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  1. Does anyone have his imports that are available? I found "Change of Heart" at a used cd store while on vacation in Green Bay, WI about 3 yrs. ago for $7.99. Quite a surprise to find it as a Japanese import. You never know what you may find at these places sometimes. I still need "Boats" & "Tonight" solo lp's. Anyone else have similar stories? Just curious! SPOCK
  2. Darlene, Concerning Barry Manilow being rude etc. Here's a little story a friend of mine tole me. A friend of mine in college was in the choir and they backed up Barry when he sang "One Voice" but he never acknowledged or thanked them to the audience or to himself. An inside story. SPOCK PS> I'm a new poster here and I'm starting with the oldest posts and working my way up. So strap yourselves in for the ride.
  3. "Leave the man alone" What does that mean Mannoman? My post isn't going to have any affect on him at all. It's too late to "Start Over" especially from the reviews of his last album I have read at this site. I like a few of the songs and don't think it was useless. How long has Eric been married? And how old is his child? My disappointment lay during his most creative and genious solo years. About '75-'89. imho 5 albums in 15 yrs. isn't enough for me when an artist is "hot" and still has the ability to write good songs. As Eric said, artists tend to write their best material around 26-27 yrs. old. Implying that ability starts to decline from then on is true for most great songwriters. I don't have any complaints with what he wants to do with his life now. You sleep in the bed you make. He could become a Muslim tomorrow and I'd still enjoy his best work. I just wish there was more of it from the old days. He just wasn't as prolific as Elton John or some others. SPOCK
  4. Why only 6 albums since 1975 when Elton John can record 21? You can't convince me that EC wants to make a quality album any more than Elton John. NO EXCUSES!!! SPOCK
  5. Albums also ranked from best to worst. CHANGE OF HEART (1978) #1 1> Change of Heart 2> Someday 3> Heaven Can Wait 4> Desperate Fools 5> Hey Deanie 6> Haven't We Come a Long Way 7> Desperate Fools Overture 8> Baby I Need Your Lovin' 9> End of the World ERIC CARMEN (1975) #2 1> Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 2> My Girl 3> All By Myself 4> Sunrise 5> That's Rock and Roll 6> Everything 7> Last Night 8> Great Expectations 9> On Broadway 10>No Hard Feelings TONIGHT YOU'RE MINE (1980) #3 1> Foolin' Myself 2> Sleep With Me 3> It Hurts Too Much 4> All For Love 5> Tonight You're Mine 6> The Inside Story 7> You Need Some Lovin' 8> Lost In the Shuffle ERIC CARMEN (1984) #4 1> You Took Me All the Way 2> The Way We Used to Be 3> I'm Through with Love 4> She Remembered 5> Maybe My Baby 6> Living Without Your Love 7> American as Apple Pie 8> Spotlight 9> Come Back to My Love 10>I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU (2000) #5 1> Cartoon World 2> Someone That You Loved Before 3> I Wanna Take Forever Tonight 4> I Could Really Love You 5> Walk Away Renee 6> Isn't It Romantic 7> Almost Paradise 8> I Was Born to Love You 9> Everytime I make Love to You 10>Top Down Summer BOATS AGAINST THE CURRENT (1977) #6 1> She Did It 2> Love Is All that Matters 3> Boats Against the Current 4> Runaway 5> Nowhere to Hide 6> I Think I Found Myself 7> Marathon Man 8> Take It or Leave It Comments Welcome! SPOCK
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