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  1. Mike, it would be nice to see the band come to Cincinnati. That way I wouldn't have to make the 4 hour drive to load out and then load in. What a dream: The rest of the road crew coming to my town. That would be a first. OK I'm awake and now I have to get in the driving mode::: Cincinnati to Cleveland::::::: 4 hours Pack it up load it out :::::: 3.5 hours Drive to Atlantic City::::::: 8.3 hours Set up / Sound Check/ Show :: 16 hours Tear down/pack/ load::::::::: 4 hours Drive back to Cleveland:::::: 8.3 hours Load in / reset rehearsal hall: 4 hours Drive back to Cincinnati:::::: 4 hours The chance to be part of the greatest rock & roll show in the world PRICELESS !!!!!!!! and thats why we do it........ Ernie in Montgomery
  2. And the music school "Berklee" is where Derek is headed.
  3. One thing Derek will be able to say to all of those other students at Berklee is that he is one of the few, maybe the only 19 year old to be part of a video on VH1 Classics. Look for the videos in August or September on VH1 Classics where the Berries perform some of their hits unplugged with Derek playing purcussion right next to Jim. I could see the pride on his face as he joined the band on this performance. Hey, I can play the tuner . . .
  4. Here is the complete review of the show: News updated July 26, 2005 7/26: TWO HEARTS (AND TWO "VALENTINES DAY"S) ARE BETTER THAN ONE Right out of the gate, Greensboro got something unique, with "If I Should Fall Behind" played for the first time on the pump organ. (Previously on this tour, Bruce has played the song on guitar and piano... is a banjitar version next?) But the biggie of the evening came midway through the show, as Bruce sat at the piano and said, "This is a song I've played once, for the first time the other night. I'll give it another shot..." and with that, he went into a majestic and moving "Valentine's Day," which had its live world premiere in Atlanta. It's easy to get worked up over the rarity factor, we do that plenty. But knowing that this was only the second time Bruce has ever played "Valentine's Day" in concert was, well, secondary to the fact that performance itself was simply breathtaking. Add that to the piano double-shot of "All that Heaven Will Allow" (sent out to the Raspberries, Bruce fondly recalling their Greatest Hits cassette in his car stereo in the late '70s, "riding down to the bar, a girl you're going to see") and "Tougher Than the Rest," and the rediscovered Tunnel of Love material continues to provide high points of these sets. A captivating "Galveston Bay" was played for People of Faith Against the Death Penalty. And toward the end of the set, the tour premiere of "Two Hearts" on acoustic guitar was followed by the return of "Leah," bridged by Bruce noting, "Same story, different words." Anyone searchin' for the ghost of Junior Johnson might have been disappointed -- no "Cadillac Ranch," and no "Darlington County" for that matter -- but "All I'm Thinkin' About" has taken over as the Carolina Special, the mention of "Caroline" getting a big cheer as in Charlotte. Bruce also took the opportunity to redeem "Wild Billy's Circus Story," loose at best at the last show, tonight tight as a drum.
  5. The third picture listed under rehearsals was not taken in the rehearsal hall but in the dressing room trailer in Wisconsin at the Taste of Summer venue. Relaxing behind Eric and Paul is the great sound technician Dennis "The Fly" Ferrante.
  6. Plan on 9 hours with stops. The equipment truck will leave Cleveland early Friday morning so we get to AC on Friday evening. A good night sleep and early load in on Saturday. Only other thing thst could change is a Friday night date booked somewhere else on the East coast. No, I do not know of any other dates and like everyone else waiting for more dates to be announced.
  7. I don't believe we had any issues with Eric's guitars on Saturday. On Sunday we had an issue with the line from the direct box to the PA system which was corrected during the first song. The Variax Line 6 guitar has a special switch pedal which allows the guitar signal to be sent either to the Vox amplifier (electric mode) or to the PA system (acoustic mode). We also use this foot switch to kill the guitar signal during guitar changes. With everything going on at the beginning of the show we sometimes forget to hit the switch to electric mode which you can imagine becomes an issue. The wireless units worked perfectly and really allow the guys a lot of flexibility on stage. What I like about the wireless systems is the elimination of cables which become twisted on stage. And on a small stage such as BB Kings the cables would have been a nightmare.
  8. From Eddie Trunk: What an amazing weekend with The Raspberries. I know this is not metal, but when I was 8 the sound of this group introduced me to rock & roll and they've meant so much to me ever since. The group has been broken up over 30 years, but they are back with the original lineup and played a great set at BB Kings to a sold out house 2 nights! This band was a huge influence on many hard rock groups including Paul Stanley, Motley Crue (who covered one of their songs) and countless others. Little Steven was in the house for the Saturday show (thanks for dinner!) and Jon Bon Jovi showed his respect for the Berries coming out to the Sunday show. I also interviewed the band for VH1C and they played some songs live in our studio. Air date info soon. Very surreal for me to be a fan of this band when I was 8, and 32 years later have them thanking me from the stage at BBs for my support! I always knew they were a great band, but they are even better people which is even more important. They will be in the area again for a show in AC in September, can't wait! Check out his website: http://www.eddietrunk.com/
  9. The bass is an acoustic bass which looks like an acoustic guitar but much bigger. Yes, this is a new bass like the blue Rickenbacher. I hope in the future the boys might do a short "unplugged" segment in the show and Dave will pull out the new bass.
