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  1. How can you possibly make it better?
  2. It's Rock & Roll Jiberish! All great bands have used it. (See/hear Beginning of Rolling Stone Jumpin' Jack Flash). I invite others to include their favorite Jiberish. How about Oliver's Gliddy glip gloobby nibby knobby nuwby? "Brilliant"!
  3. Jump Man you are so right about the public being ready for a new or (old) direction. Believe it. Nobody Knows what the next major direction will be in anything, especially music. You can't try to direct it, it just happens. The Beatles just evolved they didn't know how great they we're going to be or how much of an impact they would have. The Bee Gees didn't know they we're going to sell millions of records when they went disco. All you can do is be true to what you are and the rest just follows. It may be time for a jump back to music the Raspberries would create today. You just never know.....unless you just do it.
  4. With all due respect to Joey Molland, he alone is not Badfinger. I like Joey's own stuff, but in no way would I put anything he does as "Badfinger" on the same stage or the same billing as the Raspberries with all original members. Don't get mad Barb, you know I'm a Badfinger fan but Badfinger is gone. I'd be all for Joey opening for the Raspberries under his own name.
  5. I think we need to email and call oldies radio stations and let them know there's a Raspberries revolution going on and they need to jump on it! Dig a little deeper for those "other" 'Berries tunes and plug in a few more EC hits and for cryin' out loud Identify the Band. If Billboard is printing stories about the band the stations should be following the trend. Oh, Hi Eric! That first Cleveland show was great! It's the only one I could make.
  6. Eric, don't underestimate your popularity in those medium markets. I think Eric is going about it the right way. You need to create interest outside the current 'berries circle. Everyone is contributing to that right now, but if the band can get a label to bite and fund a new CD package and promotion...I think this was the plan all along. Eric and the band have a plan from beginning to end. So far so good, Now for the next step. We need more radio airplay on the oldies stations. I mean "Go all the Way" is great, but I haven't heard any other songs on radio airwaves forever!
  7. Tonight is a great song! Austin Healey still plays in the area. I saw them recently at a benefit concert we played, they were a couple of bands before us. They are good, they've been together for quite a while, maybe 20 years. My band the Fanatics is more of a cover band, we do a lot of city festivals, corporate parties and stuff. We've decided we're going to put together an CD of originals in the "power pop 70's style", we are all songwriters and studio guys so I think it'll be cool as long as we don't get in each other's way. Do you have any recordings of you doing Tonight?
  8. Thanks Ted, I have my reservations about trying to do this song justice (I am the lead singer) but the guys think we can pull it off so we'll see. Bill
  9. MAM Yeah My brother and myself got to see the 'Berries thanks to you! I've got to hear some of your stuff. I've got some recordings of our band doing some Beatles covers (who doesn't) and No Matter What by Badfinger. I've done "That's Rock & Roll" by EC.
  10. I'd like to hear some of these tunes people have done. Is there a way we can share files? Do we need to contact each other via email?
  11. I kinda figured, by the way the work up of Never say die was great! The only thing I would add to it is some kind of backing vocals. I gotta get together with some of you. I've got a pretty good Lennon vocal. I'll look for the thread, thanks!
  12. This is my first topic, I usually just read everybody's stuff, however, after meeting some of you in person at the first Cleveland concert, and reading all your posts, I felt a need to try to start this topic. There seems to be a lot of musicians out there! I would like to know what Raspberries songs or (related music) you have done Live or recorded. Is there a way to share this music? I am also in a local band in Minnesota. I have brought to the band "Go all the way". I've been playing in a band for 24 years and have been reluctant to bring a Raspberries song to the band. I view these songs as sacred and am afraid that I would be too much of a perfectionist. However, in the next two weeks I should know how good, or bad we can recreate it. Let me know what you guys and gals have done in the past. Oh by the way my band is the Fanatics. fanaticsworld.com
  13. You know the Bee Gees weren't always disco. I don't think you can have this list without including them.
  14. Bill C


    Marvin you are now only 180 posts away from the hall of fame. I think you're already a shoe in.
  15. Bill C


    Yeah you gotta stick around, you're only 181 posts away from the 3000 post club.(and you know those hall of fame people look at that) I'll stick with my Member #414. Welcome back.
  16. Bill C


    Great to hear from you Marvin, sounds like some people are just jealous or don't understand your passion. I hope you're back for good! If not can I have your member # or does everyone after #5 move up one?
  17. I vote for "Let's Pretend" This is one of the most underated songs the 'Berries have. By the way I'm not sure how to use your voting machine. Maybe it's just me but I don't get where to enter the song
  18. No solos, everything was played just like the record. Bill
  19. I've thought about this before on why I'm such a Raspberries fanatic. First of all, they represented a music that was dying. Songs about love and feeling good and cars and beaches and summertime. I missed this in the Beatles after they moved into the message/abstract music era. I was rooting for a return and the success of this music and the Raspberries, who represented this better than any other band. Their fight to survive just made me more of a fan. Badfinger was great but their music was deeper and darker. they didn't represent the same thing. There were article saying that the Raspberries themselves were never more than their music like the Beatles were but for me that wasn't true. I still want success for the band more than anything today. When Eric was on his solo stuff, I continued to root for his single to climb the charts. Wally in Fotomaker too! Once I start rooting for something I don't stop. I think the reason I love the Raspberries is because of the good time music they and I loved and they represented and fought to keep alive! Bill c.
  20. I've never been a big Michael Stanley guy but someone pointed him out to me saying it was him. Anyone verify?
  21. Thanks MAM (Mike) for giving me the opportunity to see a show I will never forget and would live to regret if I hadn't been there. Thanks for the tickets. Bill and Mike
  22. I want to thank everyone my brother and I met at the concert. We drove all the way from Minnesota and left after the show to drive back again (13 hours non-stop) to make an appointment for Saturday night. Every mile was worth the trip. Thanks to Chuck for saving seats on the rail for us, thanks to Ken Sharp for making us feel so special. I can't wait for the DVD and CD to come out. Also thanks to Gene for posting his great pictures for all to see! It was really encouraging to hear Wally say that he hopes this is really the start of a new beginning for the Raspberries. I was so impressed with his "to the note" guitar work. He either worked his butt off for the last two months or has an unbelievable memory. What a job!!! Oh by the way, we made it home all right! By the way if anyone has more pictures they can share please email them to me. Bill bcampbellmn@comcast.net
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