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  1. That first reunion concert was great! I'm sure the others were good too. I saw the first one and then came back for the scene pavillion. But that first one, the excitement of seeing the guys and hearing the music! I can't believe it even now. They sounded so great! It will forever be the greatest concert event I've ever been a part of. Thanks everyone, but I want to especially thank Bernie. Without his passion, the Raspberries would've never known that this kind of interest was out there.

  2. Well the year is done and speculation on what Raspberies will do for next year is a hot topic.

    In carrying over from the end of the clunker list conversation, I feel that the Raspberries will probably try to move forward with new music, rather than dwell on adding different old music. I think most musicians want to keep creating rather than dwelling on the past. The Raspberries had a great year of rekindeling their music, but if they are going to do anything from here on out I think it will be a new CD. So adding Eric's solo stuff of Wally's stuff or anything that has been already presented doesn't make a lot of sense unless your just trying to stretch out what was done in the reunion concert. The most exciting thing, and proof that the guys are trying to get to the next level would be a new music CD.


  3. Funny thing about periods, you can always start another line. This thread is really passionate! I wonder if the guys hashed out their future as far as Eric's solo stuff already? I wonder if Eric is reading this right now and seeing how different the opinions are regarding his solo stuff and Raspberries? If he is, I'm sure he's realizing that you can't put the two together without hard feelings unless all 4 Raspberries are only in this to make money.And that... is never the case when your an artist.

    Tony you crack me up...

    I don't post much...I just read your posts.

  4. I don't think Wally would agree with the Fotomaker stuff. I heard him say that most of that first album was done before he was added. HIs Choir stuff his more applicable. Also, I have a feeling that moving Dave's stuff to tha back burner and inserting Eric's solo stuff is not a wise move. I appreciate everyone's compositions in the group, and they should be represented. Eric's solo career marked the end of The Raspberries, let's not have that again.

  5. By the way Travis, it was Pete on lead vocals on Day After Day. Come and Get it was Tom's Lead but other than that the hits were mostly done by Pete Ham. Day after Day, Baby Blue, No Matter What. They had great albums, and although the hits were great, the songs on the albums by all the members were exceptional, I am a big fan of bands using more than one lead vocalist even if that vocal is not what record companies would call "commercial quality". Raspberries also do this. I got tired of JOurney when all songs were sung by Steve Perry. Reo Speedwagon used Bruce Hall on some songs and that was a good thing.

  6. Don't want to say Goodbye needs to be on the set list. I can't believe they would leave off a charted single! This song is one of my Top 5 and I don't know if the boys realise it or not, but the Carmen/Bryson credit and vocal has a magical effect. When played live like the first night, I got the feeling (weather it's true or not) that in the back of Eric & Wally's minds was...Here's a song we wrote together, sang together and now after all these years are performing together. Not to get overly sensative...but I thought it was a magical moment at that first concert....Eric,Wally...don't sell this song short...it has special meaning to us as well...First single released...just a great song.

  7. Also two of my favorite bands. The only real comparisons.....

    Both were Beatle influenced bands

    Both had 4 members

    Both recorded on the same label as the Beatles

    Both either played live or recorded Beatles songs

    Both came into existence as the Beatles retired.

    Badfinger was a completly different band than the Raspberries. However, The beatles were kind of two different bands over time. My feeling is that the Raspberries represented the carefree attitude of the Beatles in their early days, and that Badfinger sounded more like the Beatles' "later work" (More somber and messagey) I agree that No Matter What sounds like a Raspberries tune, I also think that "Come and get it" represented the Raspberries more than Badfinger.

    Just getting my two cents in.

  8. I knew I was forgetting something, The Replacements....geez. I don't think John Denver was from here, but he used to play around town and married "Annie" who was from Minnesota. He never wrote about here though...West Virginia, Rocky Mountains...nope...no Twin Cities songs.

