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  1. Direct from my computer I Wanna Be with You Last Dance Let’s Pretend Tonight Should I Wait I’m A Rocker Makin It Easy Overnight Sensation Party’s Over Ecstasy I Don't Know What I Want (omitted due to time) Go All the Way It was awesome Ernie
  2. I just got back from the very very short sound check. THEY SOUND GREAT!!!! Denver will rock tonight.
  3. Yes, Eric has switched to the Telecaster. He really likes the Variax and will be using it in the future but the set list for Waukesha only required the electric mode. And usually when he plays the Variax it is set to the Telecaster model. Therefore, you will see Eric using the Telecaster. Remember, he has other guitars and when he feels the need he will be making changes. As for the Telecaster staying in tune, like all guitars the weather, how hard you play, the age of the strings and a whole lot more have an effect on the tuning. In Waukesha, Eric did have to retune the Telecaster a couple of times (hot and humid).
  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention my baby sister who has joined us on the road crew. For the past 2 weeks she has been hard at work stenciling all of the road cases. Some of them twice (another technical problem). The training will continue in Denver as we teach her all the duties of an official roadie. So if you see her say Hi to Adrienne and yes she is my baby sister and the newest RIT.
  5. To all of you who took time out on Sunday to say Hi to Myself, Rusty, Derek, and Rey, we really appreciate it. I wish I would have had time to have a real conversation with you when you acknowledge us. However, this venue was an extreme rush for us to set up and tear down was even worse with the rain (2 ½ hours to get the truck loaded back up. Well everything got back to Cleveland in one piece, although all of the pieces were not in the right places. So we will get everything back in order and be back on the road Wednesday heading for Denver. We know that we had some technical problems and our goal is to have them totally eliminated so the boys can perform at their peak without having to worry. Again, thanks for saying Hi and I hope in Denver we will have some time to act like normal human beings. Ernie
  6. Thanks Darlene. . . We are ready to rock and roll. The July tour is hitting the road Saturday morning . To all the fans and friends,thanks for making this happen and don't forget to look for Raspberries t-shirts and merchndise at all the venues where you have the pleasure of meeting and talking with our own Al Kaston (mrch)and his lovey wife Denise. See all of you this coming month Ernie
  7. Thanks Darlene, For us old guys Rusty, Dugie and myself and the new "Babyface" Derek we do it because we are part of the family and we too love the music. The work is hard, the hours are long but it is all worth it. The three of us came back because we wanted to be a part of this piece of music history. And the fans, what can I say "You are all the best" you are the ones that kept it alive and made this all happen. My deepest thanks to all of you. Don't be afraid to hunt us down and talk to us, we will always find the time.
  8. As in the past three shows, the band is spending many hours rehearsing in a practice hall for these shows. The dry run also known as a sound check is normally done the day of the show about 5 or 6 hours before show time and they run throuh many of the songs to tighten up and check levels of instrumentation, vocals and monitors. Typically, this is very difficult with outdoor festivals such as the Waukesha and Denver shows although if possible we try to make it happen. Unfortunately, for Waukesha we will not be able to have the sound check prior to performing due to logistics of travel for band and crew. The good news is that our FOH Engineer, Pete Keppler is very very good and we should be right on with the first note played and the band is definitely ready to go so it WILL be a super show. Everyone will leave will good feelings and smiles on their faces. See you in Wisconsin!!!
  9. Wally wrote the song “Money Down†prior to the formation of the Raspberries while he was in Target with second Raspberries drummer Mike McBride. The song was a very hard driving song somewhat like “Alright Nowâ€. However, when they got into the studio, Jimmie Inner (producer) slowed it down and added the horns which totally changed the song. When the original album was released I was lucky enough to have a high end turntable and could vary the speed from the standard 33.3 rpm to around 35 rpm and play the song. I felt that it sounded so much better although the vocals were a little squeaky at that speed. It is my opinion that if the song would have been produced the way it was written and then released as a single it would have enjoyed the same national/international success of GATW. But, then again, I am only the roadie.
