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  1. Good for you, you forgetful old fart! Bernie, is it possible to transfer all my VAB5 stuff to GATW?
  2. Background vocals on Let's Pretend. Love those harmonies. Still cracks me up to watch the Record Plant video--Eric gives Jim (I think--unlikely it's Wally) the stink eye for a terrible vocal. See 1:37 - 1:50 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqmm7jTKLiA OK Shel, just the voices. OK Jim.
  3. If 300 needed to be sold to make this project a GO, and get the 'regular' edition into even more hands, then I'm glad I could help! You've crossed your hurdle, so hurry up and sign the darn things, and even sell more if you need to. I missed the concerts, and I'm NOT going to miss the DVD. And I'm ecstatic that I get the bonus stuff! 294 and counting Excellent--page 5 is MINE!
  4. Warm wishes to you and your family. Your participation on ec.com is really a treat. Imagine if you had been able to talk to Rachmaninoff...that's the same thrill we get!
  5. "I set to sea on a ship called Emptiness Cast away on the Island of Loneliness" Does it get more desparate than that?
  6. I hate to bring this back on topic, but I just saw the MD piece for the first time. Holy cow, what a voice! I don't see anything out of the ordinary, just a great performer doing his best. And I love public speaking, but suck at small talk/small group mingling...
  7. Well, he did say GO!...hopefully that's a hint of Tonight performed on the show GO!. I remember seeing that as a tender 8 year old... Been looking for it ever since.
  8. Just saw commercial hosted by Greg Brady for Time-Life's 70's Music Explosion! Saw a brief '74 clip of GATW!
  9. I'm in Tokyo, what should I make it a point to see while I'm here? Already took in a Giants baseball game. This is the International Residency portion of my Masters program. After this I'm done!!
  10. Paris needn't worry. She's got charisma, she's cute as a button, and man can she sing!
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