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  1. This is just such a great story it has to be told. Seems that not long ago, the Crayola folks decided to issue a special limited-edition box of 50 Crayola crayons...one representing each of the 50 U.S. states. They had a contest and asked kids to send in suggestions for the color their state's crayon should be. Well, the winners were announced not long ago and a 9-year-old girl from Northeast Ohio won for her name for Ohio's official crayon color. As a result, each box of the limited edition "state crayons" will contain one in her chosen color. What does all this have to do with us? Well...the color created by this clever-beyond-her-years girl, the official Crayola crayon color of the State of Ohio, is...(drum roll please... ROCK AND ROLL RASPBERRY Now tell me that wasn't the best color idea in the whole box!!!!
  2. The thing you travelers had all better hope for is that the fog dissipates some by Friday! For the past few days it's been so foggy in town that you can't see the tops of the skyscrapers downtown...when I look out the window of my apartment (22 floors up), all I can see is fog!...That's not great for flying! The good news is that there's still time...in a few days things could be completely different...also, at this time of year, it's entirely possible for a terrible blizzard to come along and sock everything in, but so far the weather has been anything but cold! We have yet to have our first snowfall in Cleveland, which is rare for getting into late November...and with the forecast being such as it is, the likelihood of a storm coming along is slim to none. So safe traveling, all, and see you at the show!
  3. I too believe the boys will probably have their hands full just sifting through their own material deciding what to play without adding any covers to the set list...that is unless the crowd won't let them go (imagine us not being able to let them go, can you believe?!?) and they run out of encores that they remember how to play, and maybe some of their old covers come more easily to mind (namely "Be My Baby," "Loco-Motion," "All Right Now," "Roll Over Beethoven," etc.). Then we might hear one or two. Maybe even a Beatles song...But I can say that I will go home happy just to hear RASPBERRIES songs again...played by the guys who made them! And if they throw "Overnight Sensation" or "Starting Over" into the mix despite them not being "this configuration"'s tunes, so much the better!
  4. Oh, and yes, I will post a summary if Bernie doesn't. I'll take careful note for one and all! I just gotta make sure I tape this! No accidents must happen! (she says, with her TV tuned to the Drew Carey show, having just danced around to "Cleveland Rocks" and thought "Yeah, sure does!")
  5. Agggh! Thanks for the tipoff Bernie! Would you believe it, I have to go into my OFFICE tomorrow (don't ask), and I have to be there at 10 AM!!!! So this is definitely going to be a VCR appointment for me...I have had some problems with this new cable system I got since moving back here in getting it to record off the channels properly, so I guess I'm going to have to test it tonight to make sure it works!!!!
  6. I have to say that as a native of Northeast Ohio who has returned home after about 20 years, I'm getting terribly excited just hearing about all of YOU getting so excited about coming! (And do I feel lucky about the New Year's Eve show or what????) I feel I can comfortably predict that you are all going to love your visit to Cleveland (although a certain four guys might have more to do with that than anything else!). The city is going to be all decorated for the holidays (this work is already well in progress), and the "official lighting" will be Saturday night for those of you who will still be around that night. My younger sister and I are planning on coming downtown Saturday in time for that, as it just so happens that I won tickets for a Cavs game that night (yep, it's the Razz on Friday and LeBron James on Saturday!). Just last week the sidewalk in front of the HOB was all ripped out. I guess they fixed that up pretty quickly. This Friday's Plain Dealer devoted several pages to a description and photos. It just whetted my appetite all the more for the show...for several weeks now I've been coming out of work (I work in a building that's part of the Tower City complex), seeing that lit-up sign and thinking "soon, soon..."! If there's anything more unbelievable than the fact that these guys are getting back together and I'm lucky enough to be alive and living in Cleveland at the time, it can only be that they're doing it AGAIN in such a short period of time...I don't imagine as many of you will make that show, but for those who can make it to this one, we will have the pleasure of sharing the Moment When They Started Over! I look forward to meeting many of you there...I guess I'll just have to be un-shy and go up to anyone with a Raspberry ribbon and introduce myself. And to all those who can't be there, here's hoping that this is just the beginning and that the boys pay a visit to YOUR neck of the woods really soon. Hey, now that there's a second show, it's beginning to look all the more possible, eh, guys?
  7. This is so exciting... Look, I'm kind of new here so I need to introduce myself. Raspbernie will know me as the person who just ordered "Marathon Man" off of him through Amazon.com (nice job, BTW) and Ken Sharp, for that matter, may remember me too from back when he published "Overnight Sensation." Anyway, I'm an old, old fan (well, maybe not that old...it just seems that way sometimes) from way back. Been following the 'Berries since my older sisters turned me on to them at age 11...yes, even then I had taste. And even better, I was growing up in Lake County (right next door to Cleveland and home to Mentor, Eastlake, etc.) so these guys were my true local heroes. They truly proved that you could be from Cleveland and make something of yourself, and I will never forget it. But alas and alack, I wasn't old enough to see them in concert before they broke up (waah!). I did see Eric at the '77 Music Hall show (and remember him dropping the guitar on his foot!) and actually met him twice (long stories there...). Also, I became a contributor to the Carmen Connection newsletter back in the late '70s/early '80s and that really inspired me to pursue a writing career. It's been a bumpy ride, but I think things worked out for the best for me...after nearly 20 years in upstate NY I moved back to Cleveland this year, and lo and behold, what happens after I do but...the RASPBERRIES GET BACK TOGETHER!!!! Are some things meant to be or what???? To make a long story short, my older sisters and I now have three GA tickets for an event we thought we might never live to see. And although I haven't been involved with this board before (a long story having to do with needing to buy a new computer soon to replace my ancient one that can't handle this kind of stuff), I have been reading your comments and I would love to meet some of you cool people who are coming from everywhere just to see this show. I can't promise it would be for dinner before the show (I have no idea what my sisters will want to do) but the rest of my Friday is free (I'm off work...breakfast anyone??) and I would love to hit the Rock Hall on Saturday with you guys. Anyway, this was just a quick way to say hi and to say please, please let us GA folks know about that extra M&G...we're drooling already!
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