Ernie
  13. Suede, Thanks, I have this saved and we have gone to it. The real key was having a factory rep from Vox come out and show us the capabilities of the amp. We spent a whole Sunday working with the rep. The settings are a little hard to provide due to the set up is not only in the amp but the foot pedal gets involved. The system allows many combinations. Since we have put everything away for a couple of weeks and I do not have my road case with the settings I can not provide the information today. Maybe soon Ernie
  14. hof63 Yes that is the head & cabinet that is being used. They were directly ordered from Vox. However, I believe that any Vox dealer can get them. Ernie
  15. I am very impressed with the Vox amps. When we first gt them I was not sure that we could get the sound that Wlly likes as he has invested in old Fender tube amps that provide a very special sound. However, the Vox amps were able to mimic the tube amps and Wally is enjoying how flexable the amp is. I like it because I do not need to carry extra tubes and burn my fingers. Again, I will check on Eric's guitar and I do beleive it is a John Lennon Liverpool model. You are right about Wally picking up any guitar and making it sound great, In fact, many times I have seen him play with 2 broken strings and make it sound fantastic. Ernie
  16. Regarding the Vox amps; These are modeling amps that have so many settings that it wold be hard to explain. It has taken the last couple of months just to get the basics down. I believe as we have more time to play with them we will find additional things we like. The model numbers are AD120VTH with the 4-12 cabinets. This is a fairly new model and I haven't seen it in any suppply houses yet. You can go to the Vox website if you want to learn more www.voxamps.co.uk/products/valvetronix Wally does not use any effects pedals other than the ones required to change the settings on the Vox amp. Again, this amp offers alot internally. But having worked with Wally for better than 30 years .. it's him not the amp. I am not exactly sure of the model of Eric's Ric's. I beleive they are a part of the 350 series. I promice I will check it out with Rickenbacker by tracing the serial numbers and post the information. Hope this answers your questions let me know if you have any more. Regards Dave just picked up the Rick about a month ago. He loves the Fender, but played a Rick with the original band and wanted to get one as he liked the wa they play and sound. The big question? How did you like the BLUE body?
  17. For all of the equipment historians, the following is a listing of all the gear used by Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim for the HOB reunion concert. I have indicated with a * the guitars that were used. Other guitars were back ups. Upon request I can provide a list of Paul & Billy’s gear. Eric Vox Valvetronix Modeling Amplifier AD120VTH Stereo 120 watt head with preamp section utilizing Korg's REMS 4 x 12" speaker cabinet VC 12 Foot Controller Guitars Line 6 Variax 700 Electric* Line 6 Variax 700 Acoustic* Rickenbacker Limited Edition* Rickenbacker Limited Edition (yes, he has 2) Piano Roland Fantom X8 Wally Vox Valvetronix Modeling Amplifier AD120VTH Stereo 120 watt head with preamp section utilizing Korg's REMS 4 x 12" speaker cabinet VC 12 Foot Controller Guitars Parker Classic Fly Deluxe * Gibson Flying V * Rickenbacker 360-12 * Gibson SG Double Neck * Taylor Acoustic * Fender Stratocaster Epiphone Les Paul Jr. Dave Vox Valvetronix Modeling Amplifier AD120VTH Stereo 120 watt head with preamp section utilizing Korg's REMS Two (2) 4 x 12" speaker cabinets Guitars Fender Precision Bass Rickenbacker Bass Jim Ludwig 1970’s vintage – Finished in White Marine Pearl 24†Bass 14†Snare 14†& 15†Upper Toms 16†& 18†Floor Toms Cymbals – Zildjian Note: This was the original set Jim played with the Raspberries in 1970. Jim repurchased the set a couple of years ago and had the set refinished from Chrome to White Marine Pearl.
  18. On behalf of the entire original road crew members (myself, Rusty & Kevin) and the new guys, Marc and Artie we want to thank the fans for never letting go and showing Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim how important this reunion was. We know that it was an extremely exciting evening for all of you and we want you to know we felt the same way. Working with all of the boys four the past 3 months has been great. More than once it has reminded me of how things were in the early days before the BS started. Rehearsals were fun and the results of this past Friday showed that everyone is "older and wiser". Just some personal notes: Eric, Wal, Dave, and Jim what can we say, you know how we feel (tired). Rusty and Kevin, it was the best, can’t wait to do it again. For me personally, it was fantastic to work with Wally again. It is my opinion that he is the best rock and roll guitarist in the world. Nobody plays rock and roll like Wal. To the other original road crew members who were not able to make it Al, Kent and Neil we did miss you and hope to see you soon. Lastly, a special thanks to Pete who mixed the front of the house and did a fantastic job with only one full rehearsal under his belt (just coming off the Bowie tour) and Kirk who did the monitor mix which was superb. And not to forget Billy, Paul and Jen; I can not tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with you on this project. Thank you Bernie and Ken thanks for your input. So from the OLD Crew to all of you THANKS for helping to make last Friday a reality and we hope to see you New Years and hopefully more dates to come
  19. Bernie will be posting the merchandise on the website shortly. Also there will be bumper stickers and Raspberries. net t-shirts availbale on the Raspberries.net site shortly
  20. To all, YES we did have automatic scent machines with raspberry. They were on automatic timers set to go off at 8:30 and turn off at 9:15 which we felt would give the scent time to filter through the hall. What we did not plan on was the doors opening eary, due to the best fans waiting. With the fans filling up the hall and smoking etc we did ot get the full effect we were looking for. The scent machines were programmed to cyle again around 10:00 and turn off at 10:30. I am glad that some of you got to smell it as it is very close to the scratch and sniff sticker. However, the box with the machines and scent cartridges have been in my car for the past 30 hours (I need to ship them back)and I am certian I will never need an air freshner again. Thanks to all Ernie Kassoff (Wally's Guitar Tech)
  21. Just a report from rehersals. Wally is feeling much better and everyone is healthy. The boys are going to knock your socks off.
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