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  1. I had the good fortune of renting the owner's suite for the opening at House of Blues, Cleveland for the reunion show. Very memorable. Those joining me all had history with Eric, unlike myself who just was a fan of the band since teenage years (and worked in the industry a bit in my youth). I don't get on the web site(s) often - but wondering - since Eric said he would tour again, play Raspberry catalog and his solo items with people who were "happy" to be there - my question is WHEN? If we can't get the original band together, I'd be happy to hear Eric tour with a band he puts together. I assume he checks the forum...I have the means to promote a tour date on the east coast (have brought in others that I loved from my youth -just recently Dirk Hamilton)....So if plans are ever in place would love to get an email from someone to let me know...since I have not been on the site since that thanksgiving weekend concert! Jon
  2. Bummer - we are at the Hyatt - rates are decent and its across the street from HOB. We'd throw a party in a heartbeat if we knew people would come and if not please let us know where 'pre-party' central is...we'll be there for sure! Is it Friday yet?? Jon and Janet
  3. Annie - there is one ticket left...unreal! Someone did take a single and he is not that concerned about sitting either. All other 10 tickets are gone! I am checking out the catering menu - they have chocolate covered strawberries...I sent the manager an email and asked if we could get some kind of chocolate - raspberry dessert for the box. Looks like with one ticket left that I am going to sell them all so now I can splurge and cater the place!!! The menu looks decent.....
  4. Great informaton Classics99 --- my box is HL4, which is a balcony box but the one further away. HOB said that that box had the best site lines. Not sure if you can recall that exact box - but its is one of the two larger ones on the left if you were facing the stage. Any thoughts on it? Many people have questioned why there are only 6 seats for 12 people - is the box large - will there be room to cater and dance - and will the seats be a problem. Not expecting you to be able to definitively answer any of this - just rambling thoughts you might have comments on. See you Friday!
  5. I figure this will be a fun thread....Hoping to be able to recognize a few of you when we are at the HOB. We probably wont be at any of the pre-stuff. But here is how you will know when you have found me (us)...so take a chance when you think you have the right guy and say hello: Okay when you see a guy who reminds you of Danny Devito - say hi Jon cause thats me....I'll have a petite, very attractive woman on my arm (isnt life grand) thats my wife Janet.
  6. Six of the ten tickets offered are sold. There are still 4 tickets available in the box. So any last minute people that want to see the show from a great spot at the HOB - grab them on ebay and I will overnight them Monday. :-)
  7. I am thinking taxi's are the way to go. Our plans are to get from the airport to the Hyatt (across the street from HOB), then to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, back to the Hyatt, HOB and back to the airport. Is a rental car too much of a hassle? Cab versus mass transit. How far is the Hall of Fame from the HOB area? Whats the approximate cost for a cab from the airport to HOB? Isnt there a riverway or something I remember worth seeing. We are skipping the preshow meet and great and am not sure on the pre show reception - so whats a good time to get to HOB. EXCITED?? YOU BET Anyone getting in early and going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ???????
  8. Thanks Darlene - I will do that! Looks like the box is a definite....2 tix from the box sold on Ebay as soon as the posting became public. That is a pretty good sign! Wow - I am really going to this concert now...can not believe it. I am very, very, psyched! One week from today we'll be hearing some great tunes - never thought we'd ever have the chance to see them and now we do. A seat and the meet and great - truly been a blessed week so far! Jon (and the lovely Janet will be with me)
  9. Thanks Bernie - I posted one but its taking ebay forever to get sales up...check it out later tonight. All I need is to get one other person to buy two tickets and the private box is a definite - Ill chance the rest of the huge expense (sigh). Made my hotel reservations today at the Hyatt as it is across the street from HOB and also in an Arcade of some sort. Looking like I will be there...but you never know... Too late for a ribbon I guess..but I will be easy to spot. If I am coming I will describe myself online and I know everyone will laugh and say that has to be "Driving Around" (which by the way I hope they do). Jon
  10. thanks paul - if someone wants like 4 or 6 tix I would bend...just trying to cover costs somehow. Jon
  11. JuliaD - I am the guy with the vip box - call me -maybe I can help you. 603-858-6000 Jon
  12. Communicated with HOB today and placed on reserve the box I had listed on my previous post with all the goodies including VIP tix for the meet and greet after the show. The box is in the balcony level over the first row and over the stage. It has 6 velvet bar stools with backs. There is a large enough area to dance. It is private and security will only allow those with special bands to enter the area. There is a special catering menu and special waitress is assigned to the box. Basically it is the HOB equivalant to a private suite. Here is what the box has: Twelve (12) General Admission Tickets Twelve (12) Passes for entry into Balcony Box Six barstools in balcony box for seating Cocktail service 12 VIP MEET AND GREET TICKETS There is a partial barricade between Boxes 3 & 4. Guests may have to pass through one box for access to the other. Okay so for every two tickets you purchase one of the seats will be yours...they line up on a counter facing the stage. Our box is far enough back to give great site lines...and the after show meet and greet is included! Here is what I am doing. I am laying out the thousands of dollars and going to ask $250 a ticket. Should I sell all 12 tickets I will spend money on catering in the box for everyone to share in - hows that? I am buying this box and seats can be yours. I will post the seats on Ebay in 24 hours if they are not all taken here on the web site first. To purchase you can either paypal me (add $6 per ticket) or I have the ability to recreate a check faxed to me for deposit. Call my cell phone at 603-858-6000 or email me at hedohome@hotmail.com I can send you a paypal link or give you my fax number. Thanks! Jon
  13. I believe so.....there is a document I could send someone who is interested with a layout of the seating...
  14. yes - we would trade off - my assumption is that there is some decent room.
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