  10. Yes, there are some concerns about an outdoor show and as you know right now we have two scheduled. The key of course is the sound system. I have already spoken with the sound company for the Waukesha show and feel confident that they have the equipment to handle the requirements for this show. Additionally, we have a real ace in the hole with our FOH sound man Pete Keppler who prior to working with us was the FOH engineer for David Bowie who did numerous outdoor shows. I am sure Pete will be talking with the sound company about his requirements. Pete is the best I have ever seen and has nailed each one of our shows perfectly. So yes we have concerns and with no sound check it might take one song for Pete to get perfection. But beleive me the sound will be outstanding. Regarding lighting; at 6:00 pm it will still be pretty bright so I don't expect any heavy lighting to be going on. This is a plus for people wanting to take pictures as the lights won't have an effect on the final picture. Now the weather, I do not know what the venue plans if it rains, but I will be talking with them later this week and ask the question and then post a reply. However, this is the year of the Raspberries and as far as I can tell the sun has been shinning on us since November. So look for a warm pleasant day with great music. As yes, this will be a test for the "Old Crew" but I am certain that we will pass with flying colors. Ernie
  11. East Coast Frozen Custard is a very special ice cream and was originally sold at an amusment park called Euclid Beach on the East side of Cleveland. I remember as kid (boy thats a long time ago) going to the park and having 3 or 4 cones. In fact, I am pretty sure that the Choir and some of the other bands most likey played at the ballroom at the park while it was open. The area is now a golden age home bt I beleive they kept the entrance arch in place. Most of us older Clevelanders will remember the frozen custard as well as the laughing fat lady. My favorite ride was the flying turns. Anyhow for any of those of you looking for the location of East Coast Frozen Custard it is located on Mayfield Road at the cornor of Brainard in Lyndhurst. I think when I go up next week for rehearsals I will stop by and have one or two.
  12. KC, Is it possible for you to take a digital photo of the billboard? if so could you email it to me? Thanks Ernie
  13. Apparently, Katie has Raspberries on her mind and Al (ex Clevelander)should know better. Well everyone, you know they have the summer concert series every Friday. Shouldn't Katie be told that the Berries are playing BB Kings on July 23 & 24 (Sat & Sun) which leave Friday morning open for some national exposure. And yes Katie, if your reading this they would play Please baby "Go All the Way". email..telephone calls...whatever it takes
  14. I really can't say at this moment. I just started working with the promoter on our production requirements and we just haven't gotten that far yet. However, unless they have large video monitors set up with light dampening I don't think we can pull it off. But, that's just my opinion.
  15. It will have to be intimate since I am told the club is much smaller than Cleveland HOB. I know the stage is. The fans will love the fact that we have had to arrange the stage to be extended into the audience pit area to accomidate the equipment and the band. I am assuming that everyone will be so close that the show will be a meet & greet. NYC here we come!!!
  16. OK, here is the deal as of yesterday: 3 stages - One for local bands and two for touring acts. We will be on one of the large stages. The venue is split between afternoon show and evening show with Raspberries headlining the afternoon show. Badfinger will play before us on the same stage. The evening show features Bowling for Soup and the Jerry Garcia Band. Our time slot is set for 6:00 pm. I am assuming that the other large stage will be used for the evening show which should start soon after we finish. Multiple groups playing on the same stage does create some logistics issues but we are working hard to keep the break between Badfinger & Raspberries to a minimum, hopefully only about 45 minutes. We will see how good this OLD road crew really is. That's all the information I have at this time. As more comes available I will post it Ernie
  17. Just a quick update on the upcoming Waukesha concert. Raspberries will be the headliner for the afternoon show with Badfinger opening on the main stage. Estimated show time is 6:00 pm.
  18. Yes, another new date is being announced. June 26 near Milwaukee. More information to follow in the next couple of days.
  19. The band has requested that the KOOL 105 make immediate changes to their website promotional material. The Denver show will feature all Raspberries music and whatever covers they choose to do. However, it will not feature eric's solo songs. Sorry for the misleading info.
  20. I always thought that a paradox ment 2 doctors???
  21. KOOL 105 FM is the radio station that is romoting the Denver concert is releasing information tomorrow afternoon. Go to their website for more information. Click on concerts http://www.kool105.com See everyone in Denver
  22. This was posted under Cleveland 7/15 Hotel reservations Just wanted to let anyone know who's coming to Cleveland and needs a hotel that I made reservations today through the Holiday Inn Express website using my AAA card for a discount and got a $79.00 a night rate. This is the same price we paid in November, so I was surprised that the rate has not changed. The hotel is clean and comfortable and less than a mile from the Scene Pavillion. It's the hotel on Euclid Ave. Anybody else planning on staying there? It's also a short walk to the Rock Hall!
  23. I went by the venue this afternoon and There are lots of stadium type seats. Therefore, I would assume reserved seating
  24. As I said I don't watch a lot of MTV but I think it is one of their reality shows. I guess now I will have to watch it and see.
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