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  1. I can feel your pride in your post, Eric. Congratulations Clayton! It's amazing how much of 'us' is passed onto our chillun'. I experienced the same pride last week with my 13 year old daughter, who went through the NYSSMA (NYState Student Music Assoc) Solo Vocal competition. A 27 out of 28 with "Til There Was You". Being the Beatle-aholic that I am, I was enthused she chose that one on her own! Ironically, she did NOT know there was a version by The Beatles! How funny. She sang the 'Shirley Jones' version extremely well! The only mark against her was on the 'sight singing' section. But my God, she's only 13....we'll take it! My NYSSMA (25 years ago!) was for percussion...not vocals. But regardless, I'm beaming and proud. It's times like this that make all the diaper changing and lack of sleep at night all worthwhile!
  2. I'm one of those people who doesn't want to spend the money on movies in a theater. I'd rather save the money until it comes out on DVD and stick in the (shoddily set up, but functional) home theater system. But I was given free passes to see it, so I took my 13 yr old and 11 yr old twins. They ate it up, but not as much as the old man. If the critics are panning the film, it's because they are taking it too damn seriously. It was a terrific 'escape' movie for me...bringing back my childhood memories of the cartoon and it's characters, while enjoying a level of "suspension of disbelief" with its' modern day, film-making twist. I LOVED it, and am glad I saw in the theater in all its' 5.1 surround sound glory, and would have paid full price. I almost NEVER say that for any other movie.
  3. That is one of my Top 5 FOW songs. The others include Stacey's Mom, Bright Future In Sales, and Hung Up On You...a wonderful tear in your beer, honky-tonk song, with great play on words.
  4. Wow.....a lot if interesting things happened on YOUR birthday!! Cool.
  5. "Beth (What Can I Do)" but to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Yes...it's nice to share it with someone here on the board! By chance is your favorite cake yellow w/chocoate frosting?! mmmmmm Thanks for your kind comments.
  6. Happy happy joy joy of a birthday to ya Johnny P.
  7. Happy birthday to the frember with one of the best 'handles' on this board!
  8. Happy belated! Nice to see you had a great time.
  9. Thanks everyone. It's a weekend I have my three kids (13, 11 & 11...boy/girl twins) AND a club gig that night that many friends will be going to, so how much better can it be??
  10. Yes Yes, brother Bob...a supreme pop LP. Has anyone heard Albert Hammond's telling of the story behind "POAMankind"? It's all about a COUGAR! Grrrrrrrr......
  11. A bittersweet day for me, as I have lived in his 'shadow' for 30+ years! If I had a dollar for everytime someone called me Paul "Davis" or, asked if i was related to him, or if I was the same guy who did "I Go Crazy"....I'd be rich. And to make things more ironic...I was born in '65 (which means technically, my parents had their Love Affair in '64). Additionally, my birthday is this Saturday...which made he and I both Tauruses. FREAKY. I'll miss our comparisons, Mr. DaviS.
  12. White Album - Beatles The Wall - Pink Floyd Chicago II Wheels of Fire - Cream Wings Over America - A TRIPLE!!
  13. I mean this in the most respectful way possible...I will always remember that one line for as long as I live - "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty apes!!" We'll miss you Mister Heston.
  14. A great list of ecletic names and underground, cult followings...for the most part. Jesse McCartney is a 'teen pop star' that gets ton of airplay on Radio Disney and CHR stations. KT Tunstall is a British version of Jewel, with the song that got way overplayed in 2005 - "Black Horse & The Cherry Tree" (woo hooooo) And Frank Stepanek, the guitarist from Black Uhuru lives here in Syracuse and has a recording studio. He always markets himself as "the Grammy winning guitarist from Black Uhuru"....but i have NO clue as to why or what song/album he won it for. Never heard of any songs from that band.
  15. A sad day for devout Beatles fans. Neil was truly an unsung hero in the music business. He was thrown into a situation no one ever could have prepared for. He kept the engine running into the groups' third generation of fans, but now there seems to be a eerie feeling of 'lack of direction'. Who's left? Only Paul, Ringo & Yoko...and Pete Best, who Neil consoled at The Grapes pub after Brian Epstein gave him his walking papers. Who would have imagined Neil would father a son - Roag - with Pete Best's mother on the cusp of the mania? I have gotten to know Pete & Roag the last 2 years, and I have to say that they sincerely care for each other, even though they are 20 years apart...and 'half' brothers. Hang out with them long enough, and you'd think they were 'full' brothers. Our hearts go out to Roag & Pete. They will be touring the US & Ontario in May with their full band from Liverpool UK, including a stop at Kent State, Ohio. I'm sure they'd love the support of a packed house wherever they go. For tour stops, go to: www.petebest.net
  16. Norman 'Hurricane' Smith was 85. Known for his ground breaking engineering skills for The Beatles up through the RUBBER SOUL LP at EMI, and subsequently promoted to producer. His most notable production credit was for Pink Floyd's DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. And yes...he had that one-hit wonder "(Oh Babe) What Would You Say". He also wrote his autobiography titled "John Lennon Called Me 'Normal'!"
  17. Has anyone heard the song "White Castle Blues" by The Smithereens. An ode to the medicinal value of sliders...nothing else will do late at night, when you're in pain because the girl left you!
  18. Happy Birthday, Billy Sullivan...I missed it four months ago, sorry!
  19. I want to do this song in my band, and do it RIGHT...but I just can't pick out the parts...
  20. What a shame...an inspirational guy with all that he did regardless of his lack of sight. YES - his version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps is one of the few Beatle covers that has ever passed muster with me.
  21. Did anyone see BH1 Classic's broadcast of his benefit from BBKing's?? Those benefit jams can be rough around the edges, but the 'walking on the tightrope' by all the artists made it edgy, too. Great fun to watch. Fab Faux, Billy J, Peter & Gordon, The Zombies! YEAH !
  22. A funny use of the song, similar to the GM commercial. One of O&A's crew had their girlfriend leave them, and they started raggin on him (in that college fraternity-like way they have.) So out of nowhere - again, for the laugh factor - threw in ABM right at the beginning of the first chorus. Left in on for about 30 seconds. Then, for similar effect, they threw in 'She's Gone' by Hall & Oates, and 'One' by 3DN. Two current American Idol songs in less than 2 minutes!
  23. He was a monster! And my, what hair he had back in the day!
  24. 15/15 What can I say? I eat "Beatlies" for breakfast.
  25. He's opening for The Outlaws. I believe with the Godfrey Townsend Band. But knowing Joey, he'll find a way to jam with them sometime during the night.
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