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  1. I've been dying to post on this topic since Wednesday, but the site wasn't allowing me to log in (Wierd but THANK YOU Bernie for helping me get back in!) I happened to visiting former Hollie Terry Sylvester at a show in Massachusetts on Wednesday, and I had the honor of being the first to tell him of the nomination. He was VERY excited to hear the news, and he announced it to the crowd that night - there was a truly rousing reception when he shared the info. What The Hollies has going for them is that they are the only nominee with a strong presence in the 60's (as well as Terry's era from 1969-74). The others are mainly 70's/80's artists. My picks are : The Hollies Genesis ABBA KISS and (begrudingly...under political pressure) LL Cool J
  2. Happy birthday - to the only person on this board who loves The Hollies more than I! And who always has the coolest youtube discoveries for us to explore.... Hofner65
  3. I liked the movie personally. Moved a bit slow at times, but what English film that leans in the "arsty" direction doesn't? I didn't know that much about WHY Brian acted the way he did, so this movie was uite entertaining & informative for me personally. The butler did it. ;^)
  4. Walt Disney was right...it IS a small world after all, yet this is even more meaningful being confirmed by you two. Now I wished I talked to Marco a little more to make a stronger 'connection'. Eric, that was SO cool what you did for him. He was beaming as he tried to describe his joy, which was a language unto itself. But I was running off to the Hard Days Night Hotel for a pub lounge gig - where the one and only Klaus Voormann was in the crowd for a couple songs! (But I didn't put down the guitar quick enough to meet him before he went to the elevator to his room I'm home in 'my' Liverpool just now. We made it safe, thanks Tim.
  5. Sorry to say 'no'. A band called The Cryers will be doing that. I think their leader even helped put the show together. But I will be joining Terry & Joey for their 2 week tour of Australia in late Oct/early Nov. THAT...I cannot wait for!
  6. I'm typing this from my friend's house where I'm staying in Liverpool UK, as I was blessed with an invitation to perform throughout the city that bore The Beatles, at Int'l Beatle Week. Yesterday at the big convention, I saw a Raspberries CREW shirt on an attendee and asked "so...who are YOU on ericcarmen.com"?! That question was a bit confusing for him, but in slightly broken English, he said he was from Brazil and had seen the band at the HOF show in Cleveland! And, that it was the second time he had done so...that he had hung out with the boys backstage...plus, that he had been given the shirt as a gift. I loved hearing that story, amongst the overload of Beatles music and chat that this festival provides. And I truly enjoyed the experience of meeting someone new, from so far away, who was a Raspberries fan. Bravo to the band and posse' for providing this gentleman the shirt, and memories to last his lifetime. He was glowing the entire time he was telling the story!
  7. Yes...very sad. The man got around a LOT of studios in his time. But at least his spirit lives on in his music.
  8. Happy Birthday to the most creative post-er on this board. You never cease to amaze with your brand of humor!
  9. Have the hap-hap-happiest of birthdays Darlene!
  10. Sorry, I'm a day late - was out of town for McCartney's Saturday night show. Happy Birthday Wally!
  11. I truly had the best one ever today. No arguing amongst the kids, now 14/12/12. And even THEY said, it's not about the stuff we did, it's that they spent TIME with me. Pretty heady stuff for pre-teens. I am truly blessed. I hope every father on this board had as great, if not greater, Father's Day as me.
  12. Sorry I'm late to the dance....happy birthday!!!
  13. All right Bernie! We'll have to hook up somehow before the show....I, too and a PM.com member and got 9th row on the "field side" on the Rusty Anderson side. If my damn van hadn't broken down and needed repair, I would have had more balance available on my credit card to try for center seats like you. Part of me is just giddy that I'll be on the actual field that my beloved Mets play on...even if it is at the "new" Shea!
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