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  1. You know your popular when you are a crossword answer.
  2. Let's Pretend Ecstasy Go All The Way Don't Wanna Say Goodbye Tonight On The Beach If You Change Your Mind Should I Wait Last Dance I Wanna Be With You Overnight Sensation
  3. Ok, my two cents. I consider myself one of the biggest fans of Raspberries, and Eric. All that aside, Maybe the recorded sound of Raspberries was intended to reflect the sound of the sixties that Raspberries tried to keep alive. Maybe Mr. Ienner thought, at the time, this was the sound they were looking for. Listening to the live CD, I love the low end and fullness of the sound, but, listen to the Bay City Rollers stuff that Ienner produced, Ienner was trying to create AM hits. That was his thing. I think, if Raspberries had a different producer they would've had a better chance at bridging that AM/FM gap. I remember friends of mine back in the 70's not liking the "weak sound" of the recordings. It was all about the low end at that time. As far as not liking them live. He may have been looking for a broader appeal from the band. Did he say he didn't like the sound live? Or did he say he didn't like the way they played the crowd? If the goal from Ienner's standpoint was to get an appeal like the Beatles or something like that. He needed outgoing, fun loving, always smiling....Hard Day's Night attitudes. I never saw the 'berries live back then, but I think Ienner had an idea what he was trying to create, the problem was, The Beatles couldn't be recreated.
  4. Once again, thanks for the tickets Mike (MAM)
  5. I am the second interview on the DVD. The (don't want to say goodbye reference) I looked better than I felt, as my brother and I had just driven straight through from Minnesota to see the show. After the show we had to drive straight back, as I had a Gig to play the next afternoon. What a great concert! It's great to be on the DVD.
  6. Bernie, I felt the same way. The Intro, the curtain going up, the beginning drums to I wanna be with you. Incredible!
  7. Happy Birthday Eric. Your music has been a part of my life since the release of Don't want to say goodbye.
  8. Still waiting in Minnesota. The email videos were great!
  9. Still waiting for mine.http://www.ericcarmen.com/ubb/icons/icon8.gif Icon 8
  10. Eric, thanks for the insight on "All Through The Night". I often wondered where those lyrics came from. I know the 'berries were trying to ditch the clean cut image somewhat, but I couldn't really bring myself to like that song lyrically. I'm sure there are others who might claim that back then it was more appropriate, but even when I was younger I didn't really relate to the song. I guess it was more a rock & roll lifestyle thing.
  11. Eric, I've read many of the posts here, and maybe someone has brought this up, but in addition to the great music there was another factor for me. I was 12 when GATW hit the charts, which meant that I was truly too young to fully enjoy the excitement of the Beatles when they were the fun and charming "mop tops". Raspberries gave me a hope that music could be fun again, like it was when the Beatles came to America. Raspberries became the hope for me that my generation could experience what the Beatles gave to the 60's. Raspberries became my favorite team, and my mission was to get more fans for the team. The internet proved that I'm not the only one. There are others and their numbers continue to grow. Congratulations on a remarkable past and a future that is limitless. I sure hope that all of these posts convince you how truly successful you really are, in all ways. Thanks for how you and the guys have touched my life. Bill Campbell Minnesota
  12. Bill C

    Live CD

    I think the interviews would be interesting but I looked like hell when they interviewed me. I had just driven all the way from Minnesota and had no hotel or anything. I'm sure I looked like a homeless EC fan.
  13. I think you need a band behind a song these days in order for it to chart. Obviously, there were no Wonders and I think to just have a song out there with no real connection to a band it's just a song. Now if a group like....Raspberries put out a song.....
  14. Matt, when I first hear the Born Late album by Shaun Cassidy, I immediatly sensed a Raspberries connection. Obviously the Eric penned songs were a connection to Eric, but there were other songs on the album that seemed to hint at Raspberries songs.
  15. Finally! After 33 years, I have finally heard Let's Pretend on the airwaves. KQQL (Cool 108)Minneapolis, MN., has apparently jumped on the 'Berries Bandwagon. Today at noonish, ended the dought of never hearing a Raspberries song other than Go All The Way since it left the charts. Nothing against Go All The Way, but I'm tired of people thinking that Raspberries were one hit wonders. Does anyone else hear the other Raspberries hits on Free Radio? I want reports. I think we should have a spot to report Eric and Raspberries hearings.
  16. I really liked Mickey Gilley's voice. I loved his slow songs. His "you don't know me" was great.
  17. Bill C

    Live CD

    You need the CD! You need the liner notes! You need the cool pictures and lyrics! You need something to hold onto! MP3 is a great format so you can move around music you have purchased to a more convenient source, but I want something I can hold for my money! My opinion (that everyone should agree with) only. Bill
  18. Yet, they did pretty well...how do you explain that? Don't say payola....these guys were extremely talented writers and singer, like them or not. The movie didn't hurt.
  19. Good One! Worrying about whether someone deserves to be making money off the past success of the original band is just......well who cares? If they can sell tickets, if they can make new music....well who cares?......I met Joey last year and he seems like a good guy who wishes he could turn back time. He had some great contributions to Badfinger. Granted, he wasn't the "voice" that was commercially successful, but I like a lot of the stuff he's put out since. Not his fault everyone's dead but him.
  20. Bernie, It's also an integral part to the beat of the song. The Band I was in, used to do "Go All The Way" and that was probably the hardest part of the song to get right. The timing had to be perfect by the Bass player and the Drummer! Not to interruput the thread, but just in case Eric wanted to elaborate on it...
  21. Tiggs, Like I've said in my other posts, it's all your own personal opinion. I haven't seen the show, I won't judge it. I would think it would be pretty hard to pull it off. If you got your money's worth...maybe they did!! Let's see if they can come out with new hit material under the name Queen. If they can't, to me it's just a really good show, it's not Queen.
  22. I guess it's easy to just figure it's not going to be as good but if it's worth the money? What the heck. At least there not calling theselves "Bad Queen" which some have thought appropriate.
  23. Unfortunatly, I don't think Eric could have a hit again with this song because it's kind of a younger man's lament. The song would be great, but it needs to be believable by the artist performing it. The great thing about All by Myself is that line "When I was young" can be used by anyone past puberty. It's like "I wanna be with you" and starting with "If we were older...." It just doesn't work so much if you already are "Older"
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