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  1. Tim is on the money about this place..lol,Chris
  2. i believe it's in Canal Fulton, very close to Canton where i live!!lol, Chris
  3. whats funny is the people who bitch about the winter who cant wait for the summer are now bitching about the heat!!!! i find this humorous!! lol, Chris
  4. Folks Janine is really that good..i've had the honor to read many of her works and she is brilliant! if anyone has a clue where she should make her first move towards getting them published let her know, obviously i'm a huge fan of her work,lol, Chris
  5. published huh?? that vaguely sounds familiar...hhmmm
  6. Well Janine?? give 'em up..i'm sure you have more!! lol,Chris
  7. Shell it is then!!!!lol,Chris
  8. yes,welcome tellshell!!!! you'll like it here!!lol,Chris
  9. Christopher Lee?? are you serious?? thats a heavyweight actor there!!!lol,Chris
  10. thank you for the update Miriam!! so glad you are comfortable with the decision and things are on track! sounds like you're in good hands!! god bless ya!! keep all of us informed,lol,Chris
  11. YES, SHE SHOULD!!!! hint,hint Brownie!! lol,Chris
  12. omg Tony!! i ca'nt even come back on that one!!only you!!LOL!!,Chris
  13. that's pretty damn funny!!lol,Chris
  14. where has the brown eyed beauty of a poster been???LOL!!!! Chris
  15. i cant wait for this !! my brother and i use to race home to watch the t.v. show!! we loved it !!!!!! i really hope it is done well.. and cool there's so many fans of the show here!!lol,Chris
  16. i read many,many articles by her growing up!!!chris
  17. happy 4th to Carol and everyone here!!lol,Chris
  18. sweet!!! it does the heart good to see and feel the honesty of your friendships..well captured!!thanks,lol,chris.....by the way Wendy,you could almost pass as John Lennon's sister!! you have a lil John in you!! all good!!!!!
  19. back at ya Carol!!!!!! lol,chris
  20. that was perfect Kirk!!LOL!! ...thanks!!lol,Chris
  21. thanks again for the well wishes headed by dear brownie!!!gettin better day by day now,just takes time!!lol,chris
  22. happy bday Brian!!! have a great one!!!lol,chris
  23. have a happy bday danny!!!! have some fun!!lol,chris
  24. chris hess

    Mom's Gone

    Miriam,im sorry to hear this..you have been a rock during this whole period..as you said though she is in a better place,no more fighting now,she can rest..i wish your family peace,and god bless all of you..and tj and your hubby...sincerely,chris
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