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  1. Jeff, my heart is with you. I'm a cat lover as well. The first one I ever had made it to 11 years before I came home one night to find him curled up as if asleep...but not asleep. I'll never know why (I couldn't afford an autopsy). Whether it just happens or you have to make the decision yourself, such a loss breaks the heart. Take care, friend, and don't ever let anyone tell you "It was just a cat..."
  2. So the old urban legend turns up again!: http://www.snopes.com/risque/juvenile/lipstick.asp It's a classic!
  3. I was just wandering around the Web yesterday and happened to find these articles. First is from a paper in northwest Indiana, pre-Chicago concert. Second is from the Cleveland Jewish News. Frankly I was surprised to find anything the rest of you guys hadn't managed to dig up yet. And these contain tidbits I haven't seen elsewhere (such as the implication that a certain band may be back to Chicago in the spring, a certain license plate, how Eric got his last name, and the fact that he was offered a role (which he turned down) in the movie "The Oh in Ohio." Oh well... Also, I doubt the part where he says he "no longer visits the creative place in his mind" will go over too well...nor the hint that Fox was allegedly interested in broadcasting the NYE performance (obviously they didn't...sigh)
  4. Gregkevinw, that was how I felt at the first show. "Is this heaven? No...it's Cleveland!"
  5. That last paragraph does seem kind of strange, but I believe what the writer is trying to say is that a kid who expressed ambition to be the next Henry Mancini or Leonard Bernstein was probably not the one the other kids looked to the most when seeking to form a rock band...and if he formed one and then told them his goal was to sound like those guys' music...well, it wouldn't have done a lot for his cool factor, eh?
  6. OK, I will get my revised Reflections in, Marvin! For right now, with limited time, all I can say is that Chicago was FANTASTIC. I would not say it was the best of the three shows, but that is in part because nothing can quite take the place in my heart of that amazing first time and the fact that it was in my hometown and theirs, and that it was with the sisters who introduced me to the band. Still, I am SO glad I decided to go. I regret only that I didn't get to meet Michele (Razzmichi) at any point, as she is my old pen pal from the Carmen Connection days and I really did want to meet her. However, I did get to meet Bernie and Ken face to face at last, even though I ended up having dinner at Gina's table (the kids' table? ;-)) at the HOB because of when I arrived there. Those people paid for my dinner and went up to wait in line so we could all get into the music hall sooner. God bless 'em and I owe you one. Gina and her light sticks, too! Too great! The Chicago HOB is definitely bigger and has more of a sense of "balcony elegance" than the Cleveland one...but what can you do, the Cleveland HOB was built out of an old Woolworth's...oh well! The rather unpleasant part of this venue was the much more aggressive attitude of the security guys. Please, people, we don't bite! But the nice part for me was that after almost passing out at the second Cleveland show, I had a SEAT for this one at one of the tables with stools on the floor. Got to sit down for the whole show and order drinks whenever I wanted! What a way to go! I didn't miss so much being down in the mosh pit sweating away, especially with the company I had at various points through the evening. KC and his wife Jane were there for awhile, but eventually gravitated into the mosh pit again. There was also a couple from Michigan who said they had literally found out about the concert the night before when the wife looked up what was happening on EC.com after not having paid attention for years! Talk about a coinkidink! This woman was a card-carrying member of the Raspberries Fan Club (1973-74)! Showed us her card and everything! Unfortunately this couple too was eventually lost somewhere to the pit, and replaced, by about the time Larry showed up to spend the rest of the concert with me, by another couple. In this case the man was the devoted fan and the wife the bemused shrugger, and he lasted the whole show with Larry and me. However, at one point the couple began to argue--presumably about other things, but still it was kinda sounding like "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" back there and I was afraid I was going to see someone's marriage bust up halfway through "I Can Remember." Pretty scary, wasn't it Larry? Anyway, aside from that, it was just a blast. Larry played air guitar and piano, I played air piano (badly, as I've never taken a lesson, but who can tell)? and we both sang along to every golden tune (thank God the band was were loud enough that no one could hear me, anyway). The guys looked great, Eric was in the best voice he's probably been of all three shows, and every song was as incredible to hear as ever. Oh, did anyone else mention this--they came up with a little a cappella variation intro to "Makin' It Easy"--kind of interesting. Chicago? They just ate it up with a great big spoon. The rowdies in the back kept yelling "GO ALL THE WAY!" between every song. I thought "Patience, grasshoppers..." So really, it was ideal for them to hold it back until the second encore song as they did, because it ensured they'd GET an encore (not that they actually had to worry about that anyway!). All I can say is that it was utterly gratifying not only to again lose any feelings I had of being a "lone wolf," as they say, but also to be able to see someone ELSE's city go nuts over the band I have always loved. Only wish I could have had more time to spend in Chicago, as I've never spent much more than a few hours there (only other times I was in town was changing trains or planes!). It looked so beautiful all lit up at night, with those glowing multicolored ball art pieces and all those shops on Michigan Avenue...and the sparkling river...and the COLD...well, guys, now you know, you just have to come back in summer and make me go there again! Jeff, thanks for the hospitality suite! Everyone else, thanks for being so cool and terrific to hand with--you too, Paul! Too bad you all missed breakfast at Lou Mitchell's next morning, as I had to enjoy my free box of Milk Duds (every female gets one at the door), free donut hole (everybody gets those at the door), world's lightest scrambled eggs and most delicious pancakes, sausages and home fries alone...and the coffee, that helped...what a weekend! It was like a whirlwind and over all too soon. Let the joyous news be spread: the Raspberries have conquered Chicago. Next, the world!
