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  1. Pierson, makes your brain hurt doesn't it? It's like digging for gold. The genuine stuff is rare and precious. I appreciate you taking the time to make that list and I will be checking out everything on it. Thanks All MAC
  2. There is a little known CD called "Poetry and Airplanes" by a guy named Teiter. I was turned on to it by an article I read Esquire written by John Mayer. It's gorgeous light romantic Pop from start to finish, but NOT fluff. This guy is one serious singer songwriter. A great choice for those special moments with your mate. For something older but beautiful, Steven Bishop's first LP "Careless" still sounds wonderful. MAC
  3. Make Me lose Control is one of the great mysteries of Rock and Roll. Eric is riding high off the success of Hungry Eyes. Arista follows with Lose Control AS A SINGLE RELEASE and it promptly becomes a huge pop hit going all the way to number two on the Billboard chart. The song was great and so was the video. Ricky and The Tooth are back! So what happens after that? NOTHING. No follow up album. No tour. Nothing. What a great opportunity lost to re-launch Eric's career with a new album and promotional push off back to back international smash hits. Clive Davis should be shot.
  4. What I'm really looking for here is specific songs. For instance as great as the "Starting Over" record is, there is a little song on there called Overnight Sensation. That would be a Pop Masterpiece. I'm looking for favorites of yours that I might not have heard. I have all the Spongetones stuff, along with CVS, Twilley, Pernice, Big Star and Wilson/Foskett/Beach Boys. Thanks for sharing your undiscovered gems with me. I figure Cartmill might chime in at some point, as soon as he thinks of something twisted to say. But in the meantime, I am enjoying the Butch Walker CD very much. MAC
  5. C'mon E, Bernie is between books right now, the Website is rockin and apparently the man has boundless energy and passion when it comes to your music. If not him then who? Besides, it's time to clean up that messy attic...
  6. "My Days of Wonder" Nick Breetveld "Kailee Ann" Michael Carpenter "After All" Sugarbomb Yours? Absolute Top Three Only! PS I'm going on a buying spree at Amazon and need your help. Knock my socks off! MAC
  7. Speaking strictly from a $$$ standpoint, an intimate Eric solo tour, even with a backing ensemble (or overdubs), would certainly bring in a lot more dollars for Eric. And all of us would pack whatever House of Blues or venue we could drive or fly to to see it. The last tour proved this is possible, mainly due to Bernie providing us with a place where we could all gather as a force to be reckoned with.
  8. That song is how I discovered Raspberries in the first place. Not "Go All The Way." They played it one day on WNEW here in New York, but of course they never tell you who it is. I couldn't get through to the radio station, so I headed down to the Town and Country Music Store on my bike. Nobody there knew anything but they had this humongous yellow book called a PhonoLog. I looked it up and of course there were a whole bunch of "I Can Remembers listed. I took a shot at Raspberries because it was the most recently released. I went home and must have played that song 20 times. Just couldn't get over it. To me, it sounded like something that might have been on side two of Abbey Road if Mozart had been one of the Fab Four. Years later I would get a similar feeling when a more mature Eric blew me away with Runaway. But that's a story for another thread...
  9. It was epic and sweeping and beautiful on every level. It will aways be one of my favorites along with Let's Pretend. Eric, I'm going to take a crack at the mix CD as well (along with the famous Mr P). It seems I spend half my life searching for just the kind of music you are looking to "sink your teeth into." I think I can provide a 9 course meal on a single CD. Will forward to Bernie. If you want a CD of Mccartney's best unreleased stuff included, let me know. There are some unbelievable Gems like "Return To Pepperland" most people have never heard. I think you would enjoy immensely! MAC
  10. Pernice Brothers and CVS. If there were any justice in the world, these guys would be zillionaire's. Instead they struggle along making great music for sheer love of it.
  11. Man Steve, Burton Cummings and EC. What an amazing idea! I could just see them doing Marathon Man together for an Encore. Really glad Eric reads this stuff.
  12. Cubfan, I could be totally wrong about this, but I sense some degree of resentment by the other members of Raspberries to Eric's solo success. I think a solo segment would be an amazing addition to the show. Even the Eagles do hits from Joe Walsh and Don Henley when they play live. But I don't think you are going to see it happen. That's why I'm hoping intimate solo shows at small venues is Eric's next move... Just Eric and a Piano would be plenty enough for me. Maybe then we'd get to hear the slow version of Go All The Way!
