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  1. Trindy has an excellent point. One can only play the same market so many times in a given period before people fall into that comfort zone of believing either "been there done that" or "they'll be playing again in a few months, I'll catch them then". Further, not everyone has the ability to pack up and drive (or fly or train or whatever) to see them every few months. I lucked out and was in the area visiting family and was able to see this show (after spending my Thanksgiving weekend on the road to see them LAST year). Playing Cleveland three times in an 8 month period may have been a bit much for the concert market - which is ALREADY sluggish. All that being said, there was still a sizable crowd at the Scene...the "down front" seating being fairly well filled, and most of the empty "cheap seats" being off to the sides. Nothing to sneeze at in any event. Those who missed the show, or any part of it, missed a beauty. The Stone Pony Band were extremely impressive, not only being faithful to Bruce and Johnny in their arrangements, but performed with enough power and sincerity to make the listener believe these were THEIR songs, not some other performer's. The Knack were exceptionally strong. I've seen them a handful of times since their reunion a few years back and they keep getting better and better. Jangling guitars, Beatle-esque harmonies, powerful power-pop with often hilarious lyrics. Great choices of covers in "No Matter What" and the showcase medley of "Tequila" and "Break On Through" (which on paper sounds bizarre, but works impressively in performance - a showcase for Berton Averre's guitar work). Raspberries, of course, simply get sharper and tighter each time out. You simply cannot get any better than the "call to arms" intro of "I Wanna Be With You" at full concert volume. Then, to follow it with two hours of some of the best rock and roll ever done performed brilliantly, well...whoever still hasn't gotten the point is lost. It was a great night. Bring on the CD/DVD!!!!
  2. Stone Pony Band set: Thunder Road She's The One Prove It All Night Talk To Me (Southside Johnny song) Havin A Party Rosalita Born To Run Knack Set: Pop Is Dead Baby Talks Dirty Boys Go Crazy Oh Tara Just Wait and See Good Girls Don't Doin The Dog Siamese Twins Heartbeat No Matter What (the Badfinger song) Tequila/Break On Through Frustrated She's So Selfish My Sharona Raspberries Set: Already described in other posts. All Three Sets: A perfect evening (sound woes notwithstanding) of perfectly played power pop. Started at 7...ended at 11:30...and never let up. An evening to remember for all time.
  3. Yes, yes...I know...public transportation. But seriously - what is the parking situation like around the HOB? Anybody know the cost and availability of parking nearby?
  4. I'm referring specifically to HOB ticketing, as opposed to Ticketmaster ticketing. Thanks
  5. To anyone who ordered online through House of Blues ticketing: Have you gotten your tickets yet? Has your order status changed from ORDER RECEIVED yet? They seem to be moving pretty slowly.
  6. It was July 16, 1978...the first day of my first job as a top 40 radio disc jockey. The "clock" indicated that at the top of the hour, one should come out of the news with a jingle and a "classic" (we preferred not using the term "oldie"). Shuffling through the files of 45's (oh the memories of cueing up a 45 on a turntable), I immediately picked out one that was custom built for following a high-energy jingle: %
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