  7. They played Should I Wait and It Seemed So Easy at the second show, too. The difference was, they didn't play Might As Well--whereas in Chicago they played Might As Well but not Should I Wait. Go figure... And yes, I have been having the same dreams...if only...
  8. All I can say is that as a Clevelander, I found it enormously satisfying to hear a bunch of rowdy drunks screaming "We want the Raspberries!" during the opening act in Chicago... it enabled me to think "Yes, we really AREN'T the only ones...!" I think if there had been an opening act for the very first reunion show, I would have never made it through...There was just way too much anticipation and buildup in everyone for them to take it, and the Cleveland HOB wisely realized this. Maybe they should have in Chicago too, because for many people in that crowd it was their "first time" seeing the reunited band or seeing the band at all. Having an opening act for the Raspberries when you've spent years waiting to see them (or see them again) is kinda like being a virgin on your wedding night, and you've been saving it all these years for Mr. Right, and there you are in the honeymoon suite lying on the bed all dressed up in your best lingerie waiting for your husband, and then the door opens and out comes...some guy you've never seen before in your life. "Hi, I know you don't know me, but your husband sent me in here to warm you up while he takes a shower and gets ready...don't worry, it'll just be foreplay and I'll only take 20 minutes...then he'll be in..." Uh, no, buddy, I don't think so!
  9. Keith, I have to laugh. You're doing the tourist thing now just like me, trying to point out things people might know from seeing them on TV or in the movies. I did the same in Cleveland..."Now this is where they shot all the downtown scenes for 'A Christmas Story,' and this is the empty store they shot the department-store scenes in..." LOL! A little more of a walk and I could have shown them "the department store where Drew Carey works"! Or scenes from "Major League," except the city skyline doesn't quite look the same since Key Tower was built and of course the Cleveland Stadium is no more...then again they didn't shoot the inside of that anyway, they filmed all the baseball scenes in Milwaukee! Go figure!
  10. Lou Mitchell's (for those who do not know what it is) is a breakfast place that is classic (been open since 1923) and has a reputation for, among other things, handing out Milk Duds and donut holes to you while you wait in line (no reservations, sorry), the best scrambled eggs in Chicago, and being the "takeoff point" for anyone wanting to travel what's left of Route 66. Like I said, no reservations, but it opens at 7 and we can always hope that if we get there by 8, we can still get in before noon! (We have to, I plan to be going home eventually!) It's at 565 W. Jackson Blvd. Apparently this is quite close to Union Station where the Amtraks come in. I don't know Chicago, so I'm just going to cab it there. Yes, I know it may well be a late night at the HOB Hotel, but what the heck? I have always heard about this place for breakfast and thought it might be fun. Anyone else who wants to and will be around to join me, wear your Raspberry gear and come along!
  11. Just to emphasize again...this is SUNDAY after the show, not Saturday...sorry about the earlier topic title!
  12. I'm game for this Jeff! Let us know how to get in on it!
  13. OK, this is for anyone who would like to join up at Lou Mitchell's Sunday morning to chew over things (and food). Say we meet there about eightish (hoping the line's not too long), as we're all coming from different places? To be recognized, wear your Raspberries gear...
  14. Darlene, I'm glad you could handle this...having to play that music when I couldn't go to the concert would probably have made me CRY! LOL! Seriously, it's funny you should say this because back when I lived in a town in upstate NY two orchestras came through playing this whole symphony over the past couple of years--one of them local I think--and the local reviewer, who liked to think she was hip, complained each time about how "That movement is ruined for me because every time I hear it I think of Eric Carmen and his damn cheesy song!" Oh well, to each his own...as for me, Eric made me a Rachmaninoff fan...I love his stuff now. And I have to give Eric kudos for taking the clarinet solo from that movement and making it into the bridge of NGFILA...brilliant! I was delighted when I first bought a copy of the Rach 2 Piano Concerto and, listening to the first movement, that Eric had stolen a French horn solo and turned it into the intro to "My Girl"! (Ever notice that one?) LOL! The Rach 2 is one of the most overused pieces of music at figure skating competitions (all 3 movements) and some people still hear the second movement and think it's "All By Myself"! I do know I saw one particularly brilliant performance to it once...Chen Lu at the '96 worlds...she and Michelle Kwan were going for the gold and Kwan won but frankly that night I would have given it to Lulu, it was such a stunning program. And one of the American skaters of the '70s--David Santee--used the third movement of the Rach 3rd symphony for part of his long program in '76. Is this the part where I break Darlene's heart by telling her I actually had the chance to HEAR Aunt Muriel play? Yep, it was back when I was an undergrad at Ohio U. in Athens. I was a journalism major taking a course on review writing and one of the events we all had to attend and review was the Cleveland Orchestra concert on campus that quarter. Yoel Levi was guest conducting. Off the top I can't recall what they played, but I think the Sibelius 2 was one of the pieces...I'd have to look up the rest. Anyway, I still have the program and sure enough, Aunt Muriel is on the roster! (this was '83) I remember looking for her name and being pleased that she was still there and I got a chance to hear her! (unless someone was subbing for her and I didn't know it!) Anyway, I didn't know jack about classical music at the time (I'd like to think I have learned a teensy bit since, through various experiences), but it was a wonderful experience!
