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  1. I'm glad to hear that it appears Eric's definition of "closure" is definitely more along the line of "We've achieved our original goals, and who knows where we go from here" than saying "This is the end of the line." I think what we all have to remember here is that OUR ambitions for the band may not always mesh with the BAND's ambitions for themselves. Especially those of us whose definition of "success" means "selling out huge arenas across the country." I, for one, find Eric's desire to stay away from any possible heavy slate of road dates admirable in the extreme. He has young children and it looks as if he's made every attempt to be there for them during this point in their lives. It's great to see a father make his children a priority this way and I only wish more fathers did it as a matter of course ratherr than doing whatever it takes to move ahead in their own careers while leaving Mom to make all the work sacrifices and tend the home fires. I can't help but see the mere fact that the Raspberries reunited once as one of the best moments and nights of my life, and anything else they do from here on in to allow me to see and hear them more as gravy. And that's coming from the one who complains about how slow Live on Sunset Strip was to come out... The beauty of all of this is that the boys have been able to be successful under their own terms. Apparently, they don't have to be renowned by the world if they're happy being renowned by us. All I can say to that is: Good! As long as you are here, we will be here too!
  2. Only hoping we can all do it again soon, FS!
  3. Didn't he, though? Didn't they all? What fond memories I have of that show. A whirlwind trip, but oh, how worth it!
  4. I think "closure," in this sense, means that they achieved their original goals, and ANYTHING else that happens is icing on the cake! Am I right? And Eric--my nieces were at Hannah Montana with you guys and with their mom--it was their Christmas present from me! They had a great time, and even their mom enjoyed it! She didn't mention seeing you anywhere, though--too bad!
  5. There was also a 1996 movie called "The Pompatus of Love," starring Jon Cryer. I guess the plot consists of a bunch of guys trying to figure out what "pompatus of love" means and analyzing their relationships! Wolfman Jack also makes reference to it in the Guess Who song "Clap for the Wolfman": "Everybody's talkin' 'bout the Wolfman's Pompatus of Love!" In that song, it always struck me as being kind of a synonym for "mojo": it was like a kind of magic the Wolfman had that made him a "chick magnet" to the point where if a guy went driving or parking with his girlfriend with the Wolfman on the car radio, she wouldn't pay any attention to her boyfriend--she'd be too busy grooving to the Wolfman!
  6. Yeah, I miss Larry. I'll never forget what a great time I had sharing a table with him at the Chicago show while we sang every damn song they played, experiencing that unique wonderful feeling of being in a whole roomful of other people who are singing a Raspberries song along with you because they, too, KNOW EVERY WORD.
  7. I didn't know where else to put this but this seemed too on-topic to just bury in "Everything," so... Today's Plain Dealer provides pictures and blurbs on Cleveland's "Most Stylish Women: Confidence, poise and taste makes these looks seem effortless." Number 2 on the list: "Susan Carmen of Gates Mills at 'Big Shots and Little Stars,' a benefit for Flashes of Hope in October." (Flashes of Hope is a nonprofit that makes beautiful black-and-white portraits of children fighting life-threatening illnesses. The idea is not to show a sick child but to portray the child's grace, dignity and beauty. Prints and CDs of these portraits of the children with their most important supporters--families, nurses, etc.--are supplied free to the children's families. The organization got its start here in Cleveland. You can read more about them at http://www.flashesofhope.org/ .) The article is online here, but sadly with no pictures, which you'd think sort of defeats the purpose. (I can testify that she's looking very fine.) http://www.cleveland.com/living/plaindealer/index.ssf?/base/living-0/1198920931280260.xml&coll=2 Oh well! Congratulations, Susie!
  8. Same to you and all your loved ones, Eric. And to Wally, Jim, Dave and everyone else who has anything to do with this incredible band we call Raspberries. You just keep surpassing our fantasies every time you get out there and play. Here's to a great 2008 with even more wonderful things in store.
