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  1. aggiesjc, it was foggy in Cleveland today too...and it didn't burn off! Not that that was the only thing killing a day at the beach...the ice on the lake wouldn't have helped much either!
  2. Tony...only in your dreams is it that! I went in first time last night...had a great time!
  3. It was great and I got far too little sleep! We have to do it again soon...maybe on the weekend!
  4. ...and it occurred to me that "Cruisin' Music" is a song that in its first two lines betrays the fact that it wasn't written by some California beach boy: "Get up in the morning, check out the weather/If it looks like sun, I get my things together..." Since when does a California beach boy ever have to worry about whether the weather will be sunny on a given day? Nope, that's the habit of the Northeast Ohioan who never knows quite what to expect...LOL!
  5. I LOVE OTB, it's so teenagely earnest...besides, I can never help but think about my wonderful Lake Erie when I hear it...I'd go to the beach when I was younger and think "Eric wrote those songs about going to MY lake and MY beach..."
  6. THAT was it...Nancy. My baby sis ended up in her house a few times! My family moved there in the summer of '83 and lived there until about '92, IIRC. I was only there from move-in to fall of '84 and then during the fall of '85--after that I moved to upstate NY.
  7. Paul, not sure I can make it to the show but I will watch tomorror on TV--I have the day off for doctors' appointments anyway but they're not till later...
  8. Gord, I guess it's been too long since I've been to Hamilton! What happened? Jackson Square used to be THE place for skating fans to hang out before the shows at Copps... Razzmichi, congrats! This should be interesting...
  9. No, Luke, *I* am your father! LOL!... Seriously, Darlene, I met Kay Bryson at the Rock Hall the first time I ever went...out of the blue...I was standing in front of what was then only a very small display of materials collected from Ohio rock groups (they made it a big permanent display in '03 in honor of the state bicentennial) and of course why was I there? To see whatever they had from the Raspberries, of course. And I'm standing there and this group of people comes along and one of the kids says "Look, there's Uncle Wally's guitar!" I could not believe that on the day I come to the Rock Hall, that's the day Wally's wife picks to show her nieces their uncle's stuff...She was so nice, even took my picture and mailed it to me (the museum people were trying to get her to stop taking pictures until they found out who she was!) I'm also having this memory float back to me that one of Wally's sisters was living in the same condo rental complex that my family was living in for most of the '80s. I lived there myself only a year--between college and grad school--but I vaguely remember the younger sis wandering around the complex and saying that by befriending some of the kids she'd run into Wally's sister. (In case anyone from Wally World is lurking, this would be Westwood Village on Mentor Avenue in Painesville.)
  10. Crowded House/anything the Finns get up to is another one of my favorite acts. Just got a copy of "7 Worlds Collide" not long ago, which is Neil in concert with various people including Tim. Funny, my favorite song on it is his cover of the Smiths' "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out"...I just love that song for some reason. Now there's a romantic tune...about how privileged you'd feel to die with someone in a car crash...LOL! That Morrissey, he is a card...
  11. Gregkevinw, you're probably right...XTC is down to being Andy Partridge and anyone who can stand being around him...kinda sad. I mean, the guy's a genius. I fell in love with that band the same way I have fallen in love with too many things...a guy I had an unfortunate crush on liked them...well, at least I took away ONE good thing from that relationship! I loved their catchy riffs, their harmonies, their brilliant lyrics...pretty much all the acts I like share that in common. I like to think of XTC's hometown, Swindon, as England's answer to Cleveland...maybe that's why they were so good! Too bad we don't have a big chalk horse on Public Square! I could make a list of other acts I like here but right now I'm in a lazy mood and have to go downstairs and move the laundry to the dryer anyway...
  12. Gord, you called me right. ;-) And I'd love to meet up with you at a Raspberries concert in Canada. You're in Hamilton...boy there's a place I've spent a lot of time in...I practically know Jackson Square Mall and Copps Coliseum by heart...
