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  1. No Matter What. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH. Maybe tomorrow in AC?
  2. I'm sitting here waiting for Darlene's reaction to some of these tidbits...
  3. I was thinking today while driving that paul has never performed "Rocky Racoon" "Martha My Dear" or "I will" live. Must be nice to have so many great songs, you can never do half of them. Marv, I have got to get you a copy of "Return To Pepperland." It's the best thing he never released. I love DNS as well. Lew, I was just thinking in terms of radio airplay and stuff. They just always seem to pick a dud.
  4. This article appeared in the Bergen Record today. Lot's of cool information I hadn't heard before. Jim says they are talking about recording a new album... Raspberries find a reason to reunite Friday, September 16, 2005 By DAVID J. SPATZ Their devoted fans weren't the only ones who were taken by surprise when the 1970s power pop-rock band the Raspberries announced a reunion tour earlier this year. Even the Raspberries never thought it would happen. "There was a period of time when there were so many bad feelings among the various members that a reunion seemed very unlikely," says lead singer and songwriter Eric Carmen, whose soaring voice helped make the group's biggest song, "Go All the Way," one of the top singles of 1972. Besides, adds drummer Jim Bonfanti, there really wasn't a good reason for the band to reunite 32 years after its acrimonious musical divorce. "We needed to have a reason to get back together," Bonfani says, "and the reason just wasn't there." That's what prevented a reunion in 1999, he says. The original members - the others were guitarist Wally Bryson and bassist Dave Smalley - had talked half-heartedly about regrouping then. But with no booking commitments - and unwilling to make a firm commitment to one another — it never materialized. Add to that the fact that they never resolved the differences that originally drove them apart, and it simply wasn't meant to be. That all changed in June 2004 when the House of Blues nightclub chain approached Carmen and Bonfanti and asked if the Raspberries - originally from Cleveland - would reunite for a concert to open their new Cleveland club last November. It sounded exciting to Carmen and Bonfanti, but it still took seven weeks of conversations between the original members before they agreed to give it a shot. "I didn't want to do it and just have it turn out OK," says Carmen, who has enjoyed a successful solo career as a singer and songwriter since the group broke up. "I didn't want people to hear us and say, 'Well, y'know, they weren't that great.'Ÿ" Initially influenced by several bands, including the Beatles, the Raspberries - who play House of Blues at Showboat on Saturday - took their baby steps toward the reunion last September. They rented some rehearsal space, borrowed and rented some equipment, and began re-learning the songs that made them famous - and ultimately drove them apart. "We looked like a garage band," Carmen says with a laugh. "We didn't know if it was going to work out, so we rented a lot of the stuff." Soon, songs like "Overnight Sensation," "Go All the Way" and "I Wanna Be With You" began to sound like they did in the studio more than three decades earlier. "Then I saw Eric starting to buy guitars, and we made deals with [amplifier companies], and I knew it was going to work out," Bonfanti recalls. As they worked out their songs, they also worked out their differences. Gradually, a camaraderie developed that had never existed the first time around, when the band members were all in their early 20s. "Yeah, it's funny how 30 years and having families and developing lives tends to change people," Carmen says with a wry chuckle. Currently booked through the end of the year, Carmen and Bonfanti say there really is no ending date for the reunion. They may consider extending their tour, and they're even talking about recording an album. "It has to be the right thing for us, though, because we're not going to go into a studio and spend six months making [an album] that only five people are going to hear," Bonfanti says. During their first run, the band toured relentlessly to promote and sell their records. The road, Carmen says, played a part in the burn-out factor that led to the break-up. "But now, we don't have that pressure, and we don't have to stay out on the road for six months," says Carmen, whose solo hits include "All by Myself," "Hungry Eyes" (from the movie "Dirty Dancing") and "Make Me Lose Control." As a composer and producer, he also hit the charts with "Almost Paradise," recorded by Ann Wilson and Mike Reno. The Raspberries perform at 9 p.m. Saturday at House of Blues at Showboat. Tickets are $32 and $57, available through Ticketmaster
  5. Anybody ever notice that Bernie never chimes in on posts like these... I always thought "Sleep with Me" would be very powerful performed by Raspberries.