  9. Hey, that's nothing compared to what Wally calls "I Can Remember."
  10. Hang in there, Brook...I too was among those once too young to go to a Raspberries concert. I fell in love with this band when I was about 10-11 years old. I was too young to be allowed to go to concerts then. They broke up not long after I turned 13. I did not get to attend my first Raspberries concert until I was 43 years old. Now I've been to eight of them! Be persistent...you will get there!
  11. Duane, we DO understand and there is nothing to apologize for, for sure. I hope everything comes out the absolute best for you and your wife. You are what devotion is about...sometimes one form of devotion has to take precedence over another, and you chose the right one this time. I hope someday you both do indeed get to the concert you dream of.
  12. Sure would...but I doubt it will ever happen. For reasons I actually discussed with some people at the Rock Hall a week ago. The whole issue of, will The Powers That Be ever think of them as having been influential enough to deserve it? And, even if they did, how would they justify honoring the 'Berries and not hundreds of other bands who, like them, didn't have a huge string of mega-hits but had a distinct influence on some very major artists who came after them? Trouble is, whether or not you personally like a Rolling Stones or a Madonna or what have you, or think that Madonna is "rock" or whatever, there is no denying that when it comes to being popular and having sold lots of records, these acts are on another plane. Whereas, there are scads and scads of rock bands you can probably name who had a few big hits and were never heard much from again, but inspired many other better known acts to follow their lead. Just to pose one example: If you let Raspberries in, do you let Big Star in, too? Or do you make a case for one and not the other? And if you make a case for both, then where do you stop? I think those decisions are hard to make. And they can change. Look at it this way--they let in the DC5 and I'm sure there are some people who don't get that, who think the DC5 were just another British Invasion band swept to stardom on the Beatles wave--not important in their own right. But apparently that's not how the Rock Hall voters see it...at least not anymore. Sadly, the Raspberries, even among some of their biggest rock-critic champions, have the reputation of being great chameleons, of being gifted at reproducing and mashing up the sounds of their influences but of not having created anything truly original or lasting of their own. Now, of course I disagree entirely with this view, in part because I think part of being original is figuring out how to combine your influences and bend and twist them and mix them up and come up with something new and unique and special. Example: "Nobody Knows." Yeah, sure, it's like Eric and Dave tossed a few Lesley Gore lyric sheets into a blender with the music from "No Reply" and hit "frappe." And maybe Eric even dropped in some Bacharach/David through that center hole while it was mixing (why else the prominence of the lyric "walk on by"?). But when you listen to it, doesn't it still sound (pardon the pun) fresh and original, for all that? Like something nobody ever came up with before? Like, who else even THOUGHT you could mix these two things together, or tried? This is originality, people! Have you heard any other song that sounds like "Ecstasy"? I haven't. And don't they deserve a medal just for "Overnight Sensation"? It's just that I'm not so sure the Rock Hall voters will ever think the way I do, is all. Then again, I'd dearly love to be wrong.
  13. Screaming at what?? "Thank you for services rendered"? I guess sometimes we should be glad Eric changes his mind. Speaking as a woman...just for myself...eww!
  14. And another thing: coming to Otto Moser's beforehand gave my sister and cousin the first real feeling of being part of a whole "brotherhood" of people who love this band. They had always felt kind of isolated and alone in their fandom...I told them they weren't, but they'd never seen or been part of a fan group like this before...and being surrounded at the restaurant by all those people from out of town who had come just to see their Raspberries blew them away. My cousin kept saying "I can't believe you came all the way from Texas...I can't believe you came from Ottawa...that's incredible." (I said "Too bad the people from England, New Zealand, Japan, etc., aren't here this time.) It's a precious ability to touch and move people, and the way I see it, it should be preserved and extended for as long as possible!
