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  1. Same here...and yes, Marvin, they are still important! Even "Kikken" thinks so...
  2. Billy K., that doesn't surprise me--after all, they sing with their vocal cords, not their...
  3. I was such a wee child when I grew up here that I was too young to see the pre-Raspberries bands, and lived here only a short time between college and grad school and between grad school and the rest of life...I suppose in that short time I could have seen one of those post-Raspberries bands but never did...
  4. Congrats, Gord! You must feel like a kid with a new toy, because that's how I feel with my new computer. It's also my first DVD player. Can't wait to get the boys on DVD!
  5. Trindy


    Julia, I can understand your feelings. I lost my mom just over four years ago (the one who forced me to meet Eric by going into a record store after him) and it's still hard to believe. It does get you thinking a lot about mortality. And so does getting a diagnosis of an illness that is life-threatening to many people...an illness whose very name strikes terror into the hearts of women everywhere. That's something I can testify to also. I realize now that it's possible that because of the nature of what I had that it never really would have killed me, but that doesn't stop me from thinking differently about any feelings of invulnerability I may once have had. Not to mention which, even if the chances of it coming back are small indeed, they're still going to be there...forever. One thing you do realize under those circumstances is how important it is to live and enjoy every day as much as you can because none of us knows how much we've got left. Laugh a lot, enjoy a lot, don't let losers get you down, and don't wait to do what you really want to do in life. That way, you can say you did everything you wanted to--no regrets--that you didn't waste the limited time we all have. It's the best any of us can do.
  6. Marvin...! Oh, did you bring back a lot of memories mentioning that K-Tel album! I got that for Christmas in '73...it was a three-record set called "Today's Super Greats," wasn't it? Had all those great early '70s hitmakers on it...Mouth & MacNeal and that "How Do You Do" song....LOL! Skylark's "Wildflower"...Jud Strunk's "Daisy a Day"...Donny Osmond's "Go Away Little Girl" (which was the cut right before GATW and which I HATED)...Steam's "Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye"...the Bells' "Stay Awhile"...many songs I had never heard before and never would again...but heck, it was my first copy of anything "Raspberries." Not sure why I waited so long to actually start collecting THEIR albums...Starting Over was my first when it came out, then I got Fresh for Christmas '74, but I did not actually get my "own" copies of the first one or Side 3 until my Carmen Connection days and they were secondhand...I guess I had spent so long listening to my sister's that I didn't really need my own copies until I went off to college! In the meantime, I had that K-Tel set...and of all the stuff I have ever owned that is probably my "skeleton" record set!
  7. OK, I know this kind of stuff should probably go elsewhere on the boards...but hey...it's all part of the Cleveland "Six Degrees of Raspberries" game...
  8. It's amazing how well women can sing despite being pregnant...OK, so Billy K's comment made me smile. Actually, back to the Raspberries topic...there actually is a British touring band that calls itself the Travelling Raspberries. I ran across their Web site one day by accident. Of course, the name is a takeoff on Traveling Wilburys, but they actually have a disclaimer on their site explaining "No, we are not the American rock band called Raspberries." Pretty funny!
  9. You know, reading all this last night, I thought Brian Mac was saying that EBYT was a ripoff of ILYMTICS, not vice versa...but now I see he IS saying vice versa...which is indeed ridiculous, because the Sayer song is older even if it doesn't go back to the '60s (I remember his '70s version). So the question is, as I originally thought, did Sting copy? I say "No"...or at least the argument is weak.
  10. Hmmm, Brian Mac. I guess you could say there is a resemblance there. But I would say that it is probably less than the resemblance between "My Sweet Lord" and "He's So Fine."
  11. I guess not...I was with one or another of my sisters for a large part of the day... Hey, how about having a post-Super Bowl chat? Not necessrily to talk Super Bowl...we can talk the commercials! Or Eric, or Raspberries, or anything...maybe 9 ET or so?
  12. Thanks Marvin and a great big thanks to Barb! What a terrific person and what a wonderful life she must have had. And what great musical tastes...love knowing that she likes Barenaked Ladies (another one of my absolute favorite bands)!
