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  1. Here is one of the unique videos (45 of them to be in game) of Beatles:Rockband. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfvKKZABemc&feature=related Downloadable content will also be available for the game including All You Need Is Love and the entire Abbey Road album.
  2. This Sunday, VH1 Classic and QVC will be airing "The Beatles Shop." During the program you will have the opportunity to pre-order TB:RB and all of TB Remastered Albums. There will most likely be info on The Beatles: Rock Band. Also, HMXHenry has confirmed that HMX employees will be taking phone calls and placing orders! When? - Sunday, August 9, 2009 from 9 – 10 p.m. ET and Monday, August 10, 2009 from 3 – 4 a.m. ET and 5 – 6 p.m. ET. Why? - Purchase all of your favorite Beatles items! Including the remastered albums and The Beatles: Rock Band! (Note: No items will not be shipped before 9.9.09)
  3. ELO is another that should be in. After all they put cellos in rock. A bit unique I would say.
  4. Saturday night into Sunday looks bad weather wise in Cleveland
  5. I think the Berries are missing a chance to do a free performance of "GATW" on the mall between Jacobs and The "Q" during one of the rallies that they had and will have there. Other performers ala Michale Stanley were there. Its a natural for a Cleveland band. (and bring some CD's to sell at the event)
  6. I think they should record a couple of songs and sell them on the website and eliminate the middle men who are doing nothing for them anyway.
  7. Maybe a little biased here but I bet they would have sold more tickets if they would have done the show(s) in Cleveland. It would be more of a headline. The problem in NYC is there is so much going on that its easy for something like this to slip under the radar
  8. The only thing missing from the DVD on ICR is a camera that could have been elevated a bit so we could actually see Eric playing his keyboard.
  9. BluRay and HD-DVD use higher standards for sound but very few receivers can decode LOSSLESS and TRUE DOLBY off the High Def DVD formats. There was a lot of debate on DTS and 5.1 on movies and for most its really hard to tell much of a difference when the DVD's are coded with each and you can switch between them on the fly. I was a little disappointed that the surround chanels on Live On Sunset Strip were not more active but that is a personal taste for sure. Some people like to hear only audience in the surrounds but others like the mix to be like one is sitting in the center of the stage and you can hear different members of the band in each of the 5 channels. ELO's ZOOM and The Eagles Live in Melbourne DVD's are mixed that way and they are a mind blowing listen/view IMO.
  10. Cleveland does not get it? What other city had the first comeback concert on the front page of the states largest newspaper? What other city had members of the band appear on the top 4 TV stations? What other city has a radio station that has the SUNSET STRIP album in its on air play rotation? What other city had band members in studio live on the air to talk about the new release? What other city had the band as grand marshalls of a Christmas (or any other) parade. I think there are a hell of lot more areas in the country that "don't get it". You people act as if the band is selling out stadiums outside of Cleveland. The bands base is and always has been Cleveland.
  11. Favorite "honest ad-lib" is after "If You Change Your Mind" Dave mentions "God I love that song". Dave made that remark at a few shows and I really do not think it was an ad-lib because if you notice the stage light lit up on him and he made the comment. I do think the comment is heartfelt but not a spur of the moment thing.
  12. SO now there is an Easter egg hidden in the thing?
  13. SHOULD I WAIT is just outstanding and a hit waiting to be a hit.
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