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  1. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, especially my lovely wife Razzy! Even though I don't come to the boards much anymore (Razzy keeps me updated though), it's great to know what a great bunch of people there are here. Hopefully we'll see many of you once again at a future Raspberries concert, and meet many new friends. Take care. Raspberries in 2010!!!! Come on Darlene, get that vibe going! Wish it hard enough, and it will come true! Jeff
  2. The New Adventures of Old Christine is actually a pretty good show. I don't watch it regularly, but when I have seen it, it's been pretty good, and funny. Good supporting characters and good writing usually make a show.
  3. Very entertaining show tonight. Loved seeing Adam sing with KISS and both Adam and Kris with Queen. Was not a surprise at all that Kris won. I expected it. Once Danny was voted off, most of Danny's votes then probably went to Kris. Adam is a far better singer, and will be successful as well, if not more so than Kris. But this is a popularity contest as well, and Kris has a much broader appeal than Adam. But this was the first season I watched all the way to the end. A great final two, and a great show. Loved the Idol Awards as well...thought they were funny.
  4. Wow, tough question, but I'll give it a go, in no particular order: Elton John & Billy Joel - 1994? - Milwaukee County Stadium - Front row seats - leaned against the stage for the long encore. Raspberries - HOB - First reunion show, Nov. 2004. - It was magical. Yes - In the Round, Milwaukee Area - 1979, I think. 10th row on the floor. Burton Cummings & Randy Bachman - Nightclub in Madison - early 1990s. Ringo & his All-Starr band featuring Burton Cummings, Dave Edmunds, Nils Lofgren, Todd Rundgren, Timothy B Schmidt, Starr's son Zak Starkey, and Joe Walsh - Milwaukee Summerfest Ampitheater 1992 - 5th row center. I got to see a Beatle, not to mention other greats!
  5. Cummings and Gillan are two of my favs. Old timers - Bing and Frank. And what about two of my favorite bands from the 70s and 80s - Dennis De Young and Kevin Cronin.
  6. Yeah, I liked Alexis Grace as well. As for the final 3, I agree it will be Adam, Danny and Kris, with it being Adam's to lose. Though, I never thought of it as the way people are saying...I like them, but not sure I would buy their music. I agree. Interesting.
  7. Well, as a lifelong Packer fan, the best QB in the NFC North is STILL a Packer - Aaron Rodgers. I only have 4 words for all the Bears fans getting excited... "The Bears Still Suck!" Thank you.
  8. Thanks all. Sorry for the late response as I don't check the board too often. I appreciate the wishes.
  9. So sorry for your loss Eric. I'm sure your Aunt's memories will live on forever. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
  10. I was listening to Cleveland's Classic Rock station on the internet today, WNCX, and in honor of the Raspberries reunion 4 years ago today, they played the live version of Overnight Sensation from Live on Sunset Strip. A nice tribute. It's hard to believe it's been 4 years already. Wow, what a night it was....I remember it vividly. For many of us, it was the first time we saw the Raspberries live, but not the last, and what a treat it was. Paula (Razzy) and I still reminisce about it. An electric night. Cheers to Eric, Wally, Jim and Dave. We hope to see you together again in 2009.
  11. wallytosa

    Brett Favre

    Here's the podcast of Peter King on our local ESPN radio show this afternoon here in Madison. They talk about the Favre incident at about 30:20 of the podcast, which is the first one listed. http://www.espn1070.com/cc-common/podcast.html?feed=190107&article=2124071
  12. wallytosa

    Brett Favre

    I just heard Peter King live on the radio here in Wisconsin, and though he couldn't confirm it, he certainly didn't do anything to say it wasn't true either. He said he has great respect for Glazer, and even King said, if Glazer wasn't absolutely sure, he wouldn't have went public with it. It sounded to me like King believes it. Glazer emailed King yesterday after it broke and said he was 100% committed to the story. And the Lions are just saying "No comment". The truth is probably somewhere in the middle...like it was the Lions (Millen who's a friend of Favres) seeked out Favre, but he was more than willing to talk to the coaches for a nice long time. Yeah, alot good it did them! Yes Tim, respect for our hero dwindles every week, day, hour, here in Wisconsin. And yes, that's a shame.
  13. Yes, we are sad here in Wisconsin. I've been lucky to see him play many times in both Lambeau Field and the old County Stadium, including the last game ever in Milwaukee where he dove into the right corner of the end zone against the Falcons for the winning score and sent the Packers into the playoffs. What memories. But the one that will always be the most memoralable is that Monday Night game in Oakland after his father passed away. I'm one of the few who was not a fan of the Majik Man for some reason, it was so long ago I don't even remember why, so I was glad when Favre took over. What a ride...he's been the Packer's starter since 1992! Wow. That's 3 years before my 13 year old son was born. Unbelieavable. May Brett be happy as he rides off into the sunset on his lawn mower. We'll miss ya buddy.
  14. I love this song. It's the first song that I can ever recall. My grandma loved this song and used to play it on her organ was I was a very young child. Years later I bought the 45 of the Henry Mancini Orchestra version. It still brings tears to my eyes. Beautiful song. Thanks for sharing...I hadn't heard it in years.
  15. Dang, I sucked. I never heard of most of those shows either so I was guessing and losing hundreds of points. I guess it's better to not answer at all. Very hard. I never broke a 1000 points even at 30 rounds.
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