  13. When? And can we do one that doesn't go till 1 am? Poor Trindy needs her sleep...
  14. This discussion reminds me of something that happened once in college. I was sitting around with some guys I knew (who were also big Beatles fans) and the radio was on and a then-new song by the Sweet came on...it was called "I Need Your Love" or something like that, and we had never heard it before. Anyway, the first time the chorus came around, they sang, "Ooh, I need your love..." And one of the guys laughed and sang, "Yes, you know it's true!" If you've ever heard this song, and you listen to the chorus, the notes for the "Ooh, I need your love" are EXACTLY the same as in "Eight Days a Week." Gotta be intentional...
  15. Thanks for the info, Bernie. Kind of nice to know it was not half, but I wasn't aware of that because "Rocky" gets full co-writing credit.
  16. Not someone from the board (aside from Razzmichi, of course), but when you grow up in northeast Ohio it's like everything is six degrees of Raspberries...I first became familiar with Choir songs, for example, because a former neighbor of mine turned out to be a young lady who had done laundry for them back in the day. When she found out my sisters and I were Raspberries fans, she lent us her old 45s of them. Then there was the elderly woman who worked at our local library, who used to let the 'Berries rehearse in her garage in Mentor in their earlier days, and made them cabbage rolls...Mrs. Waldman, her name was...then as my sisters grew older and continued to live here after I moved away, they ended up tripping over various 'Berry relatives, mostly Wally's. The funny thing is, when my youngest sister got married, she actually married a distant relative (second cousin or something) of none other than ex-Choir member Dann Klawon. Now THAT was not planned, it's just how it turned out. As a result, though, I always say my nieces have "Choir blood" running in their veins and encourage any musical talents they show...after all, they could grow up to write another "It's Cold Outside"!
  17. Actually, Gord, when you register for a copyright, it's good until years after you pass on. Not sure what the latest US rules are on this--whether it's 75 years after your death or what--but I believe that's what it was for Rachmaninoff, which is why his music was not in the public domain when Eric first began using parts of it (notice I did not say "plagiarized"--that would be like saying Rachmaninoff plagiarized Paganini). Rachmaninoff died in, I believe, 1943. 1975 makes only 32 years since his death and it was as a result of this, I understand, that his estate was able to eventually work its way legally into getting half the royalties off of "All By Myself" (and NGFILA if I'm not mistaken).
  18. I've just finished mine and am going to be sending it to you in just a few minutes...so there will soon be no more WAITING!
  19. Does this have to just be a "who you've seen in concert" thread? Because I love some bands I've never seen in concert and never will...for example, one of my favorites is/was XTC (whatever's left of them now), but for about 20 years now it hasn't been possible to see them in concert because they quit touring...
  20. I was tickled the first time I ever heard the FIRST movement of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 and discovered, lo and behold, the very French horn solo that serves as the intro to "My Girl"...
  21. Drat! I was offline and didn't know about the chat! Another time?
  22. This is to Gene...your "wallpaper" looks dandy! Some of it looks beter tiled than filling the screen because it gets too pixeled out at my screen size (17 inches), but that's all right. I also haven't pulled off all I want to pull off because I'm still on dialup (although I plan to change that soon) and it takes a long time for the images to download because so many are on each page. But wow, what a nice few of 'em I have so far! Thanks for allowing this kind of use!
  23. I've been to Carnegie Hall exactly once...it was for a special event celebrating the 200th birthday of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin...I will admit that my reasons were not exclusively literary. Ralph Fiennes, my favorite actor, was scheduled to be there reading some of Pushkin's poetry as part of the program, which also included music (pieces of "Eugene Onegin," which he wrote before it was set to music by Tchaikovsky, being one of them). Well, it was a wonderful night (I was about *this* far away from the podium while Fiennes was reading), but once in a while I'd look back and think...no, not of all the classical greats who had graced its stage, but: "This is where the RASPBERRIES played..." Is that a hoot or what?
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