  10. Sorry for the delay in posting the set lists. I did not get back to Cincinnati until 3 this morning and needed to sleep and get some business done. So below you will find the set list as I post it on stage. Saturday Set List I Wanna Be with You It Seemed So Easy Let’s Pretend Last Dance Tonight Should I Wait Nobody Knows Making It Easy If you Change Your Mind Party’s Over Overnight Sensation I Can Remember It’s Cold Outside Play On Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak Ecstasy I Don't Know What I Want Encore - No Overdubs Mister Postman Your Gonna Lose That Girl Twist & Shout Overdubs return I’m A Rocker Go All the Way Sunday Set List I Wanna Be with You I Can’t Explain Play On Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak Tonight Should I Wait Nobody Knows Makin It Easy If you Change Your Mind Party’s Over Overnight Sensation I Can Remember It Seems So Easy Let’s Pretend Last Dance It’s Cold Outside Ecstasy I Don't Know What I Want Encore - No Overdubs Mister Postman Your Gonna Lose That Girl Twist & Shout Overdubs Return I’m A Rocker Go All the Way Bonus Slow Down Roll Over Beethoven
  11. Yes, Jim is left handed and plays a right handed kit. It enhances the style of the way he plays. Also the set is old school 24" kick, 14" & 15" high toms and 16" & 18" floor toms. Jim's fantastic drumming and the big set allow that great sound
  12. The crew wanted to go but with the logistics of having to tear down the front line after Saturday and resetting the stage Sunday afternoon and then doing a sound check (adjust, adjust, adjust) we could not make it. Sounded like a great time but seeing the results on Sunday night it was worth not relaxing, eating, etc.. However, someone could have brought me some cake.
  13. Just a little side note about the VH 1 Classic performace. Dave plays his new acoustic Fender bass on all of the tunes and it sounded fantastic. But, wow is it big...
  14. Eric has 2 Variax Line 6 guitars; one being the electic model he played this weekrnd and the acoustic model which he played at earier concerts. In addition he plays a Telecaster and Rickenbacher.
  15. I will post the offical set list when I get back to Cleveland. Thanks to all it was a fantastic weekend. Ernie & the rest of the road crew
  16. Look for a special Raspberries BB King Poster from the Merch.
  17. I have the clip ons. They are in my tech case. I hope I remember to give them to Merch (Al)
  18. Dennis "The Fly" Ferrante mixed the sound at the "Taste of Summer" in Waukesha, WI. Dennis is the former engineer on the Raspberries albums and he knows the sound.
  19. First let me say that we are very concerned with the sound system as well as all of the equipment we use. One of the main reasons for doing the HOB clubs is the excellent equipment they provide. The problems that occurred on Friday night can not be explained as we did a complete, very extensive sound check during the afternoon and the sound was good (believe me if it wasn't we would still be there today doing the sound check). Yes, we did have a new sound engineer as Pete Keppler has been ill and unable to travel (we hope he gets better soon). The new sound engineer came very highly recommended and there was a comfort level between him and the band at rehearsals. So the only thing that I can say it that it had to be a combination of the room, the system, and engineer’s familiarity with the system. And NO, heads will not roll, yes the band is concerned and we have addressed the issues. Maybe in the future we will be able to have the same sound system travel with us from venue to venue and the same goes for the lights. It’s all a matter of time and how the band decides to book venues, etc. I know that outdoors drives me nuts due to the weather and tuning (that’s my excuse and until Saturday I am sticking to it). The answer to Billy K’s question about the “Real Time Analyzer†I can’t answer but I will ask and post it when I can find out. Now a question from me. . . . Has no one noticed that we have gone wireless on Eric, Wally and Dave’s guitars? What do you think, has it improved their stage show, etc
  20. All I can say is rehearsals were great and this is gonna be one fantastic show. See all of you later today. There are still tickets available. Those of you that can't make Cleveland, try NYC because the Raspberries are going to rock NYC like its never rocked before. There are some tickets left for Sunday night.
  21. The premiere of "Go All the Way" will be Saturday, 7/9 at 4:30pm EST on VH1 Classic. Spread the word far and wide!
  22. I am sure you can expect a 90 + minute set for both shows. Encores How many???? They can make the shows go on and on and on and on
  23. Thats a good question and the only honest answer that I can give you is that I get the set list anywhere from 2 days to 2 hours before a show. At that time I prepare the stage lists and crew list for changes. I do prefer the two days but it normally does not happen. If I gave out the set list before the show "I would have to kill myself". But what you should expect is a great show both in Cleveland and New York.
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