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  1. We are using Dean Markley strings on all of Wally's electric guitars. On the 6 strings we use .009-.011-.016-.026-.036-.046 on the 12 strings we use .009/.009-.011/.011-.016/.009-.026/.013-.036/.020-.046/.026 Additionally, when I completely restring the Rick I will use their factory set (when I can get them) which consists of .010/.010-.013/.013-.020/.010-.026/.013-.034/.020-.042/.026. Wally seems to like the lighter gauge due to the way he bends the strings. However, the lighter gauge does not last as long and requires replacement more often. The plus side is that after sound checks we normally change out the .009 and .011 strings on all the guiters he will use which so far has resulted in NO broken strings during the shows. It may seem to be a little overkill and waste of good strings, but nothing is worse than breaking a string in the middle of a performance. On the 12 string we use a combination of wound and plain strings. Wally is not as picky as he used to be. Eric uses the .010 set and at times Wally has used those on some of the 6 strings. Eric seems to like the Ernie Ball Regular Slinky.
  2. Another winner!!! Billy sets up his Telecaster just like Keith Richards..
  3. Not only is switching between the 6 string and 12 string necks with volume, tone and pick up choices very difficult, Wally's many years of practice allows him to perform the task better than anyone I know. The shear size and weight of the double neck has to be brought into the picture (it is a monster) and restringing and tuning that beast is no easy task. Just think, prior to a show I have to tune a total of 72 strings on the guitars that Wally uses for each show including back ups. Then Eric uses 2 guitars for the show and 2 back ups (24 strings), Dave has 2 bass guitars (8 strings), Billy uses 4 guitars (23 strings, 23 is not a typo) and Paul uses 5 (36 strings) for a grand total of 155 strings to be tuned. And hopefully, no one breaks a string during the show which creates more confusion. Thankfully, most of the time Billy and Paul have been tuning their own guitars and even helping me with Wally's. You have no idea how much I appreciate their help (and I do tell them) as just prior to show time it gets a little crazy.
  4. Everything is the way it came from the factory. The only things that I have changed over the years are the strings (lots of them) and the tuning pegs on some of the guitars. Other than that they are factory original all the way down to the paint and finish.
  5. This is a tough one as hosskratz stated Wally has really never used foot pedals. I will try to keep my answer short and to the point. When the band got back together the decision to purchase the Vox Valvetronix amps was made for a coupe of reasons (1) was the look that it would give the band on stage (in the beginning 71-73 we always used matching amps on stage) and (2) the Vox amps were modeling amps that had the capability to produce many sounds that were only possible in the studio. I can say that in the beginning we were not real happy with the initial results. Wally as a purist was using old Fender amps that gave an incredible sound and the Vox just was not cutting it. We had a rep from Vox come in and help us to properly set up the amps about 2 weeks into rehearsals and it made quite a difference. I can’t say that Wally loves the amp, but he does accept it for it’s flexibility. It has a capability of 32 preset sounds that can be accessed from the amp or foot pedal. Wally uses about four. The pedal also allows for a change in sound for lead rifts and what I think is one of the best thing about the pedal is a built-in tuner, great for Wally and me. What everyone needs to realize is in today’s world of electronic guitars & amps the capabilities are endless. For instance, Eric’s Line 6 Variax guitars are modeling guitars which can simulate about 20 different guitars and with the modeling amp who knows what sounds the combinations could produce. I do not think we will ever see Wally playing one guitar such as the Variax modeling guitar. The actual sound of the Rickenbacker, Parker, Double Neck Gibson SG, and Flying V maybe close but impossible to recreate so he will continue to use those guitars to get THE SOUND. As far as effects pedals, Wally does not use them for anything but making changes on the amp, which are preset bass, treble and gain settings and to cue a lead. I have been working with him for over 35 years and he has never used an effects pedal, it all comes from his fingers moving on these classic guitars. Wally is a true rock and roll guitar player and in my opinion the best in the world. Believe me that is not friendship talking, try to find a guitar player that can play Wally’s parts on guitar. Its not going to happen. I don’t know anyone who can do the things that he does on the guitar.
  6. Roadie #3


    I spoke with Bernie over the weekend and everything is fine including the weather. He said it was 80 in LA and he had on a short sleeve shirt.
  7. Michele I second your thoughts. From the inside I can honestly say that Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim are once again friends. The things that happened in the past are just that. . THE PAST. They are all trying to take this to the next level not only for themselves but for the fans. Only time will tell what the future holds. Although I work for them they are all great friends and I have always loved the music they played. Being able to work with them and for them is just a plus.
