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  1. Yeah! Someone has finally confirmed it! According to CottageViews.com: In the News: The Bangles Return - 80s Power-Pop priestesses The Bangles are reportedly in the studio working on a new album for 2009. Additionally, guitarist/vocalist Susannah Hoffs and Matthew Sweet have teamed up for a second helping of Under The Covers. While the disc is not slated for release until late July, 16 tracks for Under the Covers, Vol. 2 have already been recorded. Guests include Dhani Harrison, the son of the late great Beatle George, on a version of his father's "Beware of Darkness," Steve Howe on Yes' "I've Seen All Good People," and Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham on "Second Hand News." Other tracks recorded by the duo are Todd Rundgren's "Hello, It's Me," Carly Simon's "You're So Vain," and the Raspberries "Go All the Way."
  2. All the best and happiest of birthdays to my fellow New York state co-habitant!
  3. I REEEEEEALLY wish Lovely Linda & I could make it. Only a 4 hour drive for us, but I have my three kids that weekend which makes it impossible. I guess we'll have to meet them on their sod in November. ;^)
  4. And seriously....how does one get to attend? Is there a lottery for us Average Joe's? Or is it a matter of having enough money in a credit card for uber-expensive tickets and slamming Ticketmaster at 9:59:00 am??
  5. If the committee just STOPPED inducting rap acts altogether, and artists or bands who had one hit with lasting radio airplay at the most, then there would be a TON of openings. The Hollies top my list. They're the "Bert Blyleven" of rock & roll.
  6. Nice job Billy-Boy. Performing with not just one, but TWO legendary pop bands??? I'm jealous. Waaaaah. but happy for you.
  7. Whoa....am i WAAAAAAAY late for this, or what? Haven't stopped in EC.com for a few weeks. Happy belated birthday, Billy Ba-roo!!
  8. You mean the C6add9?? Yeah...way cool.
  9. Forgot to add...although "Top ___ of All Time Lists" are always arguable...especially the rankings...but you can't argue about the general quality of this list. If I were stuck on a desert island, I'd have the professor take a few coconuts & seaweed, and rig up an mp3 player with rechargable batteries to play all these songs.
  10. With my little 'signature slogan', how could I not agree with #1? :^)
  11. That was my absolute favorite bit from the Oscars. But only because I happened to watch that Letterman episode as it happened. If I hadn't watched it, it probably would have been over my head....as it was with probably HALF of the audience.
  12. Hi Miguelli. I see you are relatively new to EC.com. Welcome. We have had discussions in the past about this band. You are right - they are among the top Beatles tribute bands in the world. I consider them the top "re-creation" band, because they don't do "boots & suits". I also encourage any Beatles fans on this board to go see them if they hit your neck of the woods. Your jaw is guaranteed to drop.
  13. It sucked for Gwyneth that she was forced to read the telepromter, exuding the greatness of Radiohead, instead of being able to proudly introduce her husband's band instead. The all star performance with Al Greenm, Justin T, Keith U et al was impressive, too - considering they didn't know they were doing it until a couple of hours before the show (due to Chris Brown's legal issues, that opened a slot up.)
  14. It was removed. Can someone describe what REALLY went on with this clip?
  15. I'm still waiting for Bert Blyleven to be voted in. ;^)
  16. Well, given that: I'm a Beatle freak... My name is Paul... My wife's name is Linda... We live in Liverpool (New York)... "Maybe I'm Amazed" HAD to be our wedding song in August 2006. And it's the ringtone I assigned to only Linda, when calls me. I thought this thread was about the song. But liked what I was reading from all of you. So hopefully the above info falls within the positive karma you are creating. Happy Gnu Year!
  17. The man who put a slide in the hands of George Harrison, and coached Eric Clapton into a successful solo artist after his 'hiatus' passed away yesterday. http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/california/la-me-passings28-2008dec28,0,6491699.story
  18. I enjoyed the "jingle"! Lemony fresh!
  19. Wow...how serendipitous of you Sterling. I was JUST looking at a map of New Zealand, in anticipation of a trip there (and Australia) in November. More on that later. But the link came in VERY handy. I'll have a better idea what to do when I get there. I'll have to stay in touch with our fellow EC.com members for some 'inside information'!
  20. Do you mean "THE" Ohio State? Or just "Plain Old" Ohio State?!
  21. I'm a little late, too. But thanks for keeping the thunder rolling on those drums, Jim. Happy birthday.
  22. I'm proud to say I'm from #9 SYRACUSE, and have cheered for them ever since their first Final Four appearance in 1975. Love him or hate him, he's a great coach with one of the greatest records ever, with a Championship ring and loads of 20+ win seasons. But he's also helped raise over two million dollars to Syracuse area charities. And...I'm proud to say I've personally worked with Coach Jim Boeheim on his Coaches Vs Cancer Celebrity Golf Tournament from 1997-2005, as Tourament Director. Because of him AND his loyalty to the Central New York area, they deserve the #9 spot.
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