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  1. I would agree with Argee, they were promoted well in Cleveland. And they did ONE key thing in the ads that I am very glad they're doing in the Chicago ones as well...they named ALL the band members. This is key, because it's one thing to say "The Raspberries" and it's another to say "Hey, this is THE Raspberries, all four of the ORIGINAL RECORDING BANDMEMBERS, not just a revival tour with one of them and three guys born in 1976, or the band that released the 2000 CD that had a bunch of good guys on it but no Eric Carmen...this is THE GUYS. No lie." That is what persuaded me to buy my November tickets, and that is what will sell this one. To people who care, anyway.
  2. This is a shout-out to Marvin...do you still have that ticket, because if you do I have a feeling I am going to Chicago...because damn it they won't do anything again until summer and damn it how long will all this last and damn it it's still the Midwest and damn it it's a Saturday and damn it I don't have to take off work and damn it I will probably have the money and damn it everyone else will be there and damn it, it's the damn RASPBERRIES... All I can say is, Bernie is as good at selling the Raspberries as he ever was at selling frigging milk!!!!
  3. Count me in as amongst those suffering from post-concert hangover. It was such a wonderful experience it was difficult to get back to "normal" life...
  4. Just wanted to let everyone know (including Beachberry) that I did manage to get a ticket on my own again, but it was GA--by the time I got through, the balcony was sold out. I can tell you all that I am really annoyed with how TicketBastard...I mean TicketMaster has sold these things. Or is it HOB? Who do I blame? I do know I am annoyed with HOB because I signed up for their membership specifically so I would KNOW if they had presale, and then they go ahead and do a presale on Fri. WITHOUT TELLING ME. Besides which, how am I supposed to buy a ticket on Friday morning anyway? I'm at WORK. Sheesh. So instead, I call on Saturday. Started dialing in a minute before time and just kept hitting redial. Only took a minute or so to get an open line, but 14 minutes after that to get a live person on the line (I got nothing but automation the first time, but it was much faster). I did not have the option of going online Saturday because of my ancient home computer not being able to handle that kind of action, so all I could do was the phone. I suspect people online did better. The whole thing makes no sense to me. Oh well...I guess it's another go in the mosh pit...which was actually fun the first time around...but boy, I'm going to have to go back to the chiropractor, because standing for that long was a killer on my back!
  5. OK, everybody, here's my plan (Marvin, glad you like it!)... This is something some of us figure-skating fans used to do before going to the Stars on Ice show in Lake Placid when we wanted to see the debut of the tour. Lake Placid is a very small town and although it has good restaurants, the wait to get into one on the night of the SOI show was always a killer, because it was one of the "big events" when it came to LP...people would come in from Montreal to see it...so the idea of going to a restaurant that night and waiting to be seated and hoping to get out in time for the show lost its appeal. Here's what we did: bought the makings of a really good meal at a supermarket (cold cuts, buns, premade salads, chips, drinks, whatever), brought it back to the hotel room and had a feast! Anyone who wanted to come was invited. There was always lots of food, talk and fun--and no worries about when we'd get in or out! I was thinking this might be the perfect solution for the NYE show...rather than try to find a restaurant in downtown Cleveland that's not charging an arm and a leg for a New Year's "package" that we don't even need, and rather than try to get a reservation at the already piled-on HOB restaurant...if someone will volunteer the use of their hotel room, we can all just eat, drink and be merry there! I can do the shopping ahead of time (although I will need to have someone with a car pick me up with the goods). We can figure out what seems like a fair monetary contribution to the bill and you can reimburse me when you get here. Also, if someone wants to bring beverages of an alcoholic kind, well, you're welcome to do that too, and it will probably be much cheaper than buying them at a restaurant. (As a matter of fact, I clipped a recipe this past summer from the Plain Dealer for some kind of raspberry drink. I recall the first line of the article was "Nab fresh local raspberries while they're in season." I've been taking that advice to heart!) Best of all, we can start eating whenever we want, and leave for the show whenever we want, rather than waiting in line to be seated or, afterward, waiting for an overworked waitperson to get us our check. Anyway, if everyone else who's coming in or coming "to" from here in town is game for this, all we have to do is a) have an out-of-towner volunteer a hotel room as host figure out how much each person should contribute and how many will attend so I know how much to buy (and if anyone has any preferences when I do). I'd volunteer my apartment, but seeing that it's not very big and it's way out in Euclid, it just makes more sense to me that we do it in someone's hotel room. That way we'll be right near the HOB when the hour draws near (10?). Sound good? Let's hear it!
