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  1. Bernie as you have said if this is it what a great run. This has more than exceeded my initial hopes when I first talked with Wally and he said "we're putting it back together and I need my roadie" No questions asked I was there. Originally, this was to be a one show event and look what has happened. My prediction; this is not the end but a beginning. Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim are all great musicians, however when they play a group they become extraordinary. I just have a hard time thinking its over there is still too much to do. So save some cash and prepare to take in more shows soon. On a personal note; thanks for making me part of your family. All of the help and support you have provided can never been repaid. Just because of that I will tell the boys strike it up lets get going.
  2. The Raspberries From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search The Raspberries were a rock and roll band from Cleveland, Ohio in the 1970s. Heavily influenced by the British Invasion era - especially The Beatles, The Who, The Hollies, and The Small Faces - and its Mod sensibility, they helped pioneer the power pop style. Their most well known songs were "Go All The Way" from their first album, "Raspberries", " I Wanna Be With You", from their second album, "Fresh", and "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" from their fourth album "Starting Over". The Raspberries broke up in 1974, but their influence was immense. Cheap Trick consciously picked up on The Raspberries' style, and since they were the only band of the original power pop movement who had hits, the power pop movement of the late 1970s would likely not have existed without them. Their influence continued through the 1980s with bands like R.E.M., The Replacements, Teenage Fanclub, Redd Kross, Bruce Springsteen, Courtney Love, and Guns N Roses. Singer-guitarist and primary songwriter Eric Carmen went on to have a successful solo career as a singer of Elton John-like pop ballads such as "All By Myself", rarely returning to the harder rock style of the Raspberries. This song was rated as one of the 40 greatest power ballads of all time by Classic Rock magazine. In June 2004, the House of Blues nightclub chain asked if the Raspberries would reunite for a concert to open their new Cleveland club. They reunited with original band members of Eric Carmen, drummer Jim Bonfanti, guitarist Wally Bryson and bassist Dave Smalley backed by the Overdubs: Derek Braunschweiger, Jennifer Lee, Paul Sidoti and Billy Sullivan to rave reviews. Since that concert, the band continued their tour into 2005 and earned strong reviews. They have since broadcast their own VH-1 special "Hangin’ with the Raspberries" on VH1 Classic hosted by Eddie Trunk and one of their NYC B.B. King's club appearances, which attracted celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi, Little Steven Van Zandt and Jeopardy! uber-champion Ken Jennings, will be broadcast on XM Satellite Radio. There are talks of a new album in the works. Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Raspberries"
  3. As we are driving back from LA we were listening to the 70's channel on Sirius radio and they were playing the top 30 songs from Billboard Mag for this week in 1972. As we listened number 10 was "Go All The Way". So 33 years ago this week "Top 10"
  4. We finally stopped at 5:00 am in IL and are we tired. 21 hours straight driving. Plan on 4 or 5 hours sleep and then final 8 hours to Cleveland. Truck is running good, crew questionable.
  5. It's been a long week and we left LA around 9 am yesterday arriving in a little town 15 hours away called Moriarty,NM around 12:30 am LA time. We are leaving here as soon as I post this. Todays event "DRIVIN". Plan on another 15 to 18 hour day so we can get back home on Monday. Once we get back I will post my show report from the crew viewpoint.
  6. Were here !!! Internet service in this hotel works so we do not have to depend on my baby sister to provide the update. Thanks Adrienne. Arrived at 3:00 am California time (6:00 am Cleveland time) 18 hours on the road. Going through Flaggstaff ran into an ice storm coming down the longest hill Dave and I have ever been on. The ice turned into a heavy rain storm for over two hours (no problem keeping up with traffic at a high speed of 45 mph) and then heavy fog in California. Early call in the morning need to go to Line 6 factory for repairs on equipment before heading back into LA where we will meet up with the rest of the crew and band. We are really looking forward to the traffic in the morning!!! Lastly, we assume that Ken and Barbie are fine as we have not heard anything from the back of the truck since we left Cleveland. Thanks for all your good wishes on our trip and Saturday morning we revere the route planning to be back in Cleveland on Monday evening. More updates as the week goes on.
