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  1. Thanks folks...thought there was a blushing smilie, but maybe not...oh well...anyway, yeah, you won't be able to get rid of me now...and thanks Gene,, I guess I know where to get my wallpaper!
  2. You know, it might be really funny sometime for someone to record an entire sequence of all of Eric's various "HA!"s and "Haaach!"s right in a row and post it as a sound file...it would probably sound like someone with a really bad chest cold...
  3. Anyone want to plan one for the future (she says, now that she can chat too with her new equipment)???
  4. I second that emotion, Kazumi! And Marvin...now that I've got my spiffy new computer I am going to spend a good chunk of tomorrow on my "Reflection" so that I can mail it to you...now that my setup for doing so is perfect. (I was having problems at home with even basic e-mail before getting this computer. It was NOT pretty.)
  5. Let's Pretend was also the only one I noticed that was definitely down a few keys, and Eric even admitted it, at least at the NYE show. He said that he probably wrote it and recorded it in too high a key to begin with!
  6. Well guys, it's been a rough road having a computer so ancient (well, 9 years old) and with so little memory that I could not reasonably surf today's Web at home. Unfortunately circumstances for me during the past year were not so secure that I felt I could afford to buy myself something more contemporary. However, my fortunes did turn around with my move (about which many of you have heard), and as a result, to celebrate the fact that things are finally getting back to normal (or maybe better) in my life, I FINALLY broke down today and bought myself a zippy new eMac!!!! (Yes, that's right, I'm a Mac person, no jokes please, especially with the popularity of the iPod there is no excuse for laughing at us folks anymore.) And did so in a very Carmenesque way...bought it from the local Apple store, which happens to be in Legacy Village (one of those "lifestyle center" shopping places) in Lyndhurst. Yeah baby, Lyndhurst...LOL. I'm having loads of fun already. Reading EC.com at home...finally getting myself an avatar (how d'ya like it)...finally owning a DVD player (I decided to hold off just getting a regular TV one because I knew I'd be able to play 'em on my new computer when I finally got one) and looking forward to playing a certain DVD on it when it comes out...it's heaven! Hmm, this thing could use some wallpaper too...ahem... Happy to feel REALLY a part of this group (and to not just have to post catch-as-catch-can from someone else's computer)...
  7. I don't recall the "hurting so badly" incident, but then again my memory may be poor, so I'm willing to believe it happened! I do remember the other incident of Eric telling about how "Overnight Sensation" was based on his memories of lying in bed in night as a kid with a transistor radio under his pillow, and Wally saying "So, what ELSE was he doing under the pillow?" But that wasn't during a song, so it wouldn't have broken him up during a song. So I suspect LarryGL is right.
  8. Trindy


    Hey wait! I haven't had my say... Ah, Marvin, you unfortunately fell temporary victim to one of the oldest stories in the fandom book...the fan who becomes envious of the success of another fan in gaining closer "access" to the admired one or ones, and hence becomes downright contemptuous and hateful toward that fan, and will say and do anything to hurt that person... Suffice it to say I know these types and I have experience with 'em. They are evil. I know the difference between a fan who becomes close to the admired person (people) and feels blessed and lucky about it and more than willing to help other people get there (i.e., you), and the one who uses it as a weapon to wield against others ("I'm close to So-and-So and you're NOT"), a status symbol and a means of power and control of other fans...which you never have. Even the latter type of fan deserves more pity than hatred, though. Unfortunately there will always be those who develop malice and hate toward those who have what they do not have...and express it in the nastiest of ways. They certainly do exist in the skating world...you can ask Kristy (find out if she's ever heard of "Ann Lewis" or "Anjule"). Wherever they show up, they're a curse. I myself have suffered at the hands of several, and it was no fun at all. Luckily I came out of it with my sanity (and my "relationship with the admired one") intact. No matter what kind of mischief someone tried to cause. I'm glad you decided not to let this one turkey get you down. It would have been a crying shame. Welcome back!
  9. All I could think of this past weekend was "Thank God they played Chicago LAST weekend." Or "Thank God the weather last weekend wasn't like the weather THIS weekend." I know I would not have been there. I am sure many of the rest of us would not have been there. I am sure people like the couple from Michigan would not have chanced it. Let us all heave a great sigh of relief that when it came to weather, for the Chicago show (not to mention the two Cleveland shows, really), the 'Berries lucked out. Because although we'd like to think nothing would have kept us away, let's be honest: it's hard to go anywhere when all flights are canceled and the plows can't even keep up with the snow on the roads.