  6. Beachberry, I will buy one of your tix. Contact me privately! Thanks!
  7. Pickwick & Frolic (where my sisters and I ate before last week's show) is having their own dinner/comedy show package (in various combinations at various price levels) for NYE. Afraid that's a no-go...all of their packages are at LEAST as expensive as going to HOB and none is a "dinner only" package. The other option I can think of is to just go to a restaurant--if not there around the Gateway area (near Gund Arena/Jacobs Field)...there are many to choose from...but there's no guarantee that the bigger ones aren't doing "package deals" too, and those may be just as pricey. Those in doubt may just want to suck it up and make reservations at HOB...
  8. I just want to say to all of you...I only wish I could have allowed you to "be John Malkovich" with me Friday! Maybe someday I will be envying you...here's a big hug for all of you. I read your comments posted during the concert out of frustration and laughed my head off because they were so hilarious (Michelle's toilet, the "C MEN" comment, etc.)! Took me right back to my sisters' bedroom in '73 when *I* was the one who could not go!
  9. Oh my god, I just made the Killer of All Typos in my post above...the one I hate to make...of course I meant PUBLIC SQUARE!!!! (forgive me please, I'm not worthy!!)
  10. Those of you who remember the big Christmas tree in Pubic Square may be interested in visiting cleveland.com today to learn of its terrible fate! :-) The high winds yesterday were just too much for it! Now Cleveland doesn't have a Christmas tree, it just has a Yule Log! LOL! Anyway, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say there are good and bad things about Cleveland (one of them being the panhandlers, but they were not so bad this summer as they are right now...it's like running a gantlet every time you hit the Square...personally I think they're trying to take advantage of people's holiday spirit right now), but it is still home for me and it was realizing that this past year that made me decide to move back. I will put its "beauty" up against some truly ugly cities I have been in any day, and say that what it lacks in aesthetics sometimes it makes up for in other ways...such as that culturally it is not the back of the beyond like some places I have known. There are many fine things about it despite all the flaws (yeah, we really do need to do something about being the "poorest" major city in the US). And as you all know, it has one particularly fine thing of which it will always be able to boast...long may they wave!
  11. Shout-out to Marvin-- I'd love to be part of your reminiscings collection, but I'd like to add even more to it privately. Ask Bernie for my email address (Bernie, I'll give it to you by emailing you) and I will tell you about what I want to add. And thanks to everyone who enjoyed my reflections...I'm glad you did!
  12. The wait in line at the front doors was scary. I would've loved to actually hear a fiddle on "Last Dance." Otherwise, my only complaint is that...it ended.
  13. Sorry, BTW, no prices indicatd...
  14. That review is from the Free Times, an alternative paper, not the PD...but anyway Darlene, I'm not surprised the PD called your tribute a "shrine"...believe me, I have seen fans who really had "shrines" to something! Scary! LOL! And I thought the reference to "advertisements for..." was meant as a compliment!
