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  1. again..i thank all of you for the kindness i have been sent...i am a truly blessed man..lol,Chris
  2. oh and Diane..you got me pretty well pegged on what you wrote..thank you for your kindness!!..lol,Chris..and remembering my lol here..and the button you gave me at the concert..still have it with my ticket stub from the concert!!:)
  3. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU from all of you for the kind wishes..i have'nt been on here for quiet a while and saw this..means alot to me what everyone has said to me...lots of love,Chris
  4. i heard this is pretty good..the guys really have them down pat!
  5. He is adorable!! what a smile!!Chris
  6. Very nice!! lol, Chris
  7. Oh wow!!! speachless!!.lol, Chris
  8. would love to make this one..but ca'nt..insert pouting here!LOL..Chris
  9. Understood..but damn near have to be a lawyer to read that!!LOL!! Chris
  10. He was a class act..having been a huge Ali fan,i saw as many interviews with him as possible..always classy.. chris
  11. i too watched this how!! he was an icon..trailblazer..Chris
  12. personally i like 1)football ...2)basketball ..3)boxing ..4)baseball....jmo..lol,Chris
  13. I for one hope they beat the Patriots!!! it will be a good game..sad thing is football is almost over again!!sigh..Chris
  14. Kim,have a fantastic Bday and enjoy!!!! lol,Chris
  15. Happy Bday Bernie!! thanks for everything and have a fantastic day!! lol,Chris
  16. umm,where are these presents..just checked in..i dont see anything..Chris
  17. Wish i could shake the present and try to guess what it is!!LOL!!Chris
  18. great boxer,punk of a "man'...Chris
  19. damn..il be outta town till next wed. and dont know if ill have access to a computer or not!!oh well,lol,Chris
  20. Yes,Happy Chanuka to all!! may it bring love and peace to all hearts!lol,Chris
  21. A very merry christmas to you Miriam and family..may all your wishes come true this holiday season!!lol, Chris
  22. also shows how far Brian has come from his demons and fears!!..god bless this genius!!,Chris
  23. kudos to Brian!!!! sssooo good to hear this and bury the axe!!!lol,Chris
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