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  1. I've been giving this more thought, I'm always trying to define the perameters of a situation. (It's not always easy or possible). I'm starting to think that if you cannot continue the level of success with new or different members, you shouldn't exist off the past success. (this is just my criteria of why I except some bands who continue and frown on others) Here are some examples.

    Raspberries...I believe the "Starting Over" Line-up was equally talented and true to the music as the past line-up therefore it's ok. The legacy of Eric Carmen's lead vocals and hit writing ability are an integral part of the band. The Raspberries could not be "Raspberries" without Eric.

    Van Halen...Although I liked the David Lee Roth version better...They had continued success with Sammy so I give them the nod too.

    Badfinger...simular to the Raspberries in that the commercial success was attributed to Pete Hamm and his vocal and writing abilities. I don't think it's Badfinger without him.

    I'm not arguing with anyone, I just think it's an interesting conversation.

  2. Like I said, Personal Interpretation. There's something inside of some of us that thinks it's wrong to assume the name of the band when the core players have changed. How about Little River Band, Chicago, Journey, Styx, Foriegner, Fleetwood Mac, Beach Boys,.....uh Raspberries 4th album? Do we only draw the line because of death?

  3. 1. The Beatles

    2. Raspberries

    3. Badfinger

    4. Eric Carmen

    5. .38 Special

    6. REO Speedwagon (Including everything after the first live album)

    7. Little River Band

    8. Eagles

    9. Cars

    10. Bread

    Some of these are interchangable but the first 4 are correct.

  4. I agree on the "Badfinger" dig on Joey Molland Bob. But if he still has the rights to the name it's no different than the evolution of bands that change members over the years. I agree that it's really not the Badfinger we remember but I think it's a personal interpretation. (But if Richard Carpenter goes on tour again, I think he should just be..The Carpenter) laugh

  5. Ok, I had my Mother listen to it. She didn't pick up on the Secret Love melody either until I pointed it out. It's just one of those things. If anyones curious what I was hearing was right after Eric plays the slow walk up and hits that high single note in the instrumental. He then goes into a melody that has always been a given to me that it was a short reference to the song Secret Love. I guess I'm All by myself in this so....case closed? confused

  6. Maybe it's just me, but the single notes Eric is playing seem to follow the melody to "once I had a secret love...now my secret love is no secret anymore" and then repeating it with more emphasis as the solo continues.It's really hard to expain without pointing it out as yourlistening. Thank you for the response though I thought maybe I touched on something that I shouldn't have. Maybe I'm just the only one who hears it?????

  7. I had my Raspberries first album signed by all the guys at their first concert. It did not have the sticker on it since I bought it in a cut out bin new. I would never dream of selling it and, after I got my stickers from Bernie, I put it on the album. I then framed it and hung it on the wall. I can't imagine ever selling it and I wanted it to look the best it can. I think you should consider whether you are ever going to sell it or whether you are going to keep it for yourself.

  8. It is a great song. I keep going back to "I should've known better" by the Beatles. Something about that song and the light haerted attitude of whole thing and that scence on the train. It's just a great little tune.

  9. Eric, for me and a lot of people from the 70's generation you were (and are) our "Beatles". I'm 45 now, by the time I could really appreciate music the Beatles were gone. We needed a new spark and you guys were it. It's got to feel great to know how many lives you have impacted.

    Thanks for every effort you've given us.


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