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  1. Thanks Mary Ellen! Been a long time off of here! Hey RaspAthens (brother and as I have seen...power-poster)... you watching?
  2. Should this thread be "Opened Lettuce to ...?" I always got a kick out of this one. __________ John Lennon's Letter to Todd Rundgren Published in Melody Maker in response Rundgren's February 1974 interview in the same magazine. AN OPENED LETTUCE TO SODD RUNTLESTUNTLE. (from dr. winston o'boogie) Couldn't resist adding a few "islands of truth" of my own, in answer to Turd Runtgreen's howl of hate (pain.) Dear Todd, I like you, and some of your work, including "I Saw The Light", which is not unlike "There's A Place" (Beatles), melody wise. 1) I have never claimed to be a revolutionary. But I am allowed to sing about anything I want! Right? 2) I never hit a waitress in the Troubador, I did act like an ass, I was too drunk. So shoot me! 3) I guess we're all looking for attention Rodd, do you really think I don't know how to get it, without "revolution?" I could dye my hair green and pink for a start! 4) I don't represent anyone but my SELF. It sounds like I represented something to you, or you wouldn't be so violent towards me. (Your dad perhaps?) 5) Yes Dodd, violence comes in mysterious ways it's wonders to perform, including verbal. But you'd know that kind of mind game, wouldn't you? Of course you would. 6) So the Nazz use to do "like heavy rock" then SUDDENLY a "light pretty ballad". How original! 7) Which gets me to the Beatles, "who had no other style than being the Beatles"!! That covers a lot of style man, including your own, TO DATE..... Yes Godd, the one thing those Beatles did was to affect PEOPLES' MINDS. Maybe you need another fix? Somebody played me your rock and roll pussy song, but I never noticed anything. i think that the real reason you're mad at me is cause I didn't know who you were at the Rainbow (L.A.) Remember that time you came in with Wolfman Jack? When I found out later, I was cursing cause I wanted to tell you how good you were. (I'd heard you on the radio.) Anyway, However much you hurt me darling; I'll always love you, J. L. 30th Sept. 1974
  3. I meant...that is what band MEMBERS do for each other....with regard for enhancing the songs of others in the band.
  4. Learning some things and enjoying these posts (...and great to be back on here). I want to chime in to the songwriter's credit thing with just one (of many) examples. Let's look at 10cc's "I'm Not In Love." This is a Stewart/Gouldman song that was MADE by Kevin Godley's idea of building up a wall of voices. Did he get songwriting credit? Even for this? No. This is what a band does for each other. Mike C, I like your previous post regarding Wally. If he (or others in the group's first incarnation) were able to create a hit, this might be a moot issue. One of my favorite Raspberries songs is "Don't Want to Say Goodbye." A wonderful lyric by Wally and the song that turned me on to Raspberries in the first place. Too bad it did not get higher on the charts, but it is tops on MY chart.
  5. Love this. When I first moved to Mississippi in 1996, "Go All The Way" was (curiously) played frequently on an FM station that usually centered on current "adult alternative". (The same station plays pure garbage now). So happens the DJ had a thing for the song, Was a great welcome to the Mississippi Delta!
  6. Don - It's funny...I got on here after a long time away and saw your post. I had pulled the book off the shelf last week to read again. What synergy! Great review and yes, it's a gem.
  7. Halo raspathens - I am responding almost 9 months late (better late than never). YES, your son would have done definitely acted like "I don't know them...they're insane." Who cares? hahaha. And Darlene...I've been out of circulation here again (lost my password and was lazy).
  8. Do not think I have posted on this board in over 3 years...not since after what may have been the 'best ever' show in Cleveland (December 14, 2007) at the State Theater. Anticipation for the the Nov. 26th 2004 show may have been the most surreal experience ever. Time flies too fast, y'all...too fast. I cherish all the reunion concerts I was able to attend...and made lasting friendships. Thanks always to Bernie for keeping this site (and us) together and Ken Sharp for becoming a true friend after exchanging tapes with me and starting all this again for me back in '95 with his Goldmine article.
  9. Well, I am in Halifax N.S. for a few days. While being mesmerized by the curling tournament, I saw that commercial on TSN sports with "All By Myself" playing in the background...lonely hockey fans bawling. Really cool. Steve T.
  10. If you can sing "Let's Pretend" in its original key of "G", my hat's off to you. (I'd stick with "E" like they do it now in concert...if I could sing well, that is). Steve
  11. Wow! They were ON tonight and loose! Wally's night too with perfect guitar line on "If you change your mind." I think I heard him say "perfect." I have never heard him sound better. And to Marc and family. I really enjoyed meeting you guys. We will stay in touch. Steve
  12. From someone who seldom gets on the board these days... I "diverted" my flight home from Reno (business of course) to Cleveland and have tix, so I am going!! So, count me in...I'll probably be at Otto's by 6:00 (after I snake my way to the parking garage on Vincent). Steve
  13. Hey Marc - I just popped back on here after several months meself. Welcome! You'll love the thoughtful (well...mostly) discussion.
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