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  1. A-ROD will pass Bonds as long as he does not get hurt.
  2. It seems the band got a positive hometown review from the first reunion concert and on the front page no less along with TV coverage from the top 4 stations so sometimes this argument about the band getting no local coverage is tired. I am sure NYC/LA had a front page article and interviews on the NBC,ABC,CBS and FOX local outlets as well. Of course they were the grand marshalls on the Macy parade..wait, that was the Cleveland Christmas parade, my bad. Oh, they are getting airplay for the new release and an interview on LA's WNCX, 98.5. (now someone is claiming WNCX is in Cleveland? How can that be?)
  3. Its still in stock on I-TUNES. The delivery means of music has changed and there is no looking back. Movies are next. I downloaded the movie we watched last night off X-BOX Live. It only took me 15 minutes to do so and it was high def and 5.1 sound. Times have changed people.
  4. Kirk, WalMart as an RCA jack switch that sells for under ten bucks and you can take one set of inputs on your receiver and plug 4 or 5 different feeds and just flip a switch to select your feed, but perhaps trying to sync the DVD and CD may be the way to go if you could keep them in sync. I am looking forward to the 5.1 sound from the dvd myself. Now if we can get them to release on BluRay at 1080p with Lossless sound....WOW! (I doubt that will ever happen!)
  5. Kirk, can't you run the audio out from your DVD player to the AUX input on your stereo and turn the TV sound down?
  6. I just talked with Bill Louis who is the programming director at WNCX and he says he did play it. He says the only songs listed on the web site are ones in the computer that they "have" to play but they all add personal extras that are not on the list so I was not crazy. He said, yes it came out on Tuesday and he really likes it.
  7. Now I am confused. I went to NCX's website to look at what they played today and its not listed but they did play it. I do not understand.
  8. Not sure Al. I just finished listening to the Sunset CD in my car and flipped over to the radio and they were playing it. They played a couple more songs after it by other classic artists and I switched over to KNR for some sports news/talk before the DJ came on. Not sure if was the first song of the set and if he introd it or not. I would bet he might have as NCX is one of the few radio stations left that seems to let the DJ's have some latitude in what they play without a strict playlist.
  9. WNCX has "Live on Sunset" in its on air rotation. I heard "I Wanna Be With You" today around 11 AM. Wncx 98.5 Cleveland
  10. The full version is on I-TUNES. You have to open the entire Raspberrie cataloug and its listed there as a partial album. No way to buy it all at once. What you can do is buy the 13 song version for 9.99 and then buy each of the extra songs one at a time for .99. Just set it up in your burn que to recreate the song order on the disc(s).
  11. I emailed Jeff maynor and perhaps he can set up an interview on the Sunday morning news show. I also sent an email to John Lanigan as he has interviewed Eric a few times and emails to all Cleveland TV stations as well.
  12. Wally was plugged for this though but its still outstanding.
  13. Anyone that has the DVD..are the five tracks mixed in 5.1?
  14. My goodness. That version of SHOULD I WAIT on this release could be a hit if it could get airplay. Overnight Sensation is outstanding as well. I cannot believe that a song with all the vocal parts as that one can be done so well live. (and I seen these guys do it live 5 times on the tour but this just confirms my ears at that time) And quite a few other gems on this release as well.
  15. No sooner then I ask....Its now available on I-Tunes (Standard 13 song version)
  16. So, when the heck is I-TUNES going to release it for download? The page is there but it still says preorder for 7/31 release but its not available to download yet?
  17. Hey Al!. I got the email and do the link but the sixth download is not on the page, only the first 5.
  18. Best Buy in Mayfield Heights not carrying it. Hell, that's just about Eric's home town. The problem is BEST BUY has very few (if any) employees, managers or whatever over the age of 26.
  19. Best Buy and Circut City sell a turntable that plugs into a USB port on your PC and makes it easy to burn CD's or make MP3's from those old albums that you love and would love to play in your car or on your I-POD. Its under 200 bucks.
  20. I am going to buy a download from I-Tunes plus buy a another copy from a local store and await the full version DVD in a couple weeks as well. Just doing my part. I would love if we could push it up in the I-TUNES top ten download list.
  21. You can download the regular edition for under ten bucks on I-Tunes as well
  22. They did do "I'll Be Back" on that LA radio show they did. I sure wish they would do that one in concert when (if?) they ever play together again.
  23. Just outstanding. Another song that the "unplugged", (or mostly unplugged), treatment makes it better than ever. Where have these guys been for the past two years! LOL!
  24. So far, the wife and I think this is the best of the VH1 performances we have seen. Probaly because the song is well suited for an "unplugged" performance.
  25. Sgt Peppers is much more than the music itself. My Fav is the original British version of Rubber Soul, songs the Beatles could have done if they ever would have been on UNPLUGGED.
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