  6. Bernie, you are killing me here. Listen a few more times. PLEASE??? "Too Much Rain" is a tribute to George Harrison, and you can hear the influence. "This Never Happened Before" is as gorgeous a ballad as I've heard from him in years. English Tea could have replaced Honey Pie on the White Album. "How Kind of You" is excellent, full of loops and atmosphere, but a really good song too. And "Promise To You Girl" is Beatle/Badfinger pop like no-one else can make. My only complaint is there is no screaming rocker on the disc. you usually get at least one. Marv? What do you think of "Back Seat of my Car?" Have you ever heard "Return to Pepperland?" I agree about the choice of singles. Loving Flame should have been the single off Drivin Rain and "This Never Happened Before" should have been IT off this one. Pierson, I'm going to run out and get Van Duren, because I really respect your popinions. Other great McCartney B-sides include "The Loveliest Thing." and "Kicked Around No More." By the way Chaos is garnering some of Paul's best ever post Beatle reviews. I'm going to be in the first five rows at the Garden and then flying out to Vegas to see him at the MGM grand Thanksgiving week. The guy is so great we almost don't deserve him. MAC
  7. And there I was thinking I didn't understand "cool." I thought BB was speaking some hip language I just didn't "get." Old age I figured. He seemed harmless enough though. Bernie, that might be most fiery and passionate post I've ever read from you. You were obviously tortured having to make this decision. All I can say is there are plenty of people writing here that DO NOT tow the Company Line (if there is one), or kiss Ass. I've posted some controversial subjects and never had a word "moderated." All of our personal opinions are respected. That's why I like it here. Knowing this, I am positive that BB must have crossed the line to the point of no return, for Bernie to have taken this drastic action. MAC
  8. Julia, just one more question. Will there be cake?
  9. Tim, maybe Eric can wear Prince's spandex leopard print jumpsuit... Seems like the consensus is "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine." Don't think it can happen? Remember, "I Don't Know What I Want" was recommended by a fan. Keeping my fingers crossed and both feet.
  10. OK, they are showing no rooms available for Friday and Saturday. How did you guys do it?
  11. That's it. All the best people are staying at the Showboat. Count me in too. Expedia, here I come...
  12. ...Is like time travel and the fountain of youth. You go back to a place you've never been before, and the years fall away.
  13. Roadie, thanks for the cool insight about Money Down. And for everything else you do.
  14. Anne, a great one. But somehow I don't see it happening...
  15. Thanks Darlene, I just bought the Balcony A or B seats. Which means I have two extra tickets AGAIN. I'm sure later on there will be "meet and greet" tickets in section 301 for $150, but these are good enough for me.
  16. I am staying at Bally's as well. Going to make a weekend of it. Hope to party with you guys!
  17. I'm shocked that so many people love "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine." I thought I was the only one. And Billy, Come Around And See Me would bring the house down. The song that started it all. Great choice. Maybe Eric and Wally could make a deal. They put Drivin Around (which I think Wally hates) back on the list and add "Money Down" (Which Eric Hates). Any other closet "Money Down" lovers out there?
  18. Oh God, they're doing it to me again. I've had extra tickets for every show. I thought I was doing OK when I got Balcony C row L. Where are these row A & B seats located and how do I buy them? HELP!!!!
  19. Darlene, I forgot that you have major juice with Eric. So if they DO play the new version of IWTBWY, I'm giving you all the credit. No way Kirk, we need to hear it in AC too.
  20. This is just Fantasy here. I know we're all fine with whatever they decide to play or not play. However, if Bernie happened to chime in with a request...we just might hear it. hint...hint...
  21. Bernie, what about Audio Only? I'd sell my car to get a board mix of Sunday Night!!!
  22. I don't know about you, but as much as I love the Beatles covers and stuff, I'd much rather hear more Raspberries originals. "On The Beach" "I Reach For The Light" "Every Way I Can" and "Crusin Music" quickly come to mind. And of course "Starting Over" and Drivin Around" which I've previously mentioned. Anybody else got any favorites they are dying to hear?. Still a month to go before AC. Plenty of time for the band to entertain our requests!!! MAC
  23. Yes, Hearing "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" live, was like hearing it for the very first time. So much more than the recorded version.
  24. Yes, portions of the show were taped. I saw Bernie with a Camcorder, Kay Bryson and a few others. But it wasn't professionally videotaped and recorded.
  25. I missed the first Cleveland show, as well as Chicago. To those that were there, have they ever done "Starting Over" since they re-united? Seems like such a perfect song considering the circumstances. Another question I'll throw out to the panel. Does anybody know why they stopped doing "Drivin Around?" People kept shouting it out both nights in New York, and it is one of their better known songs. Just seems weird that they don't play it.
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