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  1. Played To Death: Anything by the God-awful Supertramp!!!
  2. Every Bruce Springsteen concert I've ever attended. And I've seen him on every tour since 1975! It's not just rock 'n roll, it's a religion.
  3. Dream On - Aerosmith Dreams - Fleetwood Mac Book Of Dreams - Bruce Springsteen Girl Of My Dreams - Bram Tchaikovsky River Of Dreams - Billy Joel These Dreams - Heart I Like Dreamin' - Kenny Nolan California Dreamin' - Mamas & Papas
  4. I just went to check the Artful Dodger site and it's gone. There is nothing on myspace or on youtube. Did a Google search and it's like it never existed. Just wondering if anyone out there knows what happened to the site. Thanks Rich
  5. Just off the top of my head: Paul Weller Graham Parker John Eddie Raul Malo Dave Alvin Ellen Foley
  6. Flying Burrito Brothers - Hot Burrito #1; a beautiful song with a weird, crappy title.
  7. How about the Beatles cover done by our own Raspberries "You're Gonna Lose That Girl"
  8. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Dave Mason - Certified Live
  9. My top ten... #1 Raspberries #2 Badfinger #3 Marshall Crenshaw #4 Rubinoos #5 Artful Dodger #6 Hudson Brothers #7 Dwight Twilley #8 Pezband #9 Flamin Groovies #10 Plimsouls
  10. Costello/Toussant - River In Reverse Billy Falcon - Made Man Dylan - Modern Times Springsteen - Seeger Sessions Tom Petty - Highway Companion
  11. I just received word that my son will be coming home from his Air Force training for 2 weeks at Christmas. We haven't seen him for several months and it looked like we'd have to wait until Feb 2007 before he could get away. But he surprised us with a telephone call yesterday. We can't wait to see him.
  12. Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl; they always edited the "making love in the green grass behind the stadium with you" line.
  13. 1. In My Life 4. James Ingram 6. In The Still Of The Night
  14. Gotta tell you, hands down, the greatest Beatles tribute band is the Fab Faux. Their reproduction of the Beatles music is near flawless. I've seen them several times and there are performances at every gig that will just make your jaw drop. And they do it all without costumes or cheesy fake facial hair and wigs.
  15. Marvin: I have both of these cds and couldn't agree with you more. If you're looking for great Beatlesque pop, check out the Spongetones. Jamie Hoover and company are incredible at evoking the early '60s Fab Four. Rich
  16. I'd be willing to give it a shot. I would prefer to do a combination of Movies/TV/Music trivia. If you're interested , PM me and we can discuss the particulars.
  17. Paulie: I've been a programmer for over 20 years and the prospect that double letters in a candidate's name cause the kind of outcome in the movie is utterly preposterous. Without getting too technical, there would have to be a criteria flag set that looked specifically at the makeup of the candidate's name. Based on that flag, the vote counter would have to be affected. Not even within the scope of reality. That concept alone blew any credibilty the movie might have.
  18. Paulie: I couldn't agree more. The movie can't make up it's mind whether it wants to be a comedy or a drama and falls flat on its face in both attempts. IMHO, as you've said, you've already seen all the good parts in the commercial; give this one a pass.
  19. Trace Adkins - Arlington I normally wouldn't get a modern country question, but my wife is a big fan and she played this song for me about a week ago.
  20. The Tourists(a pre-Eurythmics Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart) did a nice version of this.
  21. How about the boys version of "You're Gonna Lose That Girl"?
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