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  1. In Cleveland, the visiting act is always considered more important than the hometown act by the media. Thank goodness the fans didn't behave accordingly.
  2. I am glad to hear Dianed and Marcus46 made it home OK. Also glad to hear that even with all their trials they feel it was worth it. What a bunch of fans this band has...you're amazing...all of you...whether I've named you or not...just great. It must feel great to be 'Berries knowing you have people like this behind you who will travel this far and go through all this to see you. Even so, it was deeply heartwarming to see that the boys didn't have to depend on that to get the tickets sold because their own hometown turned out to see them too and had a fantastic time. I only hope we can do it all again soon...maybe next time in better weather!
  3. Those who got out Saturday night had the right idea. Hoo whee, did it get crazy here today! If you watched the Browns and the Bills go at it this afternoon you have some small idea of how bad it was. I just holed up in my apartment and watched the Browns win on my TV. Although at times the image on the screen was so whited out it was difficult to tell a football game was being played!
  4. Um, you won't be hearing any difference of opinion from me!
  5. You said it. Damn, damn. He'll definitely be missed.
  6. The Statler Arms, which is now apartments but used to be a hotel, is also in that same neighborhood...the radio station WMMS used to operate there during the peak of its life cycle when I was a teenager...a lot of fond memories in that area.
  7. HT, just wanted to add, great talking to you at the Rock Hall and grad you made it back safely!
  8. OK. I'm backing...sloooowly...away...from you.
  9. GMan, don't talk too much about the "Sunday Sauce"and meatballs...you're getting me hungry! And Danny, it was really nice to get a chance to meet you and there just isn't enough we can say about this bunch of people, is there? You're great!
  10. Yep. I did. I had to laugh, because I heard our waitress was surprised that in our whole huge group, not one person ordered them!
  11. Billy, you should come out in summer sometime. You'll get to see the city at its best. You should write RTA (the transit authority) and tell them how much you love the Rapid trains. It's like I said to some people, I think it's great to be able to take the Rapid to and from the airport, because I never have to worry about how to get there and back. No parking, no getting other people to drive you...if you live here, unless you have 500 suitcases or it's extremely inconvenient for you to get to a Rapid station from where you are, there's no reason to get there and back any other way. When I think of what it's like in Detroit...their airport is out in the middle of nowhere and it takes forever and costs a fortune to get downtown...I'll take Cleveland any day. Philadelphia's another city where it's easy to get to downtown from the airport on a train, which is very nice. I think the RTA drivers could stand to be a bit friendlier sometimes, and some of them drive the buses like maniacs, and I sometimes get irritated because it seems like they put the most broken-down buses in the fleet on the route I take back and forth to work from where I live. But they're really not too bad and the Rapid is cool and connects you to a lot of things. Our theater complex is wonderful...a bunch of old movie palaces that have been undergoing renovation to give people an excuse to come back downtown, for a concert or a musical. The Rock Hall has a strange flow pattern, but that's in part a consequence of the architecture, I think. Today I finally feel as if I have seen the whole thing on a trip, including the current exhibits that were not there last time I went. The movie on the making of "Help!" was especially good. A lot of Berries fans wish there were more Raspberry relics in the "Hang On Sloopy" exhibit of Ohio musicians, and I do too, but I was pleased to see that if Wally's Flying V is no longer in the case, it's been replaced by another Raspberry guitar, this time one of Eric's from the Ringo tour. I tell everyone: Cleveland's not perfect, but no place is. It has its problems, its wasted potential, and could be a lot more than it has yet become. And there's nothing we can do about the weather. But at the same time there's a lot to be said for it. If it ever becomes all it's capable of being, that'll be something. In the meantime, I wonder if any of the local boosters has any idea how much the Raspberries boost tourism every time they play here?
  12. Oh. No. They. Di'n't. Oh. Yeah. They. Did. I don't know, I think this qualifies as "Worst Ever." But then again, there's always "Headless Body in Topless Bar."
  13. I believe the Post was the fine publication that came up with the all-time classic headline "HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR."