  7. From the road . . First stop Effingham, IL 7.5 hours and boy does my butt hurt already. Travel time left 28 hours. Tomorrow, 14 - 16 hours Amarillo here we come.
  8. We thought about a big sign on the truck which would have said "Follow us to the best Rock & Roll concert in the country" but we figured with the truck's top speed of 65 (downhill with tailwind) everyone would think the concert was going to happen around Thanksgiving not NEXT FRIDAY IN LA!!
  9. I will ask Al to post information about the radio interview. Susana, as far as our travel, yes we are taking the southern route from St. Louis to Joplin on 44. Sshould be buzzing through there on Monday morning.
  10. Last night was the final Cleveland rehearsal for the LA show and I can tell you that the boys and girl are really ready. A full show rehearsal that was so relaxed and a good time for all. A lot of laughter and joking. We packed up half the equipment and the rest gets done on Sunday when the crew leaves for the west coast. 40+ hours of driving (truck maximum speed 65). Live radio show on Thursday with one more rehearsal and then the greatest rock & roll show of the year starts around 9:15 Friday night. For those who will be there get ready . . . for those that will be missing it, there still are a few tickets left so change your mind and make the connection. See everyone in LA.
  11. Hey, Hey, Hey, I resemble that remark. I hope HOB in CA is not one of those health food joints. I need my meat sandwiches!!!. And on another note I know only to well the Italian Beef sandwiches and in January I treated the whole crew to this delicacy. Ever since then they keep asking "When we going back to Chicago or can we just drive by on the way to another gig?"
  12. In-N-Out Burger is on the list. Remember, this is the road crew . . fast food is our life . . no time to relax and eat . . just drive, load in, set up, tune tune tune, do the gig, load out and drive. By the way, haven't you noticed how slim I am from watching what we eat. Just look at Dugie, that basketball he carries out front is not from sticking to the Slimfast diet.
  13. OK, The truck is rented . . road crew schedule has been confirmed . . hotels are set . . there is no turning back . . We will be in LA . . "IT WILL BE THE GREATEST RASPBERRIES SHOW EVER" and most likely the best rock & roll show of the decade. Don't miss this experience.
  14. I'll be there and I will even bring the equipment
  15. Sorry to say but the RIck bass is gone. As I have said before about some of the guitars "They just don't make them like they used to". Dave just could not get the sound he was looking for out of the new Rick bass so you will see him playing the Fender.
  16. The actual date of manufacturer of Wally's Flying V is still being researched. Although we have the serial number off the Flying V and I have contacted Gibson they have not been able to nail the year down. However, they have indicated that they beleive that it was manufactured in 1967. Hopefully, I will have the information from Gibson soon.
  17. Sample Answer: Round wounds on all guitars; either Deam Markley or D'Addario except for the Rickenbacher which we put original Rickenbacher strings on. Yes, I do read and post quite often and Tech Talk answers are coming soon. Ernie
  18. Let me tell everyone that I got a chance to sit down (as strange as it sounds) between the sound check and show to take a long hard look at the new book. I started to read and really did not want to put it down. However, I had to tune some guitars and get the stage ready so I put it down. (I did think about forgeting to give it back to Bernie) The information about the band and each show is fantastic and the pictures WOW!! I can't wait for the final version so I can sit and read the whole thing. Don't miss out on this publication. And Bernie, you don't have to send me any guitar strings, I all ready have too many to work with. Bernie, Ken and Gene GREAT JOB. P.S. I really like the interview with Barbie and Ken
  19. I think that you can assume that in the future the M & G's will be run like the AC show for shows on Saturdays and Sundays. I would think that Friday shows would continue to be after the show due to the logistics of people working and doing a M & G on a Friday afternoon just won't work. Yes, the sound check schedule for a Friday show is the same as a Saturday.