  10. I get VH1 Classic and love it. This band would be SUCH a natural for them. First of all, they still play videos...they have theme shows like "The Super Seventies," "We Are the '80s," "Rock Fest," etc. They also have a show called "Classic/Current" in which they show old videos from an artist's past contrasted with their current work. (Let's remember, the Razz have no "old videos" in the classic sense but they do have those old Don Kirshner's Rock Concert clips.) Every time they promote a tour, it seems it's from some old band that just got back together after 10 or 15 years apart...etc. etc. In short, they're a natural for this channel. And yes, should they ever appear, I am recording it...
  11. Whoa...OK, first, Razzmichi, I'm glad you didn't think I was with "this group" or "that group"; I just wasn't sure how to take your post. Truth be told, I had very little in the way of a plan when I came to Chicago. It consisted mainly of this: 1. Get into town. 2. Get to my hotel, check in and watch whatever was left to watch of the men's finals at the national figure skating championships (yes, I was juggling passions that weekend). 3. TRY to get a catnap or something before getting ready and going over to the HOB. 4. Go to the restaurant and see if I could find Marvin there, because he was selling me his twofer ticket. 5. See if there was SOMEONE I might be able to squeeze in and eat dinner with--I had no reservations and no real plans, but thought that might work out somehow. Well, it did, in that I managed to do all those things--and as it turned out, it was Gina's "little table" I ended up eating at--late--some other people were there like her sister and blackhawkpat--and they were kind enough to settle the bill before I was even finished so they could get in line and hold a spot for us to "pass the line" into the music hall. They were great! However, once we got in, I had different priorities than many a fan--most want to get up as close to the stage as they can, and I'd already had that experience on NYE and just about collapsed. So I decided that this time I was going to forego the "standing for five hours just so I can have 'em sing right into my eyes" experience and go for a seat instead. Which I was successful in doing. So that is the long and the short of how my night in Chicago went. I had no real plans as to who to socialize with at all...although I realize at some point I should have just said "Does anyone know where Razzmichi is?" so I could meet you. Duh... Now, as to Marvin...Razzmichi, do you really think someone has driven him away? Why? I guess I can't help but be curious.
  12. Trindy


    Another note of interest: the "Renee" of "Walk Away Renee" (she's also the ballerina of "Pretty Ballerina") is alive and well and teaching voice and singing opera in Northern California. Her name is Renee Fladen-Kamm.
  13. Oh, and if I have to say it, a McCarl fan and a McBride fan, for what good it does ya Mike...in short, I love this band.
  14. Razzmichi, believe me when I tell you that I have no intentional wish to make decisions on who I spend my time with based on "who is on this board" and "who is on that board." It just so happens coincidentally that I became a member and began posting to this one first, but that was only because I had lurked there quite a bit and it had a message board before Raspberries.net got one (and this was back in the days when not much of anything was happening with Raspberries if at all). The only reason I haven't joined that one too (yet) is that I really have to go out and buy a better computer (which I hope to do this weekend...knock wood) before I sign up for any more message boards. I have very little time free to post on any of them otherwise. But that sure doesn't mean I don't want to meet you...indeed I do. Let me express a sincere wish here and I hope nobody takes it the wrong way: I know there are Eric fans out there who became Berries fans after the fact, and Berries fans forced to become fans of one guy or another or all of them solo after they split, and so on and so on... Me, I'm a Berries fan who always gravitated a bit more toward Eric but have always loved and appreciated what EVERYBODY brought to the band (and frankly often missed it in Eric's solo work). With no Berries to follow, I gravitated toward following Eric, but admit I even got lax about that when he went through a period where either he wasn't doing anything, or what he did wasn't thrilling me. But that does not mean I am JUST an Eric fan and it does NOT mean I am "siding with the Eric fans vs. the fans of the group." Goodness, nothing has made me happier than to see the band back together! I just hope that the fact that Kay Bryson is now running Raspberries.net does not partisanize it in any way, shape or form or make it into the de facto "Wally fans only" board (and I am not trying to say I think it will; I think she's terrific, and what she's done is terrific). A Raspberries Web site should be for all fans of the group and the fact that someone hasn't yet posted or socialized with its posters should not be taken as a rejection of the Web site, or of Wally and his amazing contributions to the band, or of anything else. In short, although I am a Carmen fan, I am also a Bryson fan, a Smalley fan and a Bonfanti fan. I AM A RASPBERRIES FAN! Yea! And I will always be one...
