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  1. Shut eye, thats a concept. Our day in AC started about 9:30am for load in and finally got to sleep around 2:30 Sunday morning and woke up at 7 am to get back in the truck and drive to Cleveland. Arrived around 6:30, unloaded and set up the rehearsal hall and then drove back to Cincinnati arriving around 1:30am. Day gig says get up at 6:00. Tonight, bed time at 9:00 - It is a bitch getting old.
  2. I am very surprised that no one has commented on the stage set up. Comments about how good Dave’s bass sounded should have been followed by: gee isn’t that a new bass rig?? Or how about, why are there three Vox amps on Wally’s side of the stage. And last but not least, say isn’t that Ken and Barbie sitting on the drum riser and what is that around there necks? Finally, who is the new road crew member, where did he come from and what does he do? Shocked, I am just shocked that you haven't noticed.....
  3. The sound check is a very important part of the show. This is a great opportunity to see how things develop. It is more than an hour of unplanned music. This is a very well planned program that is orchestrated by the road crew. Dugie is the leader on this one and it is very important to the shows final outcome. Because every room is different is is very important to set the levels correctly and this takes time. We do it in a certain way with Jim on drums and then Dave on bass and then the two of them together; Wally checking levels on both electric and acoustic guitars and then the same for Eric; moving to Keyboards and Billy, Paul and Jenn is done the same way every time to ensure the best sound both on stage and in the room. When it comes time to put it all together then the band takes over and this part of the sound check is really unplanned. I can tell you that I never know what guitar to have ready for Wally to play. Once levels are set the rest is done on the fly. Our goal as a crew is to limit the sound check to about 1- 1½ hours so the band has time to go back to there rooms, relax and have dinner before the show. If all works out right then Dugie can be found taking his customary pre-show nap in one of the dressing rooms.
  4. We need a bigger transistor radio. Maybe we will find one for the West Coast
  5. Ya know Baby Sis - complain, complain, complain. If "I Can Remember" it was I that had to change all the strings and you mearly put the tape on them and labeled. I seem to remember that it took over 2 hours just to re-string the double neck (the necks are very close together and my little fat fingers don't work as well as they used to). So lets not have a family war and I do enjoy you being there. I don't know what we would do with out you.
  6. Julia, Thanks so much for the cake. No, the crew did not eat it before the band did its sampling. However, I can tell you that I had some after the show and then took a larger slice back to my room for my breakfast snack before the drive back to Cleveland. Thanks so much . . How do we figure out a way to mail order the cakes???
  7. I guess I will be there and just for everybody, I will even bring the equipment
  8. I know what I will be doing after driving the truck 10 hours .. .. Sleeping, I think not .. .. Gambling, I think not .. .. Print out the set lists, I hope so . . . Then sleep
  9. Just the road crew trying to get everything together. My favorite opening act.
  10. Just a heads up from the crew; Sound check is scheduled to be around 2:00 pm. I would assume that by Friday we will have everything in place regarding the time schedule. I would also assume that it will be posted on this site as well as the Raspberries.Net site. As for the HOB site, I wouldn't even want to assume anything. So those of you with the M & G tickets I guess we will see you Saturday afternoon. As yes, sound check is a really different experience. I know, I have been to them all.
  11. Let's see . . .Gene Taylor aka: official/unofficial photographer of the Raspberries / part time roadie (not to much lately) and now Chief of Raspberries Security. Man, look what we have created. Now the tough part, providing a laminate large enough to put all that information on it!!!
  12. OK, I just talked with Billy and yes that is him in the video. This show was taped in Cleveland at Music Hall in August of 2003 and then aired on PBS in January of 2004. Regretfully, Billy does not have a tape of the performance so if anyone has one and can make a copy we would appreciate it. Paul Sidoti had already left so he is not in the video. As I spoke with Billy, he and his beautiful wife Debbie were walking down Rodeo Drive admiring all the things he can't afford. He said they have an early call tomorrow and is looking forward to the telethon. Back to Cleveland on Tuesday and Rehearsals starting for Atlantic City and the West Coast trip
  13. Ira, really enjoyed that. Yes I think Billy is in the finale and I am pretty sure he was performing with Gary Lewis at that time. Possibly Paul Sidoti as well. I will be checking with Billy a little later today and I will ask.
  14. And finding the sleigh bells for Jenn to play at the shows was not easy
  15. I'll be there and I will even bring the road crew. Ken and Barbie??? yea they will be there too.
  16. I am a big fan of "Money Down" as it was originally written which was a little more upbeat. When Wally first wrote and performed it (I believe it was Target) it was hard driving just like “Alright Nowâ€. It would really complement “Party’s Overâ€. During a few of the rehearsals, I have suggested that the band do the song. Who knows, it could happen!!
  17. The amazing thing is nobody but nobody can play guitar like Wally. I have been with him since before the Raspberries and he still amazes me today. As for playing the doubleneck, no one does it better and it is sooo heavy. The nice thing is that it holds tune almost perfectly. I take it out of the case and minimal touch up on the tuning is needed. This is night after night, year after year. They just don't make guitars like that anymore. It is truly a classic and Wally really enjoys playing it
  18. Everyone needs to know that HOB Sunset Strip only holds 1000 and I think the tickets will sell very fast. My suggestion is grab what you can as fast as you can or you might miss this magical night in LA. Who knows what celebrities will show up for this long awaited event? And for those who are planning on going down to the second show in San Diego that venue holds 1300. I am not sure when those tickets go on sale but when you think about it . . ONLY a total of 2300 tickets are available for the West Coast
  19. When You Were With Me was a song written by Wally back in 1967 and recorded by the Choir. The only place I know that it can be found is on a CD called "Choir Practice". It is available on the Raspberries Reunion Mechandise page. Included is "It's Cold Outside and other songs written by both Wally and Dave.
  20. The Ken and Barbie story is indeed an interesting one. However, until the book Raspberries “Tonight†is released the stories must remain untold. As Bernie’s post indicates, both Barbie and Ken have been interviewed and tell the story of their relationship with the band and the reunion tour. So Babysister don’t tell!!!!
  21. I guess no one noticed the classic guitars that I hung on the wall behind Wally and Paul during the "unplugged" performance. They look so good and remarkably familiar
  22. Boy oh boy, I didn't know my little sister had this in her. I am really glad I am her brother and not ex-husband. Keep it up Adri
  23. Or you can be like the road crew and drive to San Diego right after the LA show. We figure the traffic can't be that bad at 2:00 am and sleep, yea we can do that any time.
  24. Gene, if I look back 10 years from now and marvel how young (yea I'll buy that part) and slender I was, I will be in big trouble. Now I remember the tours in 72 & 73 "I was slender then".
  25. "Hangin' with Raspberries is on VH1 Classic not VH1 at 10:00 EST tomorrow. VH1 CLASSIC, VH1 CLASSIC, VH1 CLASSIC, VH1 CLASSIC
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