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  1. I listen to some songs and I try to to find the influence. Being a wanna be songwriter myself, I find that usually I have been influenced without even knowing it. Like Eric's Desperate Fools. It may be a stretch, but I think Eric was trying to do his version of Desperado. The song has an Eagles/Henley feel to it, and I've read that Eric is a Don Henley fan, so it follows. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing! Everyone does it to some extent. I think Eric is more scrutinized because of Raspberries and their obvious influences.
  2. Sorry Bernie, I know we should know all this stuff....I feel bad 'cause I haven't bought my copy yet...see my order at the EC store.
  3. Since there's been talk about "Eric Carmen song influences" on other threads. Has anyone ever noticed Eric's use of Movie Titles that were out at about the same time Eric was writing songs with the same title. Namely Marathon Man (1976) & Heaven Can Wait (1978)? Has this ever been brought up before?
  4. I can't believe you guys keep quoting Every Breath You Take as some great song that is being ripped off by Eric. Every Breath You Take is a total rip off of Stand by Me. And if I think of what fire is ripping off I'll let you know. Everything is a rip-off if you think hard enough. I remember Billy Joel talking about his first incarnation of Moving Out. He played it for his band mates and they laughed at him as he played to the melody of Laughter in The Rain (Neil Sedaka) so he changed it a little bit and had his own hit. Believe me everyone influences everyone. Not that you guys don't know that.
  5. I liked IWHIFYL, and just the fact the loodog is looking for it so passionately goes to show you that there are songs for every taste. I didn't really care for Hey Deanie, but I would take the royalties Shaun Cassidy produced for Eric. You never know what might turn a buck and IWHIFYL could have been the next teen sensation hit. Who knows? I think that song had that kind of potential and might have worked out better as a copyright paycheck.
  6. Thanks for the pictures Marvin. The "Groupie" you see is there every Tuesday night. Thanks Don for the great review of "That's Rock & Roll", even though I fumbled the words on the last verse. We don't get a lot of requests for it, however, last Wednesday at a club we got a request out of the blue for "Go All The Way". I was so excited that we had a Raspberries request that I had to do an acoustic version of it. It was....OK. Not a very acoustic, 2 man band friendly song.
  7. Happy new year everyone!
  8. I don't think it would've been appropriate for me to point that out.
  9. I think you'd have to make characatures of the guys in the 70's. Eric with the high hairdo. Wally with the long hair and signature hat. Dave would have to have a pretty big Adams apple. What about Jim? What feature could you capitalize on? Bill
  10. Sterling, maybe you could start a comic book featuring the Raspberries. You could make it a monthly publication, put it up for sale on the web-site! If I was artistic I would do it. You could have the boys in concerts all over the place and have....who could be a villian?...Yeah! the Cleveland Press!....or Capitol Records!...This Idea has some merit! It could be the start of something big! Bill C.
  11. You are so kind Marvin. It was a pleasure to meet you and Don. My wife thought you guys were just wonderful and has never asked so many questions about the Eric Carmen website and how I knew you two guys. Thanks for a great night. Bill C.
  12. Wow....... I like their headphones.
  13. Which one is Marvin? I think we've met in Cleveland but I'm not sure and since Marvin won't see his book 'till the 24th...anyone?
  14. raspberrywine you are correct on the Alice Cooper Tune....I'm restricting my lyrics to Top 40 charted. It's too hard to try and guess an obscure track off an album (for me anyway).
  15. Ok Marvin, looks like we have trivia in common, and anyone else out there. Here's one..."Just to let you know, I'm gonna be home soon. Kinda awkward and afraid, time has changed your point of view".
  16. I got mine today!The book looks great! Thanks for the Scratch-N-sniffs Bernie! I had an album signed by the guys at the meet and greet after the first Cleveland show, but the album cover was missing the sticker since it was purchased. Now it looks great!!!!
  17. Mannoman, it took me awhile to figure out that it was the Philadelphia Eagles you were talking about. I was searching the internet for news of Don Henley Spontaniously combusting.
  18. Screw Capitol. I want Eric and the Boys to rock with new music. Put it on a small label, The Raspberries fan club will take it from there. If it's as good as I think it would be, somebody will come a knockin'.
  19. I'm just trying to get into triple figures. Guess I'm like Mr. Ed
  20. I just think a new album would be the logical next step if there is one. Eric or Bernie? How about a little insight on what might be in the works? Also, New Raspberries music would have a differn't feel to it. I don't know if, (at the age they're at) it would be appropriate to be penning new songs about teenage exuberance. I could see a more current topical approach simular to the Eagles when they did "Get over it" and "Learn to be still". I don't know, should the Raspberries get serious? I'm just throwing stuff out there. What would a Hard Rocking Raspberries tune be about these days? Obviously love songs never go out of style.
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