  8. Just a note; Dave rerecorded "It's Cold Outside" with a single acoustic guitar on his single CD "Internal Monologue". It sounds great.
  9. I am assuming that it will be 8:40 Chicago time which for us in the East is 9:40. Anyway, I will be on my way to Cleveland to load the truck for our Friday drive so hopefully I will be able to catch the interview on the radio. By 9:40 I should be in Columbus. See you al on Saturday!!!
  10. My question, any snow predicted.. We are driving the gear up on Friday
  11. Nobody Knows was part of both shows November it was the 6th song played and in December it was 5th song
  12. They are both Line 6 Variax 700 models. The black electric went both to the Vox Valvetronix amp and direct to the PA. When Eric was playing it in electric mode we went to the Vox and miked the Vox cabinet, when we switched to acoustic mode we went directly to the PA. This is possible using both the elctronics on the guitar and the foot switch. The Line 6 Variax Acoustic (blond) signal was sent directly to the PA. Eric could hear the acoustics through his stage monitors.
  13. And I am talking about the new bass head!!! The Vox amps that the band purchased are guitar amps and Vox does not make a bass head for the Valvetronix models. Dave was not really happy with the overall sound from the amp so he decided that a change was needed. A couple of years ago when Dave recorded his Internal Monologue CD he used a bass amp from the UK manufactured by Ashdown. Dave loved the sound of the amp so he decided that it would be a great replacement for the Vox (Although it was not easy finding a stocking dealer for Ashdown equipment). We are still using the Vox cabinets and even use the head as a monitor preamp. I reaaly beleive that the head made quite a difference in the sound of the bass and there might be some more changes in the future. The model of the amp is an ABM 300 EVO II head. More information on the head and what other artists use it can be found @ www.ashdownmusic.com . One other thing; the Fender Bassman cabinet in front of dave was used as a bass monitor. Thanks to Wally for holding onto this vintage cabinet, it sure came in handy.
  14. Annie, Eric used the same keyboard for NYE that we used at the 1st show. Only difference is that his riser was higher and even with Jim's. This was done to provide better sight lines for the fans and the band members. However, Dave is using a new amphead which I think made a big difference in the overall sound.
  15. Gene, from the road crew thank for all you help both after the gig and before sound check. Along with being the unofficial/official photographer of the band you are unofficially part of the road crew. It is always nice to have an extra hand around as at the end of the gig we are usually going on 20 hours straight and we still have to unload the equipment back at the rehearsal hall. Personally, thanks for doing the laminating for me while I was tending to the set up. I started laminating the set list because plain paper seems to get ruined on the stage.
  16. No scent machines at this show. Set ran 2 hours and 25 minutes about the same as the 26th. I beleive we used the same video intro with a couple of small changes. But I'm not telling.
  17. Secret did some demo's in my cousin's recording studio off of East 22nd St. in Cleveland. I do not know what ever happened to the tapes and really can't remember how many tunes except for Wally's "Moon Dog Blues" which was a blues/rock tune. The line up for the Secret at the time was Dave, Wally, Eric Robertson (guitar) and Frank M (drums). I was working with them at that time. However, there was a later version with Mark Chalmers on drums and I have video from my wedding where they played for about 45 minutes. None the less in tux's. Dave was my best man and Wally and Eric R were in the wedding party.
  18. Yes, I beleive it is a 1969 model but I will confirm that shortly and post it.
  19. Eric recently corrected me at rehearsal about his gear and yes, I did make a mistake. He has one (1) Rickenbacker and two (2) Fender Stratocasters. Of these, one is an Eric Clapton signature series. But, I believe you will see him to continue to play the Variax Line 6 guitars as they are quite versatile providing the sound he is looking for. Since I spend most of my time working with Wally's guitars you will have to cut me some slack for the mistake. Now you are up to date.
  20. Darlene, that sounds good because I think it would guarantee me a spot in heaven. After all there will be broken strings, guitar changes etc. and you said they are just setting up and we all know that’s my job.
  21. What year did your graduate from Brush? Class of 70
  22. Eric as well as Wally and Dave sounded great. The years have taken a little away but not much. Ican say I was very satisfied with the over all sound.
  23. Yes, they used to play "With You in my Life" Who knows what time will bring. Hopefully, more shows and additional tunes.
  24. One other note about Paul Sidoti: He played with Jim in Boxer and that CD is available. In my opinion it is a great CD and seems to have a "Berries" influence. Not only did he play but contributed in writting the music for the CD. You really need to check out all of the "ovedubs" web pages and check out their CD's. They have all done a great job.
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