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  1. I wasn't familiar with any of his work, other than the obvious hits listed above...but even with that limited group of songs, I definitely and respectfully agree that he had a unique sound. RIP Dennis.
  2. I for one, am ECSTATIC about this. They were such a great and powerful collective. Think about it. Rod Stewart - one of the most successful singers of all time, and with Jeff Beck is linked to The Yardbirds Ron Wood - A Rolling Stone for 30+ years. (And yes, he BETTER have energy at his age...not just to perform on stage, but also in the bedroom with Rula Lenzka, Jr.) Ian McLagen - supported The Stones & Stewart for dozens of years (avoiding the limelight), and in the early 60's he played on dozens of albums, as a hired studio musician, by other British groups like The Kinks. Kenney Jones - a long stint with The Who. For years, I didn't understand why HE was recruited to replace Keith Moon. After watching live footage of The Faces for the first time back in the early 90's, THEN I did. Ronnie Lane - just the fact that he could play bass so well, for being so damn tiny, was mighty impressive. He had reckless abandon. The Stones The Who The Jeff Beck Group The Kinks WOW! I cannot wait for this tour!
  3. That's right, Mr. C. it's comparing oil & water. Animals & Zombies. Apples & Warner Brothers. Ironic how Jack brings up the rhetoric comparison between two legendary guitarists, who BOTH happened to put quality time into a mutual legendary British band - The Yardbirds. Eric is a mechanically sound, brilliant blues guitarist. But like Joey Molland once told me...'you can't throw any of those "naughty chords" - the augmenteds n' the diminisheds - at Clapton. He freezes, and can't do anything with them. It's gotta be 1-4-5 for him'. Word. But Jimmmy defintely broke more ground. The sounds he created...the echoes & flangers...the 'middle Eastern' modes of guitar solos...the violin bow thing...the Chinese silk bell bottoms... Maybe Jack's just getting a little grumpy in his old age. But if anyone ever interviews ME, I'll make sure to tell them Jack Bruce is in my "Top 5" bassists of all time. And that couldn't prevent Jack from being happy....LOL :rolleyes:
  4. I cannot imagine what she and your families are going through. Iam so sorry. It's stories like this that test one's faith. Please keep it strong, and I'll pray for those affected to keep their faith, too. There HAS to be an answer in all of this.
  5. I agree with everyone. It's just sad when so many of our musical 'heroes' (and I don't know any other word to use) from the greatest generation of music contiune to pass away to the great venue in the sky. It's only natural of course. But it's still sad. I guess the one thing to be happy about is that Levi is no longer confined to his wheelchair, and now his spirit can dance with two of the other Tops. Duke will join them when it's his time...but at least he's healthy enough to keep a version of the Tops touring to this day, and keeping their memories alive.
  6. I've decided. My vote for President will go to "Joe The Plumber". :rolleyes:
  7. A statement was released a couple of hours ago from "Beatlefan" publisher Bill King...reportedly a good friend of Ringo's. ----------------------------------------------- Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 1:15 PM Subject: Ringo clarifies... For Immediate Release Ringo Starr Statement regarding recent video update on his website: Ringo Starr recently put a video update on his official website asking people not to continue to send fan mail to be signed after October 20. This was in direct response to an inordinate amount of items which have recently appeared for sale on e-bay, and to those that repeatedly send cards and items to be signed. This message was not aimed at "real fans" and after over 45 yrs of signing we know they will understand. Ringo has always signed items and is in fact the only Beatle to have been doing so. Ringo also feels strongly that it is a waste of paper and we all should be mindful of our carbon footprint. At the end of the day Ringo wanted to make a message that was clear and to the point and is confident his real fans understand that. That said, the recent response from the media has prompted him to clarify that video. "How amazed am I to the reaction to my video update. I hope this statement gets as much. Please read this in a mellow way. Peace and love, Ringo."
  8. I agree with you, Bob. It just seems so fake and 'knee-jerk'. And with this latest episode, the emphasis is on the 'jerk' and not the 'knee'.
  9. Sorry folks...but for the last year, we have seen him coming off as 'bitter' or a 'grumpy old man' more than just today. 1. In April, he pissed off Liverpudlians by dissing his hometown on national TV in the UK. 2. In June, he walked off the set of 'Regis & Kelly' when attempting to promote 'Liverpool 8', over 'creative differences'. 3. In his myspace cross-interview with Ben Harpur, it's a tradition to exchange gifts between the stars interviewing each other. Ben gave Ringo an antique snare drum that he had owend since childhood. Ringo gave Ben a plastic bracelet that had his CD on a computer chip. Ooooooh. 4. Now this. No, I don't "blame" him for wanting to ride out his life in peace, after the thousands of times he's signed his name (even though I don't own anything with his name on it). But jeez louise, he could express it completely differently....showing a little more gratitude to the people who loved him, and for the fans who bought Beatle records that paid for his rehabs and lavish lifestyle.
  10. The happiest of birthdays to you, Harry. YOU are the reason why I was able to enjoy the reunion concert of the century! And I'll always be grateful to you for that. So I wish you only the best on October 12th. I truly hope you are your kids doing well.
  11. I'm so very sad about this news. The way he led his life, and how he gave back to others should be taught in college. "Paul Newman 101" would teach others about selflessness, and following your own heart & soul, instead of what others tell you. The world is less one inspirational figure today.