  15. It is pretty typical of venues to free up last-minute tix, for example if a producer or record co. has saved some "comps" for people who aren't coming after all...that's how I've gotten some of my best ice-show tix (and sat surrounded by the producers of the tour and whichever skaters are signed with them who aren't in that particular show...!). But it still frosts me that BALCONY SEATS to this show got saved and then not used and freed up at the last sec. A lot of how the HOB has handled these shows has ticked me off, even if the venues themselves are great...
  16. I was thinking...if we can't all cram into the HOB restaurant before the show, who's game for getting together the next morning at what I hear is a classic place for Chicago breakfasts...Lou Mitchell's? They're open at 7 and there's a line but I understand it's well worth waiting a bit for... Just a trial balloon I'm sending up into the air...we certainly should have plenty to talk about...
  17. Frankly, Jerry, I can think of as many "pure rock" fans who would be turned OFF by the refs to Eric's solo career as would be turned on...if not more. Let's be honest here, to some rockers, power pop is cool, but "Eric Carmen's solo career" is not. Their philosophy tends to be, "Yeah, he was OK back with Raspberries but after that he turned into Barry Manilow. And I HATE that damn whiny 'All By Myself' thing that even Celine Dion did..." It may be a sad commentary, but true! Truth of the matter is, the easiest "mainstream" audience to sell Raspberries to is an audience that loves and respects power-pop or anything modern that resembles it--and to tone down any references to "Eric Carmen, you know, the 'All By Myself,' 'Dirty Dancing' guy?" Eric refs, yes--"All By Myself" and "Hungry Eyes," no. In fact, I'm sure that even some of the hardcore 'Berries fans are relieved that Eric didn't do any solo turns in the concerts so far (whether they will admit it or not). Heck, I count myself as one--not because I hate his solo music, but because I don't think they would have been "the Raspberries" if they had, besides which it would have likely upset a delicate but finally achieved group dynamic in which ALL the guys are recognized as contributing uniquely to the band and all the songwriters/lead singers get their chance in the spotlight. But, again, it would be equally hard to sell a Raspberries show with no Eric. As I said to the gang on NYE, if having the Raspberries without Eric isn't "like doing Hamlet without Hamlet," it IS like doing Hamlet without the "To be or not to be" soliloquy. Something's missing...
  18. Right now I don't have enough time to say everything I want to say about that evening (maybe this Thursday...more on that later) but I do want to say I had a great time with "the girls" and thank Annie for rescuing me when I desperately needed it, with a wish that she feels better soon! You ladies are all gems!
  19. I've gotta say, I like Eric the best when he comes up with the unique mental picture, the unusual way of saying things...when he paints a picture with only a few words...I mean, nobody has to tell you what "Good friends, bookends, solitaire for two" means...it's that ability that I like the most. (LOL, now I'm going to find out Wally chipped that in or something!)
  20. Darn it, I thought Bernie had invented a time machine and was going to allow me to step inside and remain my current age while flying back in time to 1971 and the place I was then so that I could go see the Raspberries at the Mentor Hullabaloo before they hit it big...and while there I think I'd stop off at Toyland of Painesville and see what they had in the way of Barbie dolls and Colorforms...(sniff sniff, they've long since closed...) Oh well, I guess it's the next best thing, eh? :-)
  21. It's quite bizarre...actually they were already married by the time they appeared on Merv, but in 9 months it was all over...obviously a piece of history that gets glossed over in "official" biographical terms...oh well. I suppose if Eric ever wants to talk about her, he will, and if not, she is lost to history...
  22. What I'd give to hear the 'Berries play just one Left Banke song...what I'd give to hear 'em play TWO...preferably the obvious ones, "Walk Away Renee" and "Pretty Ballerina"...I'm too young to have heard 'em back in the day!
  23. I say let's take over the HOB bar...and force our way into the restaurant!
  24. I can testify that this poster is every bit as beautiful in person as it is on the screen (but better because it is bigger!) Had to get one at the show...still have to get a frame for it but can't wait to give it pride of place in my living room!
  25. OK...so...do any of you ladies coming in from out of town have an extra hotel bed??? If not I will get my own, but I thought it might be a nice way to cut down on expenses for more than just me...anniekny will testify, I'm safe to share a room with!
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