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  1. Annie: I had the same problem.. Don't save the avatar under JPG Download. Save it under the Icon Download option and you'll get a JPEG file. Rich
  2. Eric: You weren't a fan of some of George's early material like "Don't Bother Me" or "If I Needed Someone"? I'm surprised. Rich
  3. I couldn't agree with you more, JohnO.
  4. Solitary Man, Kentucky Woman, I'm A Believer, Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon, Brooklyn Roads, Holly Holy, Cracklin' Rosie, I Am...I Said, Longfellow Serenade, If You Know What I Mean... That covers the late Sixties to early Seventies. You're absolutely right, Lew. When it comes to successful records, the guy's a lightweight. Get real!
  5. Lew: I did listen to the songs on the new cd. With the exception of the Jet/Juniors Farm rewrite "Only Mama Knows" and "End Of The End", there is nothing remotely interesting about the new cd and certainly nothing I would ever listen to again. "Gratitude" is one of the worst pieces of tripe McCartney has ever written. It almost makes "Freedom" sound profound. And btw I believe you're forced into your argument that lyrics don't matter, especially when you vehemently defend one of the people who is responsible for some of the most banal, sophomoric lyrics ever recorded. You can bow at the altar of McCartney if you'd like and bask in his past glory, but based on his output of the last 20 or so years, it's ill-deserved and I, for one, will give it a pass. Just my opinion and, just like you, Lew, it's the only one that counts.
  6. What Paul McCartney needs is to go into the studio with someone who is not intimidated by his legend. Someone who isn't afraid to tell Sir Paul when the material he is peddling is sub-par. The perfect candidate would be Rick Rubin. Rubin has worked miracles with other 800-pound gorillas like Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond, artists whose success, reputation and cache would normally allow them to pretty much get away with murder and, worse, mediocre or lame material. Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin in the same studio... "That would be something; that really would be something..."
  7. Al Got both e-mails and have been enjoying the video all day. Thanks Rich
  8. An impossible task to come up with one song; but here are a couple that I wish I'd written, which for me is the ultimate test: Roll Over Beethoven Everybody's Try'n To Be My Baby Long Tall Sally Mean Woman Blues Alfie God Only Knows Whiter Shade Of Pale This Boy MacArthur's Park American Tune Bitch The list goes on and on...
  9. I know Breakfast In America was very popular, but to this day, all I need to hear is the 1st few bars of any of those songs and I can't switch the station fast enough. Much like Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-era Elton John, I can no longer listen to this stuff. Just my opinion.
  10. Marv: I second that. Hands down, it's Springsteen. An artist in every sense of the word. Rich
  11. I place Supertramp right up there with root canals and colonoscopies.
  12. Based on your recommendation, I found a copy of the Sunday's Child cd. Great stuff! Not only is 'Tell Me How You Feel' a classic, but the title cut is amazing as well. Thanks for the heads up on a great cd.
  13. Thanks, Ira. Best to you as well.
  14. Pat and Paulie: Your compassion is admirable. But do you think for one minute if this happened to you, someone like Paris Hilton would have an iota of sympathy for you? Save the compassion for those that warrant it. This woman has been skating by her entire life. It's about time someone held her responsible for her actions. She was caught on a DUI; ignored the suspension of her drivers license and was caught twice driving illegally. Forgetting the fact that she laughed off the suspension, but she was driving under the influence and could have caused bodily injury or death to some innocent person. File Paris Hilton along with Anna Nicole and all the other spoiled wastrels who don't deserve a moment's thought.
  15. For Good - Wicked What I Did For Love - A Chorus Line The Impossible Dream - Man Of La Mancha Sincere - Bye Bye Birdie If Ever I Would Leave You - Camelot
  16. Tony Bennett - "All That Love Went To Waste" from "A Touch Of Class"
  17. If you're a Lennon fan, check out Sean Lennon's Friendly Fire cd. The music is eerily reminiscent of his dad.
  18. Dramas 1. Raging Bull 2. The Godfather 3. Goodfellas 4. Braveheart 5. The Fugitive Comedies 1. Animal House 2. Stripes 3. Caddyshack 4. Dogma 5. Office Space
  19. If I had to choose a Diana Ross & the Supremes song it would probably be "Up The Ladder To The Roof". After Diana left, the Supremes recorded an album produced by Jimmy Webb. There are 2 great songs on that one : "5:30 Plane" and "Cheap Lovin'".
  20. Gotta go with either "Be My Baby" or "Walkin' In The Rain"
  21. It's a tie: Baby As You Turn Away and Fanny
  22. Couldn't stop at 7: Bodyguard Fanny Baby As You Turn Away (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away How Deep Is Your Love Lonely Days How Can You Mend A Broken Heart Run To Me Love So Right Edge Of The Universe One If I Only Had My Mind On Something Else I.O.I.O.
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