  15. First: "It's Cold Outside" was all I could THINK of this morning...ai yi yi...it is the theme song of Cleveland today for sure. Second: Yeah, I did go to Lou Mitchell's, and you guys missed out! 1. They give a free little box of Milk Duds to every woman or girl who comes in the door. 2. They have a basket of donut holes and they hand those out at the door to everyone, not just the ladies. 3. Their food is incredible. They make double-yolk eggs and the scrambled ones are scrambled in a blender--makes them lighter than air. Their sausages are huge (why does that sound perverted?), their home fries are crispy, their pancakes are floaty, their coffee is great. Suffice it to say, all who visit Chicago should go. And they really are at the head of "Route 66" so I would recommend that anyone planning to travel what's left of it go there to "get your kicks" first. Third: would I "go all the way" to NJ for Weekend at Bernie's? Hell, I've been to a wedding in Jersey, why not? Don't forget, I used to live in upstate NY and we had to go through a piece of Jersey just to get to NYC. I'm there with bells on!
  16. Trindy


    Opinions on this thread: Canadians. Great. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. Eric's Walk Away Renee. Don't love it. For same reasons Razzmichi said. I wanted to, but I didn't. Yes, he could redeem himself by doing with the boys in concert the RIGHT way with REAL instruments. Or by recording it with some REAL instruments. Dear Lord, give us an oboe solo or something! Not this canned stuff. Darling Eric, please understand that the invention of the synthesizer was not God's way of telling you that you no longer had to deal with the egos of other musicians. It really IS worth going out and getting some live people to play on your stuff...not just Wally but other guys too...you will know when you have the sound you want, just like you did on BOATS...which actually had instruments on it other than synths (not to mention other guys PLAYING the synths) and it made a difference. Please...
  17. I dunno...Queen without Freddie?? Maybe they should call themselves "Princess"...
  18. Well, thought I'd ask...gotta have something to look forward to...
  19. No, we were not both down in front in Chicago. I described where I was in the most recent "Reflections" thread started by Marvin (not the best place, I know...sorry). I was lucky enough to grab the last empty table with stools in the pit, and that is where I remained for the rest of the evening while various other people moved on and off the stools. I felt it was the best place for me, given that I had almost collapsed on NYE due to dehydration when the servers decided the crowd was too thick and they weren't going to deliver anything to drink down there. Best to play it safe. Also, having a seat for all those hours made it a lot easier to tolerate the presence of an opening act, etc. So...well, I guess that's at least one reason we didn't cross paths. Sometime in the near future, though, eh? I swear!
  20. Trindy


    LostControl has more company...well, OK, maybe WD doesn't "suck" in my mind but it is not one of my faves...
  21. Some random thoughts I had this morning... 1. I can't believe it hasn't even been a week since my last 'Berries concert. It already seems years ago... 2. I miss the countdown clock! Precisely because of what its absence means...nothing new scheduled as yet...whether I was planning to go or not (and Lord knows that didn't make a difference when it came to Chicago!). 3. I miss Marvin even more. :-( Friend, thanks for the ticket. I don't know why you're not here anymore, but I hope whatever the reasons are, they're good and not bad. Now I just wish I knew whether you're still collecting the Reflections. How am I to write if I don't know whom to send it to? 4. I did finally successfully order a Japanese import of Boats this week. It helps. A little...
  22. All I can say is, anyone who would even consider allowing this song to drop from the set list should be hanged, drawn and quartered... Oh, and when they played it after reading the e-mail from Captain Hilton in Iraq it seemed all the more meaningful...especially the second verse...I cannot think of better words to describe the loneliness of the soldier far away from home, in harm's way, wondering if anyone back in the rest of the world can possibly understand how he feels. No wonder Captain Tim has made a lifeline out of this music. And Wim...gee, it would have been nice to meet you in Chicago too...maybe some other day?
  23. You know, I was thinking about this last night and it occurred to me: "OK, so Eric saw 'West Side Story' 12 times before leaving junior high...is it any wonder that he wrote two songs with 'Tonight' in the title?" Seriously, when you think about it, if you were to count up the word that appears the most frequently in Eric's songs (aside from the obvious articles, pronouns, etc.), I would bet you any amount of money it's "tonight." At least in the teenagey lust songs. "Lenny" understood the power and magic with which the word "tonight" is imbued...the world of immediate excitement and fulfillment it promises (all this cool stuff is about to happen, just as soon as it gets dark out! Think of it!). I don't think Eric ever got over hearing those promises sung about by a teenager in a movie (coincidentally, using the voice of Andrew Gold's mom). And he went on to write songs that were all about the wonderful things that were going to happen between two teenagers "tonight." Coincidence? I think not. Which reminds me...that same feeling of thrills imbued in a single word went through me the day of November 26, 2004, when I attempted to access this Web site and the splash page was take up by a huge image of the 45 for "Tonight." Yep, Bernie, you summed it up right there! And of course, today "Lenny" is cool...you just don't get mentioned in an R.E.M. song without being cool...
  24. Of course, some of these "laws" are urban legends...my favorite source for these (and much good humor can be found there!) is snopes.com...
  25. SCTV...funniest show ever made, funniest writing, funniest actors (also the writers!), bar none...
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