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  1. Whew, I think we may be up to about 32 now! We may have to do this in shifts! LOL! Anyway, we'll see how things go. Everyone who shows up is welcome to come join us. One way or another this is going to be a big 'Berry bash! Otto Moser's isn't gonna know what hit 'em!
  2. Yes, once again the cobbler's children have no shoes...I just got home from my work party tonight, found out about the article and now have no time to go out and get a paper today. Checked the paper box in my building but it's empty...crap. If anyone else is here in town and can get an extra copy and bring it to Otto Moser's tomorrow night, I'll be much obliged...thanks!
  3. ATTENTION: A third table has been added! We now have room for 30! Remember, it's 5:30, ask for the Trindy reservation. Wear something with Raspberries on it if you can, it'll make you easier for everyone to identify. Be there, aloha!
  4. MAM, the Hyatt is a bit further to the west than the Wyndham is, closer to Public Square. You could walk, but you may want to cab it or (if you want to be cheap) wait across the street on Euclid Ave. for a #6 bus (Stokes) or a green trolley (those are free!) going in the direction of Playhouse Square. It will only take a few minutes. Ask the front desk.
  5. Marcus, either cab it or get a spot in Playhouse Square parking (it will cost you $12.50 the day of the show but elsewhere it'll be at least $15). I'll see if I can add another table.
  6. At least by then the concert will be over... The weather word for today was Slush. if I'd had a huge vat of raspberry syrup to pour over the landscape this morning (red raspberry, not the blue stuff, thanks), I could have made a ton of money selling Sno-Cones. It was raining too--not hard, but raining. Tonight the rain has stopped and it is clear. But it's still wet out. Let's check the Local on the 8s on the Weather Channel, shall we?... ...Let's see, currently 36 degrees under cloudy skies. Doppler clear...Air quality good. Tomorrow's forecast: snow showers early in the day, a few flurries later in the day, high 32 (chance of snow 30%). Night: high 28 or so, cloudy, no forecast for snow that I can see till Saturday. Also low wind until Saturday night or so. This is good! Weekend might not be so great, but it's not looking horrible either.
  7. Oh, June...I am so sad about everything that is hitting you now. I will miss seeing you. My heart goes out to you on the loss of your mom (I lost my own right about this time of year myself seven years ago) and it was very sudden too. It's terrible any time it happens but I have a special feeling for you because of that. Please take good care of yourself during this time when you're trying to take care of others...don't forget to do that. Hold your loved ones close and know that you have lots of people thinking of you.
  8. Who says you have to be coordinated to bowl? If you had to be coordinated to bowl, I could never go within 500 feet of an alley...
  9. Leff'tHome is right. The best thing to do is buy parking ahead of time for the Playhouse Square Garage, enter it from behind (Chester Ave., I think) and then walk through the indoor "bridge" to the theatre complex. From there you can exit to Euclid Ave. to Otto Moser's. (You should be able to turn right when leaving the complex and be right there.)
  10. Safe travels to all and keep an eye on those forecasts!
  11. OK, here's the scoop. The reservation is at 5:30, for two tables of 10 each, under the name "Trindy." If any of you get there before me, just have a seat or hang out at the bar if you prefer; I'll be there ASAP and I will wear my Raspberries Play On! button to make me easy to identify as a fellow traveler. They did advise me that their policy is to have but one check and one gratuity per table, so please be prepared to make things easy on the hard-working waitress they will no doubt give us by bringing along cash so it's easy to toss in your part of the bill. (No, I didn't ask what the gratuity was, but let's assume 15%.) If anyone needs further directions, let me know, but really, Otto Moser's is so close to the Playhouse Square theatres it might bite you, so it should not be hard to find. See you there Friday, 'Berries backers!
  12. That's a good assumption. I'm making a reservation for 20, then, so we have room for a couple more if we get them.
  13. Too bad some people here are "too cool to bowl"...oh well.
  14. So Darlene thinks she's something because she's got Eric's E string... Maybe so... ...but *I* have his G string. Ahem.
  15. That's 11 people so far...the more the merrier...
  16. One of my sisters can't go (although one of them and my cousin is). Anyone game to sit with us in Row H? Contact me.
  17. Good! I tried to get the city to repaint all the orange barrels posted around the ripped-up unusable parts of Euclid Ave. raspberry color just for the occasion, but no dice...oh well, at least we'll have the holiday lights on for you!
  18. Well, come on everybody, get down and get with it. If you're coming to the Cleveland show you've been waiting for it, and now it's here. My plan: meet at Otto Moser's, which is a nice place full of Cleveland character, has decent reasonably priced food and plenty of room, starting at 5:30 Friday night. I'm planning on working Friday and just staying downtown and coming over, and that's about as soon as I can make it. I would like to make reservations for us, so if you're interested, please either post here or send me a message. I would like to make these reservations TOMORROW NIGHT at the latest, so please chime in if you would like to join us. Otto Moser's is right on Euclid Ave., just a few doors to the west of the State Theatre (next to the Ohio Theatre). Easy to get to (walk or bus, don't drive) and a veery quick walk to the theatre afterward. So...if you want to come...speak now or forever hold your peace!! See you there!!
  19. Well, of course if you live with weather like this, what you do is invest in a pair of good snow boots with treads like Goodyear tires. That's how you avoid it. If you are just visiting and will never have use for such things outside of this trip, you step very gingerly and hold onto people wearing tire-tread boots. Oh, and don't step onto any surface assuming it's just wet, because it could be "black ice" (thin and transparent) and you could go down like a ton of bricks!
  20. Truth be told, it's probably a toss-up whether the Wyndham or Comfort is closer. One's a tad further east, the other a tad further west. Either way, you're well within walking distance.
  21. I'm posting the pre-show plans in a separate thread!
  22. Austin, the Wyndham is the closest. But you're going to pay more. So you have to decide what's more important--staying the closest you possibly can to the venue, or price. There are a few hotels within walking distance. The Comfort is one of them. Really, it's a matter of choosing which one seems the best for you.
  23. Um, Al, that would be "elusive"...it exists, it's just hard to find!
  24. No. However, I am checking out Otto Moser's for pre-show and someone else (can't recall who now) is dealing with a Saturday outing to the HOF. I also wanted to mention that if there is enough interest I could see about reserving a lane or two at the Corner Alley downtown for bowling on Saturday night. The Corner Alley is very cool and I can highly recommend it (and I don't even bowl well at all). I don't know how easy it would be to get lanes on Saturday night at this late date--they might be booked full with holiday parties and whatnot. But if there's interest, I will ask.
  25. Austin, email me about any questions you have.
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