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  1. My wife took the kids out of town for the weekend, giving me time to study (Masters program) and do some chores.

    So, I'm upstairs hanging blinds, cranking my preferred "work" music, the EC Definitive Collection.

    So a couple of female neighbors poke their head in the door and ask "What kind of loser cranks 'All by Myself'? We can hear it all the way outside."

    "Uh, that would be me."

    "You're the Bridget Jones of East Luray Avenue!"

    And with that, they left chuckling.

    I make no apologies.

  2. I did a search that turned up nothing, so I hope this hasn't been done before.

    I always thought that Van Halen (with Hagar, not Roth, although I like them with DLR better) would do a great cover of "Tonight".

    Moreover, VH could do a video imitating the Berries performance on the program "Go!", bumblebee shirt and all (IIRC). I still remember seeing that in '73...wish I could find a video copy of it...

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