  14. I have to say, looking back in on this thread, it's pretty damn funny. We should just call this the "Horndog Thread" and be done with it, LOL. Nice to see so many of you have an appreciation for brunettes as well as the more obvious choices. Me, I think Barbara Eden made a pact with the devil that she would never grow old...Either that or whoever does "work" on her is seriously good, because she looks incredible to this day. Now, guys, answer the real burning question of our time...Jennifer or Bailey?
  15. I've said here in the past that I had both IWBWY and "Born to Run" on my iPod Shuffle, and of course because it was a Shuffle, I could never tell which one was coming up next, and in the nanosecond when I heard that drum riff, I never knew which of those two songs it would be until the other instruments kicked in. Just like I think the opening synth-drum riffs from Eurhythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" and Corey Hart's "Sunglasses At Night" are just similar enough that I can't tell which of them I'm about to hear on the radio until the vocal starts! Yeah, it definitely dates back to "The Loco-Motion," if not earlier...and it's a great way to start a song, because it gets your attention from second one...I think Eric recognized that and so did Bruce. It functions as one gigantic "Heads up! Listen to THIS!" for your song...breaks right through the radio clutter...gets all ears on what you have to say!
  16. It sure sounded great to me! Looked like the ear monitors were working out just fine! I was worried too, because I knew that the boys must really want to have a "winner" of a show here after the technical miseries of the West Coast and the anemic attendance at the shows. It was so heartening to see that everything had come back together...and even more heartening to see that so many people here had decided to come out and hear it! Eric, I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about that! Was it not nice to get that kind of reception? Wow!
  17. Ira said it. Put it this way folks...the last time I was in a crowd this electric in Cleveland, it was Game 1 of the American League Division Series and the Indians were spankin' the Yankees at the Jake! Maybe the band should issue special raspberry-colored towels for us to wave...that say "It's Berries Time Now!"
  18. You're welcome...really, all I did was pick up the phone! Moser's took care of the rest. Some time I'm going to have to go back in and thank them for being so patient with the invasion of "Raspberries Nation" as we did our thing. They handled everything really well, served very nice food, and we all made it to the show in plenty of time. I'd love to have the opportunity to give them our business again!
  19. I imagine we will hear from more precincts as people make it home...a lot have been trying to get out early because of the big storm predicted for tonight...I wonder how much luck some of them had, because things could be delayed here already...I saw a few folks like Bessieboo and Marcus with his family at the Rock Hall today and everyone seemed eager to hit the road/air ASAP, and I can't blame them because by the time I left at 5, the stuff was coming down thick, wet 'n' heavy. I'm still basking in the afterglow though...it was just so amazing an experience. I really did not see any major crises this time around...I knew Wally had to get some quick adjustments made during "Tonight" but that was pretty much it, it didn't really affect things overall and I didn't get the impression he was upset tremendously. He and Eric seemed to have pretty good rapport onstage and really be enjoying playing together. Word to both of them: Guys...this is what we love to see. And hear. Please remember: you are the Wonder Twins, and when you get together and activate your powers, magic happens. Yes, Jim's drum sound was HUGE and fantastic. Dave, as usual, looked as if he had drunk deeply of the Fountain of Youth before showing up and played like it, too. The Dubs were great and Jennifer's running up to the front of the stage to sing her parts of "I Don't Know What I Want" at Eric was probably the highlight of my cousin David's night ("You're going to go to sleep thinking about her legs, aren't you?" I asked). And the crowd...ohh, the crowd! If anything, TOO rowdy. I don't know how prepared Eric was for all the screams and hollers during the piano solo in ABM. Every song got a huge standing O, and for the encores you had to stand just to see anything because just about everyone was. If you've ever seen that movie "I Wanna Hold Your Hand' about the kids trying to get into the Ed Sullivan Show to see the Beatles, you know that part at the end where they're playing "She Loves You" and the audience is going nuts and Eddie Deezen's character just loses it and leaps off the balcony onto a chandelier and swings on it like a monkey on a vine while grinning with glee? I almost expected something like that to happen last night. I know...if one keeps saying "This one was the best concert ever" enough times, sooner or later people stop believing you, but damn...if this wasn't the best Raspberries concert ever (and I'm not saying it wasn't, I'm just leaving it open to argument), it has to go down in the annals as one of the greats. Of course, for me THE ideal Raspberries concert would probably include everything I've ever heard them play in concert before, including ALL the covers they ever did, "When You Were With Me," half of Eric's catalog AND "a few new songs we've been working on." It would be at least three hours long, and after it was over, they would be exhausted and I'd be dead from overexcitement...but at least you'd be able to bury me with a smile on my face! Here's hoping that everyone who wasn't there last night gets an opportunity to "get down and get with it" soon...I know Cleveland isn't exactly a hotbed of venue impresarios looking for an act to book, but for all of you not from this area who could not make it to this show, I can only hope that somehow someone gets wind of how well this one went over here and gets a notion into their heads: "Hmm, wonder how that would play in (Your City Here)? Maybe my people should talk to their people..."