  15. Looks like no presale this time, folks...unless I am mistaken...tix go on sale at 10 Sat....
  16. Finally...a chance to post on how all this felt to me. Is it possible to be so happy that you don't feel like reading a novel, because you don't feel the need to vicariously live anyone else's life because your own is so good? Well, my life may not be perfect, but last Friday, for about two hours anyway, it was... My only regret is that I didn't have the opportunity to meet Bernie and Ken Sharp and Michele Cervoni-Anderson (my old pen pal from Carmen Connection days!) and all the great board people who came and blessed this town of mine. (I did meet a few of them for a short time and pose for pictures at the Rock Hall Saturday, but that was it. Even so, thanks for the company and thanks, Smitty, for the little candy cup!) If at all possible, I hope to make up for lost time this next time and have the opportunity to actually spend some quality time with you guys and thank you for all the effort you have put into helping our boys realize how much they were truly missed. This first time, though, was for me and my sisters...a very personal kind of family experience. They were the ones who turned me on to this band in 1972 when I was a wee twig of 10 and 11. They were the ones who got to go to what I continue to think of to this day as "The Concert" at Music Hall on September 14, 1973 when I was too young to go. (This actually didn't prompt tears on my part...I just decided my younger sister and I were going to move into our older sisters' room for the weekend, and then live the whole thing vicariously through listening to their post-concert reports. I still have the pages of the elder one's diary that describe the evening in detail, right down to the clothes...the Raspberries' clothes, I mean, not my sisters'!) They have done a lot for me within the past year or so that I won't go into here on a public board. But THEY know...and making sure they got to this concert was part of the payback, in my book. As a result, going to the pre-show and the meet-and-greet were out for me. I can hope they have another meet-and-greet this next show, but that's asking for a bit much, isn't it? Oh well. I had a night with two of my sisters that none of us will ever forget. And it would be a joy next time out just to meet so many other people who appreciate this band so much. As much as it was to be surrounded by a roomful of them last Friday...yet somehow it all seemed so unreal. Allow me to share with you a few moments that will always stick in my mind, in no particular order: --That great video montage Bernie and Ken did. What a perfect way to open the show. To get so hyped up by those words alone: "They said it would never happen. They were wrong." To get more excited with the images of every band member. And that magical meld between the recorded sound of the band and the way it suddenly became REAL before the curtain even went up. The way they began it with the only song I could ever seem to picture them opening it with...the song that, for me, will forever symbolize the summer of 1973. --Just seeing THEM. All four of THEM. The original four, or at least the original four that mattered. The guys whose names were once embroidered on my eldest sister's jeans that she wore to rags (she also embroidered "Raspberries" and a raspberry on the butt). My personal John, Paul, George and Ringo. Eric, the sensitive well-dressed one with the swoony voice and the HAIR (and all of it accentuated by the ear-diamond); Wally, the tall, moody one with the amazing guitar and the HAT; Dave, the tall, mellow one with the killer bass and the MUSTACHE; and Jim, the nice guy who beat the living hell out of the drums. As Bernie and Ken said to each other in disbelieving amazement, thinking "Yes, I am at a RASPBERRIES CONCERT!" --Listening to them play covers I'd never heard them play--and feeling as if it was actually better than the Who being there, better than the Beatles (shh! don't tell anyone I said that) because it was the RASPBERRIES. Sounding just as good, if not better. Yeah, those are MY homeys. :-) --Listening to Eric saying "We're dedicating this one to Scott McCarl" and playing "Play On" as wonderfully as he ever did. --Seeing Dave (who definitely has a portrait up in an attic somewhere) shining on his songs, including the one closest to my heart, the one that brought tears to my eyes..."Should I Wait." The reasons are personal. Can't share 'em on board. Anyway, I never thought I would ever see the day when I'd get to see and hear Dave--and the rest of them--play it for me. Never. --Being part of the audience that chanted "DAVE--DAVE---DAVE" in his honor, and Eric smiling and laughing and saying, "It's *all* about Dave." --Eric not being able to read his guitar settings and explaining it was because he didn't have his glasses, everyone laughing, and Wally having to put on glasses to help him...and Jim saying "Yes, we really are the Elder 'Berries." --Wally doing the chirrup in "Come Around and See Me" and it sounding *exactly* like on the record! --Seeing Eric go to the piano (yeah, I wish it was acoustic, but you can't have everything) and knowing that THIS rock and roll crowd wasn't going to get bored just because the slow piano stuff was coming. --Seeing my eldest sister just about swooning, realizing when Eric and Wally picked up the acoustics that yes, they really *were* going to play "Nobody Knows." --Eric encouraging the audience on the floor to sing along to help him if he forgot the words...and then fluffing the second verse of "If You Change Your Mind." "So hmm hmm hmmm..." (Yet later, when he muffed the chorus of "Ecstasy" once, singing the "No one else could make me feel this way" line first, he promptly recovered by singing the "No one else could do the things you do" line second--so he got them both in and they rhymed, too!) --The stunning moment of the concert (hey, they were ALL stunning moments, but...)