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  1. Sorry...there's NOTHING like my '65. Nice and light, but that full sound being a hollow body. When my Beatles tribute band plays 'I Saw Standing There', the sound of that bass MAKES it!! Paul in Liverpool...NY that is...after a long layoff from this board.
  2. I just wanted to take some time to thank the people who made for a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience: 1. 'Badfinger Barb' - who who hooked me up with Harry from PA so I could get a GA ticket 2. Harry - who communicated every step of the way, and was a pleasure to get to know 3. Laura Miller @ HOB who must have been pulling her hair out by the time everything was over. 4. Laura from Wisconsin - who REALLY saved the day with her GA ticket for my girlfriend 5. My girlfriend Denise - who danced with me to 'Let's Pretend'...my favorite RB's song, and one I thought would never be performed live. (Thank God I was wrong). 6. Fred D (and his lovely wife Pat) who took our picture in the lobby to commemorate the occasion. 7. John Shaft/Bryan - for keeping Denise company while I took care of my ticket problem out front (which was NOT Laura's fault...'twas MINE!) 8. The tiny little waitress who fought through the crowd to serve us drinks THREE times up in the front. 9. To Bernie for the video montage 10. And of course, to the second band in all of rock history to prove...for a SECOND time...that hell CAN freeze over!!!!
  3. To add... I guess wearing that particular shirt makes you a Blue-'berrie.
  4. Nice job, Paul. You seemed to be in 'Ecstacy' all night. NOTHING can compare to a heavily anticipated reunion 30 years in the making, but I felt the same way when my group backed up Joey Molland of Badfinger and Terry Sylvester of The Hollies this past year. Living a dream with two of my heroes. Your long lasting smile proved it! By the way, where did you get that great blue shirt? My girlfriend loved it and said I should get the same one!! Help out a fellow musician, won't ya ;^)
  5. Hey Bryan/John/Man In The Purple Hat Just got into Syracuse tonight and started reading the posts and saw yours. Congratulations on your complete set of picks ON TOP of meeting the boys. (I ended up getting a 'Jim'.) A great addition to the list of rock greats you have already met. And THANKS for keeping Denise company until I worked out my ticket snafu. VERY gentlemanly of you. We all had a GREAT view of the show didn't we?! We'll have to get a copy of the DVD so we can see ourselves! Good luck with your band, too. You have a power-pop heart!! Fab Five Paul
  6. Hi everyone. Just a quick thank you to all who responded to my plea for a GA ticket to HOB, as well as those who welcomed me to the board. The response was truly overwhelming. A half dozen people came to the rescue, and "Laura from Wisconsin's" situation worked out the best. I look forward to meeting new friends at the pre-show thingy. This is going to be great! Paul from Syracuse
  7. Hi folks. I just registered and my displayed name is my real name...I missed the chance to be cute. It was supposed to be 'Hofner65' after my prized Beatle bass. Anyway... I am now in dire need of a GA ticket. I was going alone, and now a new lady friend (who is a Raspberries fan, too!) would like to accompany me. Being the positive thinker I am, we already bought another pre-show reception ticket. NOW I HAVE to come through! But I'm not worrying...I've read this message board and you all seem like wonderful folks. Just like the Badfinger Boogie board I also belong to. Please e-mail or even call me at 315.382.7285 (24/7) if you have a GA ticket for sale, or know someone who is selling. MANY MANY thanks. (PS. Hope this isn't too commercial, but...if you like Beatles & The British Invasion, check out my band's website - www.thefab-five.com. This past year we played in Liverpool UK at The Cavern Club, and have backed up members of The Hollies & Badfinger...we're always looking for more fans and places to play in the Northeast!)
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