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  1. The Dylan Silhouette poster by Peter Max that came with Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits
  2. Hey, Lew: I caught her Xmas show last year. She does songs from the Phil Spector Xmas album, but also does her Ronette hits as well. Pretty good show, if I remember correctly. Enjoy! Rich
  3. John: Ordered mine 2 years ago and was told it was shipping this week. Looking forward to it. Best of luck Rich
  4. That's great news. I ordered it 2 years ago as well, but I'll need to contact Bruce as I'm not sure I still have the credit card I charged it to.
  5. My Generation Love, Reign O'er Me Punk And The Godfather Kids Are Alright Substitute So Sad About Us I Can't Explain Bargain Goin' Mobile 5:15 Blue, Red & Grey Don't Let Go The Coat Athena
  6. The Raspberries - Live On Sunset Strip cd is now available through the BMG Music Club
  7. Tommy: Just saw Springsteen on Tuesday night at the Continental Arena. Rich
  8. Bessie: Check out Kim Richey, Joan Osborne, Matraca Berg, Kelly Willis and Marcia Ball for starters. See if any of them tickle your fancy. Rich
  9. Bernie: Justin Currie is the former lead singer of the band Del Amitri; an underappreciated band in their day. Rich
  10. Springsteen Hometown Rehearsal Shows Bruce Springsteen will play a pair of pre-tour rehearsal shows for the his hometown fans in Asbury Park, NJ, as he and The E Street Band prepare to head out on a national tour. Tickets for the two rehearsal shows, which take place Sept. 24-25 at Asbury Park's Convention Hall, go on sale tomorrow (9/21) exclusively through the Ticketmaster Charge by Phone service. In an effort to thwart scalpers, fans will be limited to a maximum of two tickets apiece, which must be picked up at the venue on the night of the show. Two forms of ID will be required at the venue to claim any purchased tickets, which will sell for $100 apiece
  11. 1. Boats Against The Current 2. Desperate Fools 3. She Remembered 4. Everything 5. All For Love 6. Heaven Can Wait 7. Change Of Heart 8. It Hurts Too Much 9. Make Me Lose Control 10. Hey Deanie 11. That's Rock N Roll 12. Foolin' Myself 13. Love Is All That Matters 14. Sleep With Me 15. No Hard Feelings
  12. 1. I Wanna Be With You 2. Let's Pretend 3. Should I Wait 4. Nobody Knows 5. I Reach For The Light 6. Making It Easy 7. I Don't Know What I Want 8. Play On 9. I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine 10. Rock N Roll Mama
  13. JohnO - Yeah, I've been looking forward to that 2nd album for quite awhile now. But adding Eddie Munoz & Clem Burke sounds like it might be worth the wait. I wish they would head out here to the other coast so I could catch them live. Rich
  14. 1. Rubinoos 2. Magic Christian 3. Flamin' Groovies 4. CCR 5. Chris Isaak
  15. I heard a similar kind of saying that goes: "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig."
  16. I saw a young Billy Crystal open up for Patti Smith in a supper club in Cedar Grove, NJ in 1975.
  17. I agree wholeheartedly. I've been to several consecutive shows on numerous Springsteen tours and never saw the same show twice. He changes the setlist every show; in some cases, they're dramatically different from one show to the next.I don't think I've ever left a Springsteen show disappointed.
  18. Marv: I didn't see the post in the other thread. The price is reasonable because they've more than made up for it with the ridiculously exorbitant ticket prices they charge for their concerts. I remember seeing them on the Hotel California tour and pretty much thought I could have stayed home and played the album. There was no attempt to interact with the audience; no improvisation, just a note-for-note reproduction of the album. They could have put up cardboard figures of the band and played the album over the PA and it would have had the same effect. I have seen both Henley and Frey solo and those shows were a lot more satisfying; especially Glenn Frey's. He did great covers like "Mercy Mercy Me" and "Cool Jerk" and you got more of a sense of his personality. Rich
  19. The full track listing for "Long Road Out of Eden" is: DISC ONE 1. No More Walks in the Wood 2. How Long 3. Busy Being Fabulous 4. What Do I Do With My Heart 5. Guilty of the Crime 6. I Don't Want To Hear Anymore 7. Waiting in the Weeds 8. No More Cloudy Days 9. Fast Company 10. Do Something 11. You Are Not Alone DISC TWO 12. Long Road Out Of Eden 13. I Dreamed There Was No War 14. Somebody 15. Frail Grasp on the Big Picture 16. Last Good Time in Town 17. I Love To Watch a Woman Dance 18. Business as Usual 19. Center of the Universe 20. It's Your World Now Looks like the Joe Walsh tune "One Day At A Time" didn't make the cut.
  20. Touring starts the day the new cd is released: October 2 Hartford, CT October 5 Philadelphia, PA October 9-10 East Rutherford, NJ October 14 Ottawa, ONT October 15 Toronto, ONT October 17-18 New York, NY October 21 Chicago, IL October 26 Oakland, CA October 28 Los Angeles, CA November 2 St Paul, MN November 4 Cleveland, OH November 5 Auburn Hills, MI November 11 Washington, D.C. November 14 Pittsburgh, PA November 15 Albany, NY November 18 Boston, MA November 25 Madrid, SPAIN November 26 Bilbao, SPAIN November 28 Milan, ITALY November 30 Arnhem, NETHERLANDS December 2 Mannheim, GERMANY December 4 Oslo, NORWAY December 8 Copenhagen, DENMARK December 10 Stockholm, SWEDEN December 12 Antwerp, BELGIUM December 13 Cologne, GERMANY December 15 Belfast, IRELAND December 17 Paris, FRANCE December 19 London, UK
  21. New album: Magic Due October 2 It's official. Springsteen's first album with the E Street Band since 2002's The Rising drops in less than seven weeks, and it's called Magic. According to manager Jon Landau, quoted in today's press release from Shore Fire Media, this one's a rocker: "Magic is a high energy rock CD. It's light on its feet, incredibly well played by Bruce and the members of the E Street Band, and, as always, has plenty to say. It's also immensely entertaining. Magic is the third collaboration between Bruce and Brendan O'Brien and is a culmination of their very productive creative relationship." O'Brien produced and mixed the album at his home base in Atlanta, Southern Tracks Recording Studio. Ready for 11 new Springsteen song titles? 1. Radio Nowhere 2. You'll Be Comin' Down 3. Livin' in the Future 4. Your Own Worst Enemy 5. Gypsy Biker 6. Girls in Their Summer Clothes 7. I'll Work for Your Love 8. Magic 9. Last to Die 10. Long Walk Home 11. Devil's Arcade
  22. Sean Connery will always be Bond; Daniel Craig is a not too distant second.
  23. Bernie: How do we send you our avatar? There is no attachment option to the Quick Reply box. What am I missing? Rich
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