  20. I didn't notice it either...and I don't think they had serious sound issues...then again I'm not a purist on this stuff...maybe every once in a while someone got a little buried but not enough to bother me, and certainly it wasn't like the Nautica show where you could tell it was Amateur Night on the board...it was just fantastic.
  21. We wished you could have been there too! I am so glad so many people could come!
  22. Oh, and one more thing...when I saw them in New York the first night, I noticed they played a foreshortened version of "I'm a Rocker," in which they didn't pass solos around during the bridge. Tonight they went back to the extended version with the guitars taking turns soloing (and Billy's harmonica too, of course). Sounded fantastic.
  23. I can concur...whoo boy, what a wonderful show! I have one thing to say and I told Bernie this and quite a few other people: I never want to hear these guys say again that Cleveland doesn't appreciate them! I was proud of my city tonight. They turned out in droves for this one. More so than I even thought they would. Set list: Tonight Play On It's Cold Outside I Wanna Be With You Let's Pretend Ticket To Ride Nobody Knows If You Change Your Mind That's Rock 'N' Roll All By Myself Intermission (requested by Playhouse Square, as Eric said) Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) Party's Over I Can Remember Last Dance I'm A Rocker Should I Wait I Don't Know What I Want Ecstacy Encore Substitute Go All The Way The venue was perfect (isn't the whole Playhouse Square complex something?), the seats were packed, and people were springing up out of their seats after every song...standing Os all night...those in the cheap seats were clapping their hands and the rest were rattling their jewelry...it was fantastic. No sound problems, no equipment problems. The boys were all in fine form--Wally's guitars doing their banshee wail and hypnotic chime, Jim pounding holes through the floor, Dave just being the amazing Dave, the Overdubs once again giving a stellar performance, and Eric was on a great magical wavelength (you should've heard his lion's roar: "I want it NOOOOOOOOOW!..."). He did have another senior moment with the lyrics to "If You Change Your Mind" but just sang the third and fourth lines of the first verse where he would ordinarily put the ones from the second verse he sang the first time out...nice save! He also came close to knocking over his mic stand during "I'm a Rocker" but all went well. And I never heard a crowd go as nuts over "All By Myself" as this one. And I'm here to tell you: "That's Rock 'n' Roll," when performed by these guys, is just too cool. Could this be the mystery "third song"? I don't know. All I know is, I had no idea when I posted the information about the pre-show get-together that when for some reason I decided to start out by saying "Well come on, everybody, get down and get with it," I was channeling something... Speaking of Otto Moser's, I don't think they know what hit 'em. We'll have to see if they ever let us in again...LOL. The group there was incredible...we must have had what, 45 people, maybe 50. Unbelievable. The one of my sisters who was able to attend, and my cousin, even joined us, and Marcus, thanks again, and you know for what! Diane, thanks for the buttons! Everyone else, thanks for your company, and I'll see some of you at the Rock Hall tomorrow at 11! Right now, I gotta rest...zzzzzzzz...
  24. I told you guys, when I opened up my Raspberries TONIGHT! special package and saw the string I got with it, I said "That's it. I'm telling everyone from now on...I'm the keeper of Eric's G string!"
  25. I also want to say those who cannot be there will be with us in spirit! For sure!
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