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  1. Darlene, I agree the Knack were/are great. I was really impressed with what they did with the JET song. I've watched every episode of this hideous show so far and am now convinced Eric should go on solo. Nobody yet has done a hit as big as 'All By Myself." Just him and a piano. I think he would win easily. And it would sure be fun to see what hit from today he would perform as his second song. Think of the exposure! This show is a huge hit. Plus alot of the artists have aged badly or gotten fat and Eric looks good. I really hope his manager is on this.
  2. All I can say is that I thought I knew as much as anybody about Eric and Raspberries, until I read the book. To be truthful, I expected a whitewash or at least a vanity production. Instead I got a gritty, honest and not always flattering account of Eric's life. Whoever thought we would ever have such an account to read? The book is wonderful and truthful and I really believe the honesty of it is what made this re-union possible. I think when Wally read what Eric really thought of him, the healing process could finally begin. And who’s to say that Bernie and Ken won't put together an addendum or updated edition someday to cover all the new developments, and maybe some of the questions raised in this post. But all in all, if another word is never written, I’ll still be grateful that this wonderful gift was made available to us all. MAC
  3. Jen, there is no doubt. Eric's trimmed down and he's been hitting the gym. Good for him. Question for those who attended. How did Eric do with the high notes in IDKWIW? I noticed that he's clear as a bell up high, but can't really get the vocal grit he had in his younger days. Was he able to growl? How did it come off? MAC
  4. It looks like Eric has dropped about 30 pounds and packed some muscle on his arms too. With his LA tan, he just looks fabulous. Can't wait for NY!!!!
  5. Trindy, the rumor is that Pete Ham and Tom Evans are coming back from the dead for this show. You don't want to miss it:) MAC
  6. Hopefully management is on this one already. New Show on NBC starting next week called "Hit Me Baby One More Time.". Apparently they bring back bands from the past and they compete each week by doing an old and new songs. The Audience chooses the winners. Sounds like a cross between "American Idol" and "Where Are They Now." In any case Raspberries would be a natural for this. They are having The Knack, Tiffany,Tommy Tutone, Vanilla Ice,Irene Cara, Loverboy and others. More details at NBC.com.
  7. Imagine the Beatles coming back and doing songs from Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road with just the foursome? I guess I am not understanding this facination with seeing Raspberries "Raw." They were using sidemen starting with the Side 3 tour. When they recorded, they had the greatest Overdub ever, his name was Jimmy Ienner. So they were always interested in making a bigger sound than just the four of them. It's just natural for them to want to re-create the sound from the original recordings when they play live, which they realized 30 years ago was impossible. When I saw them there was no mistaking the kick-ass "core" sound that only those four guys make together. I was amazed at how tight and strong and unmistakable that sound was. The Overdubs are just a little ice cream on a delicious Raspberry pie. That's just my opinion, but I'm sticking with it.
  8. I'm going to agree with Jack. I wasn't counting musicians either. I didn't care, All I knew was they sounded better than I had even imagined they could. Marv, a short acoustic set IS a great idea ("Hands On You" comes to mind), but I'd trade it in a New York second for a brand new Carmen/Bryson song. I'm sure Darlene would say that they haven't exactly been disappointing us so far, so we should just leave it to them. She's been calling this thing right from the beginning. So, I'm gonna just trust that they know what they want to do, and whatever it is, we're going to like it. It's going to be a GREAT SUMMER! MAC
  9. Billy, I have two extra tickets because VIP seats became available later in the day at Ticketmaster. If you want them, you can have them at half price. Email me at Brian-Mac@msn.com
  10. Laura, thanks so much. You would think doing a search with Media Player would look in Temporary Internet Files, but it seems to purposely not bother to go there. Are you coming to the New york shows or WAB3? If you are, expect a surprise from me! I.O.U. Big Time! I discovered another way tonight. Go to Internet Options, choose the "General" tab click on "Settings" and then "View Files." Now Right click and choose "arrange by type." You'll find all your MP3's clumped together in one spot and you can drag them to your desktop or copy to a folder. Happy Hunting, and Laura thanks again, you are an Angel. Brian
  11. Bernie, I feel like I've hit the lottery. The sound quality on the new MP3's are amazing. Three great songs and performances. Thanks so much. Now if only I could figure out how to save these things on my computer... Oh well, maybe the Christmas Fairy will mail the files to me at brian-mac@msn.com I've been a very good boy this year Santa. Bought tickets to all the shows... MAC
  12. I'm changing my vote from "High Cost" to "No Matter What." MAC
  13. My Vote goes for "High Cost of Loving." I don't think that many of the EricCarmen-ites have heard it yet and I think everyone will flip!
  14. Marv, not to nitpick, but I'm pretty sure it was... HEY, HEY, HEY, it's a beautiful day. And speaking as a musician, I don't think it's ever easy to take criticism from "reviewers" that can't do what you do. Especially when it's mean spirited. Music is like food. Not everyone likes the same things. There has never been a song that EVERYONE agrees on. So the guy writing the music can never win. I think it must be tough for Eric to come up here and read posts from people ripping on Winter Dreams. That CD has "Born To Love You," "Forever Tonight" and "Top Down Summer" on it. Any of us “critics†written anything better lately? So my motto is… be constructive or be silent.
  15. Thanks Bernie. In 100 years I never would have seen it right there under Eric's chin.
  16. Not a complaint Bernie, just a suggestion. Could there be a way to skip the flash intro for us frequent visitors? Once you've seen it a few times, you just don't want to wait through it. Maybe you could hide a link on Eric's nose or something? MAC
  17. Just snagged a second VIP seat for Saturday night so they are definitely there. Good Luck!
  18. Diane you are the best. You are personally responsible for me getting a chance to meet my "American Idol" Eric Carmen! I bought 2 tickets to each show around 12.30 today and there were NO VIP seats available. After reading your post I snagged one. Of course now I have too many tickets but what else is new. Thanx so much. Anybody else that wants to go VIP, Now is your chance!!! Now would someone explain about Dave and these Lobsters?
  19. Thanks for the info Marv & Barb. Are you positive that the people who buy the $150 VIP tickets don't get the seats? Cause frankly after spending Sunday afternoon at WAB3, I may be having a little trouble standing:)
  20. So here it is 48 hours before the tickets go on sale, and nobody knows how to purchase the reserved seats? That would be a handy litte piece of information. Any chance you could find out for us Marv?
  21. Isn't it amazing that no-one at BBK has the good business sense to call a meeting and make a decision which could make the difference between their restaurant being full or empty on the two nights Raspberries play? They are dealing with the official Raspberries Website and ERICCARMEN.COM here. You'd think somebody at BBK's would grow a brain. Smell the coffee. Experience a moment of clarity. Do the right thing. I see this kind of thing over and over in corporate America. And then people wonder why their jobs are being "outsourced."
  22. I think Bernie would do it as a labor of love and enjoy every minute of it. And it wouldn't be anything he'd be quiting his day gig for. He didn't quit his job to do "Never Say Die" or that massive book project, or the re-union film intro or even this website. Bernie knows how to focus his energy better than anyone I've ever seen.
  23. Does that include using my mothers iron to try to steam the cover off "Yesterday & Today?" MAC
  24. Bernie, I have always thought that you are the only man for the job. Not some no-nothing record company prick who isn't even a fan. But my dream is more ambitious. A box set spanning all of Eric's solo years! Imagine. The original Piano demo for ABM. Cindy, Devil, and the "High Cost." The lost Eric solo album. And who better to compile, remix and treat the whole thing with the love and care only you could bring to the project. I believe it will happen.
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