  15. Billy, I think you can probably tell that Cleveland is a bit more relaxed...we're not Southerners but we're not New Yorkers either...something in between. And the fascination with Euclid is kind of widespread...there's a Euclid Ave. in LA too...and lots of things named after Euclid in upstate NY, because there a lot of places have Greek and Roman classical names. Eric, I'm flattered...but I didn't have any children right around me unless you mean the next section over. Were yours the ones in the middle section with the glow sticks? I didn't see Susan anywhere so I wasn't sure, although they did seem to be the only ones THAT young there! Louann, glad you had some time to visit some things while you were here. The mall you went into sounds like the Galleria at Erieview, which was once "the" place to be in the '80s or so but has been kind of drying up and dying since then, more's the pity. Glad you got to Soldiers & Sailors Monument. I hadn't realized you could go inside it until once during a lunch break one summer I had taken my lunch out on the Square and noticed the monument was open to visitors. So I went in and saw how nice it is in there, and reflected a bit on the sacrifices of all those people. Sometimes this town surprises even me. When I got out of work Friday I took a #6 bus down to Otto Moser's, and one of my fellow passengers noticed the Raspberries button and asked me if I was going to the show. Had to be in his 50s or 60s. I told him yes, and I'm going to meet a bunch of people from out of town for dinner right now. He said if he didn't have another commitment he'd have loved to go. (If he'd been free, I'd have given him my extra ticket right there.) Yeah, this town is just feeling bathed in Raspberry-love right now. And that's even without me getting on all the local TV stations and berating anyone about how I've been to New York and seen the kind of reception they get there and how we have to step it up because we don't give 'em enough hometown love! I don't know what happened, whether having Sunset Strip out helped or what, but this show sold like hotcakes and you would've thought there were tacks on the seats from all the time we spent jumping out of 'em at the end of every number. It was great to be a part of that night.
  16. Billy, are you gonna tell me you didn't recognize me...when you came up to me during the intermission and everything? LOL!
  17. JohnO: Yeah, but wasn't part of the reason for the crowd's "electricity" the fact that those locusts or bugs of some sort that plague the stadium were eating some of the fans (and players, if I recall)??? Actually, THAT was Game 2. In Game 1, we had Chien-Ming Wang on the mound and he was easy to scare. (Eventually I think they put every Yankee on the mound, including the trainer guy who injects them with the...uh, er, forget I said that.) But you must remember that in Game 2 they eventually stuck Joba Chamberlain in there and all we had heard about from the Yankees was what a juggernaut he was, we wouldn't stand up to him, he would mow the Tribe right down...so we had to bring out the heavier ammunition, heh heh. But seriously. I was home watching that one on TV, and marveling at how the bugs just coated the Yankees and they went completely bonkers while the Indians just shrugged and dealt with it. Later on, it turned out the Indians knew that that particular kind of gnat is actually attracted to bug repellent, and the more you spray on, the more you will attract! What a crazy game. Those games were just being rerun on our local Ohio Fox sports channel...they had a special holiday "Spank the Yankees Week"...it was fun because I got to watch the game I had attended on TV. Got just as excited as the first time...and that was KNOWING how the game was going to end (well) and how the season was going to end (sob)... I guess I'm just a sucker.
  18. I like the gulls. Why? Because they are REAL. Trust me. My balcony and air conditioner are constantly spattered with their poop. When Eric lived here, his must have been too. Now, when I listen to "On the Beach," I know that a balcony view of the lake much like my own must have inspired many of his Coca-Cola-fueled songwriting binges back in 1973. And believe me, this view has seagulls. Lots of 'em. Consider yourselves lucky that Eric never tried writing a variation of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." It's got a lot of them, too. (For some reason, contrary to usual spider habits, they keep trying to get indoors in the summer, rather than the winter.) Actually, "Itsy Bitsy" would not do, as GARGANTUAN would be more the word. Why so many? Same reason the seagulls are here: by a large body of water, the eatin's very good. They will never starve for lack of bugs. Which is why, although spiders pretty much take over my balcony every summer, I never have a problem keeping free of gnats or mosquitoes!