..."I Can Remember." Another time when I looked to my side to see in particular how my eldest sister was reacting. She's not a dancer, bouncer or screamer...that's not her style...but I knew she was drinking all this in like a fantasy come true. Did anyone happen to see that 5-minute ad for Mercury cars that was shown on "American Dreams" the other week? The one with the soldier coming home from Iraq? There's about 10 seconds of the ad in which all you see and hear is him standing under the spray of a hot shower, letting it wash over him as if it were the most amazing sensation he ever felt in his life. A sensation he had not felt in ages, and had once feared he might never feel again. *That* was the look of my sister listening to "I Can Remember." She just stood there and let its magnificence wash over her. --Not done talking about "I Can Remember" yet. Thinking "On my God, what a spectacular thing they are doing here." Thinking "Oh my God, this is BETTER than the record." And hearing Eric say at the end "Pretty ambitious for a bunch of 22-year-olds, huh?" --Wally entertaining the audience as the roadies fixed Eric's guitar problems by doing his best Ralph Kramden. Who needs reruns of "The Honeymooners" when you've got Wally in the house? --Thinking how perfect it was that they were all playing "Starting Over" together...and, yes, noticing that Eric was enunciating that first line perfectly, even with his kids in the balcony! --Wally doing his best Rodney Dangerfield: "My wife likes to talk during sex. She called me up from a motel room the other night...No respect, no respect, I tell ya..." --Hearing them play "Overnight Sensation" as amazingly as if all four of them had done the studio version. And that amazing moment when, just seconds before it began, I wondered "What are they gonna do with that radio break?" and they did just the right thing...played the actual recorded break, tinny sound and all, with Jim clacking time on the sticks, and the crowd goes wild!!!! --Wally smoking furiously during a pause and saying "Kids, DON'T DO THIS!" Wal, you make a bad antismoking ad, but we'll forgive you because your guitar and your singing ROCK. Just try to quit, willya, because we want to hear you for many more years to come... --The way I could not believe my good fortune when they played CHOIR songs. The utter sad beauty of "When You Were With Me" (back when I was a kid, I could only *imagine* feeling the way the guy in that song felt...now, I *know* how he felt). The way Dave sang "It's Cold Outside" and gave everyone in the crowd old enough to remember a nostalgia rush. Dear Dave...he may have left Arizona a respiratory therapist, but he came back a rock star...again. Me turning to the younger of my sisters there and saying "This just kicks such AMAZING ass!" --Eric saying hi to his kids. Wally's nieces shrieking from the balcony. --The fact that there were certain songs that had not yet been played as the evening wore on, and it was becoming quite obvious that they were being saved for last. But I thought, "They had better play 'Ecstasy' or I'm gonna kill 'em." --When they finally cut loose with "Tonight" and "Ecstasy." Dear Lord, how could anyone have ever called this a bubblegum, wimp-rock band? And wouldn't all those people out there who think Eric is just a low-budget Barry Manilow be shocked? --The way the audience, even though they were going wild, stayed just quiet enough to hear Jim beat the crap out of the drums on the solo at the end of "Tonight" before breaking into screams. They didn't want to miss it! --When they left the stage, turning to my sisters and saying "They're coming back. There's a certain song they haven't played yet...!" --When they returned...finding "I'm a Rocker" a surprise treat because I had thought they might not play it (what with everyone in the band besides Eric allegedly hating it) and because there was only one song I KNEW they still had yet to play that would have gotten them lynched if they hadn't. I mean, you can't tease a crowd like they did all night without, well, going all the way. When I found out the next day that they actually had "Drivin' Around," "Cruisin' Music" and "Honky Tonk Women" on the set list and skipped them, I thought, "Oh well--gotta save something for next time!" --Finally escaping out to the lobby to buy shirts (I had bought buttons before the show but wanted to scope out the shirts for my sisters before we bought), thoroughly soaked by spending two hours in that sweaty pit with my long winter coat tied around my waist. Drained and unable to think with joy. Leaving the House of Blues for the parking lot while some guy out on the sidewalk played "The Little Drummer Boy" on a saxophone outside. Thinking "Unbelievable" and "How many more hours until the next concert?" What else can I say? It was a far cry from my life a year ago...more of which I will not say here. Last year I could not have dreamed this year would see me in this situation. After all, when the reunion plans fell through in 2000, I figured that was the end of it, for good. It would never happen. If for no other reason than THEY will not let it happen. I never would have believed that in only a year or so's time, I'd be standing on a club floor in my own hometown, to which I had moved back at last, listening to THE ORIGINAL FOUR GUYS WHO RECORDED THE SOUNTRACK OF MY YOUTH playing it live. For my sisters. For Bernie. For Ken. For me. For everyone who remembers seeing them long ago, and for everyone who never got the chance. For all the other fans who never stopped loving them. I've had experiences lately that have given me a new appreciation for how precious life is, and that we don't have forever. I knew that if the guys I once knew as the Raspberries didn't get together while they still could to try it again, they might well never get the chance. But they won't, I thought. They're too stubborn. After all these years, they still can't let go and realize life is too short to hold grudges over stuff that happened 30 years ago. And we are the poorer for it, I thought...and so are they. No more. Not anymore. Today, we are all millionaires. Thank you, Raspberries.