  13. Billy K., I'm usually better at interpreting the dreams of people I know because I know how they think, but here's a guess at this one: --You dreamed of CBS because you were watching the network sometime the previous day, maybe before bed. It embedded itself into your subconscious that day--eye and all. --It didn't HAVE to look like CBS would really look to be CBS. You just "knew" in your dream that it was CBS--in dreams we always "know" where we are, whether the place looks like it does in real life or not. It could have looked like your bathroom and you would have "known" it was CBS. Locker room and sports bar? Possibly subconscious embedding of Super Bowl talk into your brain. --The unknown "actors and actresses" (you just "knew" that's what they were) picked IWBWY on the jukebox because you've got it in the back of your head now that the Raspberries are finally beginning to receive some long overdue recognition, and that there are people in this world rocking out to this music as if it were brand new all over again. So that worked itself into your dream. --You were enjoying a BLT and beer. Is this something you would normally eat? If so, it makes sense it would be in your dream. --Ray Romano wished you good luck with your new show. I suspect you saw a promo with him on it the day or night before, or saw some sort of publicity about the taping of the last episode of his show. "Last shows" can make us think of "first shows," of course. Are you beginning a new enterprise in your life? Your brain may have conjured up a familiar personage, even if it's someone you don't personally know, to wish you "good luck" with it. --Your new show you were taping was about taking trains cross country. Darlene's explanation is good: you've read a lot here lately about people traveling, so why not? Maybe for some reason a train popped into your head the previous day. Maybe you saw some publicity related to the LA train accident (perhaps about the man who wrote the goodbye message to his family in his own blood, then survived), and you turned thoughts of trains from something bad to something good. The reference to "Michigan" could have come if you read one of my posts about the couple who traveled from Michigan for the Chicago show, or it might mean something personal to you. Same thing with the card-playing women...they could be "fans" you've never met, or people you might realize you know, or saw briefly recently. And maybe you had contact recently with people playing cards or saw a poker promo on TV or something. Overall sense or interpretation: You have now seen how people can earn respect and success even if they have to wait a long time for it, and it's given you reason to be optimistic about some new endeavor you're beginning about which you've had some doubts. Your unconscious is telling you "Hang in there--if the Raspberries can finally be seen as rock heroes after all these years, you can be a success in your efforts, too."
  14. Some notes I have to make here: ...Nothing wrong with Rick Springfield. My younger sis was a huge fan of his from age 6 on. Still is. Boy, did she see a lot of changes in his life! We remember back when he was a cartoon character on the old "Mission: Magic" TV show! ...Hello People opened for Eric at least once, when he played the Palace in Painesville during his very early solo career. I still have the news clips. ...I've heard of Trooper, but then again I ended up listening to a lot of Canadian radio as a kid!
  15. Darn...just think of how disappointing it will be not to see Paul's nip!
  16. Hey JuliaD, if Doug Katz knew about this cake, he'd want you to ship some over to serve at Fire! It's gorgeous, and looks so delicious my stomach growls just thinking about it!
  17. Almost forgot to mention this. Eric's cousin Doug Katz was on the Channel 3 Sunday news show last weekend. A group of the independent restaurants in Cleveland were doing a tsunami-relief benefit Tuesday with some profits from dinners served on Tuesday night going to tsunami relief, and Doug was on to promote the benefit and display some of the dishes at Fire, the restaurant in Shaker Square where he is now executive chef. The food sure looked tasty to me...I do want to get over there one of these days.