  19. Hannah Montana is coming Jan. 3 and she WILL draw more than the Raspberries...trust me. Then again, you also don't have to pay $3,000 for a front-row ticket to the Raspberries! I take all this in stride. The article before the show was probably the most we could have hoped for. The tendency is to cover the visiting act over the local one, every time...Soeder did the best he could...and he's a fan. Too bad the Plain Dealer has to act like a one-horse newspaper with only one music reviewer.
  20. Well, I didn't arrange the induction ceremony part. Ha ha, little joke. But seriously folks...thanks. This is certainly interesting news. I wonder where they're planning to put all those people. As I said Saturday, the story we've been hearing is that the induction ceremonies couldn't possibly be held in Cleveland again because it lacks the hotel space to put up all the out-of-town guests who would attend. Well, looks as if the mayor has been doing some kind of thing behind the scenes because all of a sudden the tune has changed. I don't expect we'll be getting a ton of new hotels within a year's time, so I can only assume that something else is going on here that we have not been told about. I'm glad attendance is up. It doesn't hurt giving the locals a $5 discount on admission, that I can tell you!
  21. "Nether Lands" is my personal favorite...I'll never be able to play it without being able to think of specific times in my high school and college life. Had a way with words, the man did... The last thing I'd heard was that he was doing better, so to hear this is just sad, sad... I hope you guys are paying attention to what he said about getting yourselves tested. It could make a difference for you.
  22. Same here. Supposedly he caught his early. I hope it makes a difference.
  23. Eric, you may not know it but by posting this, you just made my Christmas... Let me tell you something my cousin told me that I told a few other people over the weekend. My cousin is the only person I personally know who ever attended a Beatles concert. He went to the Cleveland Stadium show in '66 and was part of the crowd that went nuts and rushed the stage. I talked to him about it at dinner Friday, and said it must be cool to know that to his dying day he'll be able to say he saw the Beatles in concert. Here's what he said to me, and I know he was not putting me on: "If it were possible for John and George to come back from the dead, and the Beatles got back together and planned a reunion concert, and the reunion concert was scheduled on the same night as a Raspberries concert, and I could go to either one or the other...I'd go to the Raspberries concert." That is what you have wrought. You wanted to be the Beatles? Crazy ambition, right? Well, to some people, you guys are better. You and Wally have something together that transcends anything either of you could accomplish alone. It's special and it's magic and I'm sure it can be hard to create sometimes because you're both different people, but jeez, when you get together and remember why it is that you formed this damn band in the first place...which I believe is because you both wanted to be able to write, sing and play the kind of music you loved...then all the other stuff has to take a back seat to that! And there could be no better bedrock for it all than the solid bass playing of Dave and drumming of Jim. And Dave brings his own special element to the songs that it wouldn't have without him, either. In short: YOU GUYS ARE MAGIC TOGETHER. And anything you can do to help keep the magic going like you are now, to the point where people will keep having experiences like this, is all to the good. Happy New Year indeed! The happier you guys are, the happier we all will be!
  24. From what I've heard, the scene at the Wyndham must've been like after some of the pro skating competititons I've attended...everyone would wait in the lobby of the skaters' hotel for the skaters to trickle back in at the end of the night...and the revelry and conversation and picture-posing and autographing would go on until the wee small hours... I didn't get into all that this time because I had a ride home to catch with my cousin and sister, but I'm glad so many people did, especially the ones who have never been to a meet and greet! I am also pleased to see that the younger generation is taking up the Raspberries banner so eagerly...gives me hope for the future! We have a lot of bright and wonderful kids in this bunch and they are becoming 'Berries fans while still young...what could be better? (Now I just gotta recruit the nieces...you know, the ones with the Klawon blood? LOL!)
  25. Why is it listed as a "reissue"? And I would have liked this review better if it didn't use the deadly word..."cult"...
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