    Oh, by the way...Lipps Inc. and if you ever heard of Gypsy from around '72 or so. The had a pretty cool song called Gypsy Queen that got some play. I think they were signed nationally.

  9. Weren't the Outsiders from Cleveland?

    Anyway, Minnesota notables...

    Bob Dylan

    The Jayhawks

    The Trashmen

    The Castaways

    The Del Counts


    Soul Asylum

    Michael Johnson

    ...We kinda claim John Denver

    I know I'm missing somebody big...


  10. Eric, if you're reading this, and from what I understand you do, I need to tell you about my first visit to Cleveland to see the Raspberries on November 26th 2004. My brother and I (from Minnesota), were waiting in unbelivable anticipation for the show to begin, when a couple of locals stood by us and were looking around at the sell out crowd. They were talking amongst themselves about how they couldn't believe the turn out for their "Local Band". I had to interject and question them on why they thought that the Raspberries were just a local band getting back together, when they had a string of top 40 hits in this and other countries? They didn't get it! The only reason I can see that the Raspberries could slip under the radar, was just pure and simple poor media coverage. When we came back for the Pavillion Concert I was astounded to see the Raspberries not on the Cover of the local scene magazine. Who the hell is bigger than the Raspberries in Cleveland right now? Eric you need to understand that people outside of Cleveland really have no idea how much this lack of credibility from your hometown stunted the growth of this great band. It would be great to just say screw 'em, but winning them over is what is needed. I applaude your letter. And by the way, I loved your solo career, but if the Cleveland media didn't, they have no one but themselves to blame for disregarding Raspberries.

    PS:You have nothing to prove to your fans, we've been here all along.

    Bill Campbell, Minnesota

  11. Tony, I don't post much but...Tonight is a Masterpiece. As much as Go All The Way...I feel that if Tonight Had been on the First Album and Go all the Way had been on the third album...the Notoriety of both songs may have been reversed.

  12. I don't know if this has been discussed, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see what we get. When I was at the Pavillion concert. My brother mentioned how cool it was to see the 4 Original members playing by themselves ( no back-up) on the Beatles covers. He went on to say that he thought the Raspberries should drop all the other musicians and play their songs like the Knack were able to. He felt it was a credibility issue. Personally, I like the way they are doing it. But it would be interesting to see how well they could still reproduce the sound by themselves.

  13. Yeah, I mis-spoke when I said The Cleveland section, It was the music of Ohio. All I know Eric should be prominently displayed as an Ohioan that has made his mark in rock & roll. Not only as a memeber of the Raspberries, but as a solo artist. I understand that the HOF is a privatly owned and funded entity. But they need to keep credibility, even if it's just a photo montage.

  14. Just something I noticed while I was in Cleveland for the Pavillion concert. The Rock & Roll hall of fame "Cleveland Section" had very little on the Raspberries. One of Jim's drum heads and Wally's missing flying V (which he's using right now). I don't know if it means much but I didn't see anything reguarding Eric's solo career or even his name mentioned. Did I miss it?

    I would think he should be mentioned as a solo artist.

  15. My brother Mike, the piano player from the band that I'm in Tom, and myself will be there. We are going to make a stop at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame also. I lke your idea BadfingerBarb hope to see you again.

    Bill from Minnesota

  16. "Rock & Roll Mama" sounds like something I would've wrote when I was 12 or so. Along with "Get it moving". Sorry, but the songs are sooo predictable. Dave would probably agree that he got a better feel when the Fresh Album featured "It seemed so easy", and later with "Should I wait" which is also very predictable but the boys put it together so well that the song is one of my favorites. "On the Beach" is one of my favorite Eric songs. I also love "Starting Over", but, I think Eric should've noticed the similarities in the intro to "Tiny Dancer" and the vocal was lost in the mix. And that terrible swearing at the begining. Anyway, I don't post much, but I'll be in Cleveland again when the Berries play with the Knack.

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