  18. Oh no...what's next? Will our 'Berries end up on TV with Dorothy the Dinosaur?...
  19. Bernie said: In the old days, lawyers were kept busy with more worthwhile endeavors like writing the "Declaration of Independence," for example, rather than probing into how much of Mozart's quartets and symphonies were based on Haydn's compositions or how often Beethoven pulled direct passages from Mozart and worked them into similar works of his own. Well, I have to protest a bit here, I guess, if for no other reason than that I work for a law firm and we have intellectual property lawyers and it wouldn't look really good for me to allow their kind of work to be denigrated in this forum, LOL. But seriously...what IP lawyers do is to ensure that someone who really DID rip someone else's invention off ends up not being able to profit off that person's hard work or imagination. There is another side of the coin, after all...what if someone came out with a song called "All On My Own" and it had a certain melody and the lyrics went "All on my owwwn, don't wanna be aaall oooon my oooonwn anymore..." I think more than a few people would be outraged if it became a million-seller and there was much talk about the originality and genius of the composer in coming up with such a brilliant new song idea. Eric has no problem with lawyers. He can't afford to with so many in the family, can he? LOL...not to mention which, he's used them himself when he had to wrest control back of his own rights to his creative work. The problem is not with the lawyers per se, it's with the ones whose arguments we oppose...are they for protecting our favored songwriters and their creative work from accusations that it was cribbed from someone else, or protecting it from being cribbed BY someone else, or are they the ones doing the accusing of cribbing/defending someone else's cribbing? Unfortunately, the whole business of things like copyright protection means that, yeah, they have to get into a lot of ugly details and essentially dissect a piece of music to death to either prove it unoriginal or defend it against accusations of unoriginality. It's what they get paid to do. To the rest of us it can seem to kill the magic of the song, and we may go to our graves saying that Robbie Dupree's "Steal Away" sounds a damn sight more like the Doobie's "What a Fool Believes" than "My Sweet Lord" sounds like "He's So Fine," yet only one guy gets punished. Why? Don't know. It may all just come down to who has the better lawyers. And no, that isn't very romantic. But it's the way the world works. Oh well!
  20. Whew...thanks, Darlene, for telling us about this one. My eldest sis and I listened to it tonight and made good use of the tissues. Damn, that guy can get to us so easily...I wasn't that crazy about "The High Cost of Loving," but this one killed me. Why did he never fomally record it? Sheesh...
  21. Seriously, Mozart, Shostakovich and Eric probably all share the same philosophy, which is "If I came up with a really good idea, it would be a shame to use it only one time!" Granted, one can go overboard with repeating oneself, but the fact that "this sounds a lot like that" isn't necessarily cause for being thought of as a constant retreader of one good idea. Writers, for example, are famous for taking major characters from one book they wrote and making them minor characters in another, or setting many different stories in the same place. Sometimes, if they wrote a short story or novel that didn't sell, they will take characters or plotlines from that piece and work them into something else that eventually does sell and become known, and then if their unpublished work ever does see light of day, you can read it and see where the character of So-and-So go its start...it's just interesting to see that creative process at work. Quite different from being able to accuse every work of being "exactly the same"...
  22. Actually, Shostakovich did that too...his "The Lady and the Hooligan" sounds almost exactly like "The Drayman's Dance" from his ballet "The Bolt"...skaters have used both pieces of music, which is how I found out that little fact... I love Shostakovich...his music is great to put on if you're having trouble getting up in the morning because it's so heavy on the brass and percussion that it gets you awake quickly...I even like his "jazz suites," even though they adhere (by neceessity) strictly to the tenets of that oxymoron known as "Soviet jazz": i.e., if it's dance music (even a waltz) and there's a saxophone in the orchestra, it's "jazz"...but please, let's write down every note and play it as indicated, none of that degenerate Western concept known as "improvisation" here, that might imply that the musicians had the freedom to think for themselves and come up with original ideas...very dangerous!
  23. Can we do one tonight? I was out late last night and not up to it...
  24. If it's the very FIRST pet who was living in the house at the time I was born, and the street I lived on during most of my younger years, my porn name would be: Puff Ohio Somehow, that sounds more like a campaign slogan for legalizing marijuana in the state than anything else. Then again, we could switch to the next cat down the pike and the street I lived on from age 10 until college, in which case you get: Kikken Call Just doesn't work for me. *sigh* I mean, if it's a porn name, shouldn't it be Booty Call?
  25. I too have to give the thumbs-up to Todd. I know it was hard for XTC to work with him on the "Skylarking" album, but to this day it's tied for first place with me as my favorite of theirs (along with "Apple Venus Vol. 1"). One of those rare CDs I can listen to over and over without wanting to skip a single cut...and so many of them segue smoothly from one to another (Todd's idea) that I don't really want to. I also have a fond place in my heart for ""War Babies," the Hall & Oates album he produced.
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