  12. I had the chance to play with Fab Faux Frank in Liverpool, UK in 2006. He is literally a genuis savant when it comes to not only playing note for note, but also nuance for nuance. Tone, length of the notes, pickup switch positions, capo or no capo. The man is brilliant and it was pleasure sharing the stage with him (and "mamacote" on drums, too!) The year prior, I saw the whole band pull off all of the Beatles psychadelic era tunes at the Royal Court Theater. I had to scrape my jaw off the floor, they were THAT good.
  13. Thinking good thoughts and good vibrations right now....getting ready to click the send button... *click*
  14. I am STILL astounded by the nominees that the nit-wit committee comes up with. Especially in comparison to the commercial success of The Hollies, KISS, or even Bon Jovi. The Stooges? Wanda Jackson (the COUNTRY singer)? Run DMC - A g-damned RAP act? This is blasphemy all over again. PS. And The Belmonts are coming out with a new album in November. I've heard two cuts and they still sound great.
  15. Hey Hey Hey Hollies65... So sorry for the belated happy birthday wishes. I was out of town the last few days, with limited web access. Thank you for so many gifts you have given this board. I don't have time to view every link you post, but when I do, I've never been let down from a classic gem or lost classic. Enjoy. Paul Davie But..."hofner65" everywhere else in the world wide web
  16. This is a multi-pronged problem for Eric. And only he & his family know all the truth/details. Ultimately, the truth shall set him free. IMO - It would be unfair for me to judge the reason(s) why this and the other DUI occurred. It's tough for me to say that, with eight alcoholics throughout three generations of my family. I can only pray that both DUI accidents were simply just bad choices, and that Eric uses them as learning experiences. One of the hardest things to do, is to find the blessing given to us by the Source/God/Universal Power, in the most devastating moments. There IS IS IS a blessing in this for Eric. I choose to send Good Vibrations to him, in hopes that he finds it.
  17. I remember in 1990, I met a guy who claimed he was the original bass player for Grand Funk Railroad. Of course, he blamed his departure on being drafted into the Army...and when he came home two years later, they were huge. At the time, he was selling washers & dryers for an appliance store chain. He sounded a LOT like this bum. The grandiosity. The ability to change subjects at the blink of an eye.
  18. I agree with Bob, too. All the members of Toto are virutosos, and highly sought after recording pro's...on top of their own solo projects. But the put them all together and the songs sound like perfect fodder for a doctor's office.
  19. I gave up trying to be a 'guitar god' 20 years ago, and stuck to bass, altough I have a 10 year old Fender acoustic/electric I bang on for the odd gig around town. But I do have a cheap & cheezy solid black Epiphone Melody Maker-lookin' thing that I use for the occasional autograph, that hangs on the wall. My pride & joy is my '65 Hofner (righty) with Macca-specs and serial #165...meaning, it was completed on the 16th week of 1965 - which happens to be the week I was born. Everything is all original, except for the the screw holding the bottom strap post. One of the last ones made before the specs (mainly the pickups) were changed for the worse. Whenever I play it at gigs, I average 2-3 people a year coming up to me and offering to buy it...including an Australian tourist during Beatle Week in Liverpool UK! How funny. The other bass (for non-Beatles stuff) is a 20 year old Peavey Foundation with a marvelous rosewood neck. Can't tell you much more than that.
  20. Yeah....way too many shirtless (and overtly HAIRY) men. The Orleans one always made me nauseous.
  21. Dude...it took me months to 'get' you and your form of high-jinx and madcap antics. Now that I do, I revel in your postings with a chuckle, guffaw, or chortle every time. Happy Birthday
  22. Well, I have to admit, Heart DID pull off a tight set of greatest hits. And a couple of Who/Zep covers. They knocked down the key for a couple of songs, but hey - plenty of 70's bands are doing that.... EXCEPT for Cheap Trick! Robin is truly amazing. He hit everything in their opening set, which was a smart sampling of their career, especially that ending note of The Flame. Journey? The crowd kept going nuts with the opening chords to each of their classic rock staples, but I just wasn't into it. We left halfway thru their set. Yeah, the new kid can sing. But Schon's guitar was bleedingly loud in the mix, which made the experience less than desirable.
  23. This movie is either liked or not by critics....not hated or loved...guess it looks like it's just "OK". I'm going to see it tomorrow with the Missus. What makes it "cool" for me, in terms of bridging three generations of rock, is the Pete Best cameo. Blink or you'll miss it. Given the premise of the movie, Pete's appearance is just downright perfect. Rainn was interviewed earlier in the year (all the entertainment based shows like ET), and was just plain juiced that he got to the scene with Pete...after all, only six people can ever lay claim to being in The Beatles. Stu, John, George are gone. Paul, Ringo and Pete are still here.
  24. My wife and I will be second row center for this show tonight at the New York State Fair here in Syracuse. We are going specifically for Cheap Trick - Linda's FAVORITE band in the world. (#5 for me!) Heart is when we'll probably fight the lines for beer at the stands. Journey will definitely be interesting with this new singer. Would you like me to check back in tomorrow and give a review, or do you want to be surprised when they come to you in September?
  25. And yes....Dusty looks a tad like Dave Smalley. From a distance! He smiles just as much, that's as sure.
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