  20. Vox did not make a Valvetronix bass amp to match the AD 120 VTH head and AD 412 cabinet. In fact, in an email from our Vox rep last week, Vox is discontinuing the AD 412 cabinet. I am not sure if the second part of your question refers to Dave's speakers or the Vox cabinets. So I will address both. Dave’s new Ashdown speaker cabinets are a matched set designed to be used with the Ashdown ABM 300 power amp. These speakers are "Plug and Play" with the ohm settings preset. The only adjustment on the cabinets is the ability to cut the power to the HF horn 50% or completely turn it off. They do sound so good. The Vox Valvetronix system is a little more flexible as the both the power amp and the speaker cabinets have multiple settings. In the standard set up such as Eric's rig we are using 1 head and 1 cabinet. We set the ohms on the head at 8 and run the cabinet in stereo mode. Additionally, Eric likes the wattage set at 30 or 60 depending on the room. With the sound he is looking for, the higher wattage allows Eric to get the "brightness" sound while at the same time keeping the stage volume lower. Wally is using 1 amp head and 2 cabinets. The head is set at 4 ohms due to the 2 cabinets and the system is run in separated stereo (one cab right / one cab left). This is done rather than split each cabinet in the stereo mode. One big difference is that Wally runs the amp head at only 15 watts. This is possible due to having the dual cabinets which gives Wally a little better sound coverage once again without having excess stage volume. The only downside of the Vox speaker cabinets is that they are very directional; notice that both Eric's and Wally's cabinets are pointed towards their microphone stands so they can hear what they are playing.
  21. Regarding the guitars; As Billy has said he uses 2 different Variax (Line 6) modeling guitars and the different sound he gets is really amazing. Like Billy, Eric has two of the Variax modeling guitars although his are a different model. The Black one is an Electric model and does have the capability to be modeled as an acoustic. However, the acoustic range is limited. Therefore, he bought the acoustic model which models everything from banjos to a sitar. Eric really enjoys playing both of them and it seems as his collection of guitars grows he is running into the same problems as Wally; which guitar should he play. My thought, its just another guitar change, play them all. Variax (Line 6 has a very good website where you can look at both Eric’s and Billy’s guitars. Eric uses the 700 Series model and Billy the 500 series. http://www.line6.com/
  22. OK for the "Geeks". . . The very first reunion show, New Years Eve, and Chicago Dave was using the Vox Valvetronix Head with 2 Vox AD 412 cabinets. These are designed for guitars not bass systems although they really do a pretty good job. Dave wanted to improve his sound so on the break after Chicago he bought an Ashdown ABM 300 Amplifier which is what he used in the studio to record his “Internal Monologue†CD. From Milwaukee through Atlantic City Dave used the Ashdown head with the 2 Vox AD 412 cabinets. After NYC Dave still was not happy with the sound of his system so he had me purchase the Ashdown speaker cabinets to replace the Vox cabinets. The new Ashdown cabinets are configured with 1 – 15†speaker in one cabinet and 2 – 10†speakers and HF horn in the other. This system kicks ass and for the first time you could feel the floor of the stage rumble as Dave played. Good move Dave!!! Now by doing this, it freed up 2 of the Vox AD 412 speaker cabinets and 1 Vox Valvetronix amplifier head. We were able to give Wally a second speaker cabinet which really helped to round out the lead guitar sound. So now Wally is using one Vox Valvetronix amplifier head set at 4 ohms / 15 watts into 2 Vox AD 412 cabinets wired in stereo. Paul is using the one remaining Vox Valvetronix set up thus eliminating his Fender Twin from the stage. One thing the band really cares about other than the overall sound of things is the way things look. Besides the great sounds that we get from the Vox and now Ashdown systems they do look “marvelousâ€. I really would here any comments from fans regarding how the stage equipment sounds. Notice any other equipment changes?
  23. I need sleep or as Rusty commmented on our way back from Denver "" I see flying monkeys"
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