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  1. As my youngest daughter is at home sick today I was watching TV with her and she had on MTV. There was an ad for the Barkers and my daughter says "Look dad, that girl has a Raspberries tee shirt on" I only got a quick look, but it looked like the shirt had Raspberries printed on it. Has anyone else seen this??
  2. And Cornish and Danelli were founding members of Fotomaker will Wally Bryson. A truely fantastic act
  3. Cedar Point is about 1 1/2 hour drive from Downtown Cleveland. It is a great park and I beleive has the most roller coasters in North America. But what I remember most was the great French Fries. . .But that could just start a new topic Just plan the trip . .Stop in Cleveland on Friday for the concert and then off to CP on Saturday.
  4. I'll be in Cleveland at the show . . Remember Paul's Tequlia Sunrise Band plays the House of Blues on Saturday night the 16th.
  5. One more. . Derek "Babyface" Braunschweiger drum tech for Jim Bonfanti will be playing with Paul's Tequlia Sunrise. As many of you know Derek is a very accomplished percussionist as well as guitarist and will be attending Berkley Music School in Boston this fall. However, he did say he would be available for weekend gigs for the Raspberries during the school year. Yes, this is good news, I won't have set up the drum kit.
  6. And in Denver. . . Not only will Billy Sullivan be one of the Raspberries "Overdubs" but will be playing drums for Gary Lewis and the Playboys. Once again this shows the vast flexibility of the "Overdubs".
  7. What a rockin Cleveland weekend..Friday the Berries at Scene Pavillion and Saturday Paul Sidoti with Tequlia Sunrise at the House of Blues.
  8. Yes, among other instruments Wally is quite the accomplished harmonica player. Before Raspberries days in bands like Target Wally played the harmonica a lot. I remember carrying about 4 different ones around. So much easier move than all the guitars and amps. And one other note, there are two harmonicas in my gig bag, Wally told me to hold on to them, who knows what the future holds.
  9. Actually, a little bit of trivia,,, Rusty Pitrone who is the Road manager for the reunion tour and worked as roadie, sound technician, and road manager for the second edition of the Raspberries (with Scott & Mike) was in North River Street Rock Collection. He played sax and was one of the lead singers. Rusty is now a master carpenter besides working with me and Dugie on the reunion tour. We bill ourselves as “The Old Crewâ€, enjoying every moment. And I even mixed sound for Circus after leaving the Berries in 73 when the Balzar brothers played with the band.
  10. I have been in touch with the venue and I would assume that tickets will be going on sale around mid April. I know they plan on opening gates around 2:00 in the afternoon. Other than that I do not have any other information at this time. Once I get more I will let everyone know. Lastly, you can keep checking at the HOB site . . go to venues MOUNTAIN .. Coors and you should see the concert post. See ya in Denver . . pray for sunshine
  11. As I understand there are tickets available for both nights. But, I would not wait to long to buy them as I think the show will be SOLD OUT very soon. Just GA tickets left..
  12. Although there are no Raspberrie songs on this weeks play list another Northeast Ohio band "Wild Cherry" makes the hit list with "Play that funky music". They broke the record in Pittsburg but the band was originaly from Stubenville, OH just a short ride from Cleveland. I remember seeing them play in various clubs around Cleveland in the mid 70's. Keep the Ohio flavor going Wim ..We have always had the most to offer to rock & roll.
  13. I do agree Kevin is the best and I look forward to the chance to work with him at every show. And I have been to numerous VH shows over the past 25 years mainly to see Dugie not the band. He always has me back stage in the bass pit and I have had the pleasure to spend time with the band. However, every time I am in the bass pit he has me working. So there is some madness to his overall plan.
  14. Actually, I understand that Michael did an interview with Ken Sharp a couple of weeks ago and Ken asked just that question. As I understand the answer was if the Raspberries play LA he will be the first one through the door. As for Sammy, I can’t say but I would think he would want to be there too. In fact, if some LA dates come up I would not be to surprised to see many top notch acts coming to see the boys. After all without the Raspberries where would rock and roll be??
  15. I am pretty sure Dugie will be there. As of last week when I taked with him he has plans to be in NYC. I can't think of anything that would keep him away unless he gets an extended tour or Michael Anthony (Van Halen) or Sammy has something going on that he can not get out of. I should have more information as we get closer to the date.
  16. Gene is right. The set list for each show is usually put together a couple of days before a show, sometimes even hours before the show. I am sure that most of the songs from NYE will be played and who knows there could be additions or deletions. Many things go into putting together the set list and now I have become a believer that it is an art due to who is singing and what guitar /piano changes need to be made. An example is the Chicago show where we had 4 or 5 different set lists prior to the final which was determined about 7:30 pm basically 1½ hours before the show. That was cutting it close for me because I have to prepare the set list for the stage (one copy for everyone including overdubs) and then guitar change lists for me (Wally’s changes) and Dugie for Eric and Dave (guitars and piano). The lists for Dugie and me are always color coded so we can tell when a change happens. As everyone will notice the changes have to happen quickly so the tempo of the show continues.
  17. I always liked the cuts Brother Eddie & Writings on the Wall. Now the big question: Does anyone have this on CD? Cause I would love to have a copy
  18. Marv, Just a note about Skylark. Back in 1972 The Raspberries played a two night special gig in Boston at Paul's Mall Jazz Workshop for radio and record executives for the release of the first album. I remember that we played 2 sets each night and Skylark opened and did the same each night. I remember having cases and cases of the album with the scratch and sniff sticker to give out at this gig and then bringing what was left back to Cleveland. I think this is what my baby sister remembers regarding stinking up my room with all the Raspberries albums. Skylark was really good. Somewhere packed away with much of my other albums is that first Skylark album with the promo hole punched in the upper right hand corner. I enjoyed listening to many cuts from the album they were very tight. If I am correct they were from Toronto.
  19. The big question?? How long do you think it will take to sell ut BB Kings 2 shows. Cleveland 1st show .. minutes Can NYC beat this??
  20. According to the management I have spoken with at BB Kings there are NO age requirements at any of ther shows.
  21. What Billy forgot to say is that they even did "Nobody Knows" by some local Cleveland band and I will say quite well. I will confess that I asked Billy if they did any Raspberries songs. I know it was their first night together but the results were excellent. As for my day gig, I am the Eastern North American Sales Manager for a manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment. We market to large laundries like Cintas, Aramark, large hospitals, uniform rental companies, etc. I have been doing this for about 25 years for various manufacturers located in the US and Europe. Lots of travel.. But I would prefer just to be a roadie for the Berries but it won't pay the bills at this time.
  22. I agree with you regarding the weather. I now live in Cincinnati which the weather is a little better than Cleveland (not much) but prior to Cincinnati and my departure from Cleveland in 1983 I spent 15 wonderful warm years in South Texas and do I miss the warmth. I envy Dave living in AZ. But we live where we do to make a living and right now North is the place.
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