  17. Darlene, you had better find yourself a replacement and FAST! After all, think about it...what was the ONE thing missing from last week's show...? *ahem ahem* a FIDDLER to play on "Last Dance"! Now I know you're a classical kind of gal but hey, if you brought your instrument along, I wouldn't be the least surprised if they offered you the opportunity to be their "guest soloist"! LOL!
  18. It's official...just got a Scene magazine during lunch (new issue) and the HOB ad has a "Just Announced" message with the concert announcement (featuring the oval logo...). Tix go on sale Saturday at 10 am. Locals would also be advised to pick up the latest issue of the Free Times, as it has a fine review of the show (although a bad review of Marily Manson got more space...grr...)
  19. Sorry Bernie...all I got was the interview and that little snippet on Channel 8 with Eric and Jim describing their reaction to the sellout...if I had known the local stations would actually run concert footage on the news I would've gotten up earlier the next day and surfed from channel to channel every minute!
  20. I intend to be there with bells on...and to meet all the people I didn't get to meet last week who are also coming to this one... Any women planning to go whose budgets are tight: let me know if you need a free place to stay, and we will somehow exchange contact information...
  21. This is just a quick shout-out to anyone who needs this kind of help to get to the New Year's show and happens to be female (guys, I'd love to be able to offer it to you too but I have to draw the line somewhere)... If you would love to make it to the NYE show but don't feel you can afford a hotel room (or afford one AGAIN), I do have some space in my apartment (small!) and will take in boarders. (My sofa bed sleeps two and after that, if you can find room on the floor...) All I ask is transportation to the show and back, so this deal is best for those who plan to drive here or rent a car. Keep in mind, I'm not downtown...but this is a safe and FREE place to stay if you need one. I could not meet up with many people last Friday because of sisterly commitments, but I hope to be able to do that this time around for those who are coming/coming back. And I will write my comments on the show soon too. Right now I'm still walking on air...:-) :-) :-)
  22. Oh, one caveat about local TV: keep your eyes peeled for Channel 19 news too. After all, you never can tell...if the boys agreed to appear in the nude to boost the ratings for sweeps month, they'd be in like Flynn...
  23. Hey, my fellow local yokels (and all those who are coming in soon), keep your eyes peeled for the local TV news coverage. I was innocently watching the early news on Channel 8 last night when they came back from commercials and lo and behold--there were Eric and Jim! I could barely get my VCR on quickly enough to tape it. It was very brief...about 10 seconds...mainly they were shown reacting to the fact that the show had sold out so quickly. "I couldn't believe it! "When they told us...!" etc. Then there was a brief clip of the HOB marquee (with both Rosavelt and Raspberries on it, so it was kind of a Bryson family twofer) and a mention that, well, as we know, they are playing Friday, and the show is sold out... I think everyone should be very watchful now of Channel 5, as they are the only "biggie" channel in town that has not done something on them. I would think the guys would be prime candidates for an appearance on the "Live on Five" show tomorrow (assuming there is one...but there probably is...being run by the poor people at the station who have no seniority and get stuck working on holidays...maybe they will have a tape of our boys to run...) In any case, everyone who hasn't yet done so should run out and get a Scene magazine (they're free) and then be sure to get a Plain Dealer on show day! Whew, we Clevelanders haven't had this much fun since Ghoulardi was still on the air and Mr. Jingeling still ruled on Halle's 7th floor at Christmas!!!! (or, well, since the last time the 'Berries were together...and this time I'm FINALLY "old enough to go"!)
  24. LOL! See Bernie, aren't you glad I mentioned that Crayola story? Too much!
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