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  1. Happy Bday Jim!! a great person and great,unique drummer!!!lol, Chris
  2. HappyBdat Andy and many more!!lol,Chris
  3. I knew this guy was gonna be good if given the chance! forget all the negative talk before they gave him the oppurtunity...now look at him!!lol,Chris
  4. Tim..Happy Bday!! i'll never forget you making me feel welcome at the last Cleveland show the Raspberries did!!(and you too Diane!)...you are a great guy..enjoy your day!!lol, Chris
  5. chris hess

    Has it....

    Tony you werent suppose to let the cat out of the bag about that nude pic!!!!!lmao!!!Chris
  6. chris hess

    Has it....

    hard to believe..but his spirit is alive and well..in fact my 22 year old Brittany is in New York as i type for the 2nd year in a row for John!!!And i too am positive The Beatles would have done it again...lol,Chris
  7. wow...he was old school...Dragnet too...r.i.p. chris
  8. Wow! what a wack job!!!lol,chris
  9. wow.....is that a real pic,or made up and doctored?lol,chris
  10. Happy Bday Reid!!! i hope you enjoy it!!!lol, Chris
  11. Ali is my all time favorite..no offense to Joe!!Chris
  12. very cool article!! i too was 12 in my first real band,small world!..love his insight!! what a nice guy..lol,chris
  13. Wow...did'nt know this..he's a legend that's for sure..Chris
  14. Happy Bday!! enjoy and be happy!!lol, Chris
  15. Just now saw Eric's post..good to hear from him and theres a light at the end of the tunnel!!lol, Chris
  16. thats some crazy s--t!!!!unreal..lol,Chris
  17. great news youre getting better!! lol, Chris
  18. will be thinking and praying for Pat!! lol, Chris
  19. This is all so cool reading!!! thanks for the info!!!lol, Chris
  20. Marv!! HappyBday my friend!! enjoy!!lol, Chris
  21. thanks for putting it up Kim!!! unreal and very touching!lol, Chris
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