  13. Tony, As far as the Pernice Brothers are concerned, you've really got to start with "Yours Mine and Ours." Track one will have you hooked forever as 'The Weakest Shade Of Blue" is one of the most wonderful pop confections you will ever feast your ears on. Think "Sunrise" meets "Don't Worry Baby." The rest of the CD is very strong as well. After that it's on to "The World Won't End." Pierson, have you checked out Chris Von Sneidern yet? I hope not, I'd love to turn you on to a really good thing! MAC
  14. I've alway wondered what the inspiration was for this song. Was it about a particular girl or relationship? Did you sit down and write it as a complete piece or did you put it together in sections over time? How did your bandmates and The Tooth react when you first played it for them?
  15. Eric, everything you wrote is so true. I also think the video age has had an effect on the quality of music we are getting. When I was growing up, all I had was my ears, so I was always on the lookout for music that would please them. Great vocals, songs and production. So of course I loved your stuff so much. I can’t tell you the effect your music had on my life. But younger folks today are born with an XBOX in their hand, are raised on MTV, and learn computers in school at 10 years old. So instead of looking for things that sound great to their ears, they gravitate to things that please the eyes. Listening has become a lost art. This probably explains Britney Spears and all the Boy Band crap. It’s a nice visual package for that age group. And it’s all they know. It’s really sad when you think about it. And let’s not forget about the decline of radio. Back in the 70’s you could turn on 99X here in New York and hear “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree†on the same station that was playing “Radar Love†five minutes later. That stopped happening in the 80’s when radio got totally regimented. It’s all so corporate now. When I was a teen, the DJ was King and he could play whatever he wanted. Push even. I’ll never forget a Sunday afternoon, when you stopped by WNEW in New York and visited with Dennis Elsas. He literally dropped everything and spent the entire afternoon with you chatting and playing your music on the radio. Being a big fan, I enjoyed it so much and never forgot that day. That could never happen now. We’ve lost so much. Maybe, with the advent of Satellite radio there will be more of a chance for new talent to emerge. I know somewhere out there, a great new talent is sitting alone at a piano somewhere, writing an amazing pop opera about hearing his song play on the radio. But the way things are stacked against him in today’s music business, we’ll probably never hear that Hit Record. MAC
  16. That's fantastic Bernie. Now you and Ken can start working on the second edition. So much new history has been made since the last printing. Talk about new chapters!! I'll be the first in line to purchase the revised book:)
  17. Could somebody PLEASE explain to me about Drew. I feel like somebody just told a great joke, everybody's laughing, and I don't understand the punchline. JohnO, it was Circuit City and I was thinking the same thing. I don't think that's what they had in mind when they instituted the 30 day money back guarantee... But it's free advertising for them. The thing I couldn't get over is how hairy the guy was. Literally. Think Godzilla with a hook nose... I think Eric should put in a call to Clive Davis and get his ass in the studio and start recording. If that fossil Barry Manilow can score a number one album in 2006, then why not our guy? MAC
  18. Hi Folks! The Documentary "My Date With Drew" came on Pay Per View this week and I watched it last night. Cute movie! It's about one man's quest to win a date with Drew Barrymore and all the trials and tribulations he goes through trying to make that happen. Just when all seems lost and our hero will never hook up with DB, guess what song comes blaring on the soundtrack? "All By Myself" of course, Eric version. It works beautifully in the film, you really feel sad for the guy. This may be old news, but I hadn't heard about it and thought you guys might want to check it out. MAC
  19. Can't believe I waited a fricken year for a Cartmill Concert Review, and all I get is posts about smelling ear wax... Tony spill the beans. What did you think???
  20. You all need to listen to "She Knows Me Too Well" by the Beach Boys. If that wasn't the main influence for I Can Remember, I'll eat my hat.
  21. I think Tony just likes to get us all riled up. Personally, I think it's fun. Of course, not having gone to ANY, repeat NOT ONE, ZILCH, ZERO, NADA, shows, he'd hardly know how good IYCYM sounds live.
  22. You know Tony, "If you Change your Mind" is pretty much the favorite Eric song of the other three Raspberries, and they have said as much on stage. You can't just say something is "crappy" because you don't like it. Music is like sushi, Automobiles or anything else that is subjective. One man's junk is another man's treasure. And I've always loved "Might as Well." MAC
  23. Hey Cartmill, Looked for you AC. No show again?
  24. Me and Sue were wondering where everyone is going for dinner before the show tonight. Any suggestions as to where we will find the most Board Members stuffing their happy faces before desert...which is of course fresh Raspberries!
  25. Billy, that whole album is a killer. It's pretty much a Mccartney solo album that nobody knows about. And "Leave it" is the best cut. Marvin, send me your address. If I'm going to burn you a CD, there will be other surprises. Have you ever heard Wally's song about Eric "Yer Stale" for instance?
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