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  1. Oh man, it just played this huge Eric Carmenique rocker with a huge vocal by some group called "Dashboard Confessional" followed by "Brighter Than Sunshine" by Aqualung. I love that song... Alright I'm gonna shut up now...
  2. It just played "Tiny Dancer' by Elton and followed it with "My Love" by Mccartney. This is the radio station I've been searching my whole life for...
  3. What a trip. You guys have got to try this! Go to www.pandora.com and enter Eric Carmen as your favorite artist. The site will then create a personal radio station for you that "captures the unique and magical musical identity of the artist. Everything from melody, harmony and rhythm, to instrumentation, orchestration, arrangement, lyrics, and of course the rich world of singing and vocal harmony." Then IT PLAYS SONGS THAT AN ERIC CARMEN FAN WOULD ENJOY based on a computer model that they have been working on for 6 years. Right now it's playing a really cool song by a group I never heard of called Fairfield Parlour that sounds eerily like "Don't Want To Say Goodbye." It's really cool and free. Imagine...Eric Carmen Radio exists in 2006! MAC
  4. Paul Davie, I think we all feel what you conveyed so beautifully in your post. Bravo and Ditto. Irving Azoff used to run Giant Records, and is a HUGE Brian Wilson fan. This has me thinking this could be the start of something really good. When Brian Wilson did his "Pet Sounds Live" tour, he used local orchestras in the different cities he played. But some of the shows had no orchestra at all. So if Eric does take this thing on the road, he would have that option as well. In smaller venues, an intimate show with just a good band would be extremely cool. I guess I'm rooting for this not to be a one shot deal, because I think people will come out to see Eric play in many cities across the US.
  5. You can't get closer then a confirmation than that! And I just have this feeling that one solo date will lead to many more. Talk about Winter Dreams. How about an Eric Carmen show in New York this winter? Darlene, I did the same as you and got a great seat for the 2nd show at TBL as well. I saw him many times through the years, but that was the best of the "solo" shows for me. He was fantastic, the band was great and the room had terrific acoustics. Were you at the WNEW Christmas Concert? I always suspected that Frampton's people sabotaged the sound system that night...
  6. Darlene, I was at the Bottom Line as well. I'll never forget when they blasted into Sunrise after the piano and synth intro. The wall of sound almost knocked you over, with two drummers pounding away and the rest of that amazing band he had. I remember him finishing up with Be My Baby complete with castanets! The place was packed to the rafters for every show. What a rush!
  7. I'll second the request for the piano version of Let's Pretend. If the Overdubs are included then "Almost Paradise" becomes a possibility.
  8. Not to get everybody salivating or anything, but let me throw in a quote from Mr. Carmen himself. "Preparing for a single show takes just as much work as an entire tour..." Can you say "An Evening With Eric Carmen" presented by the House Of Blues." Sort of rolls off the tongue real easy doesn't it?.
  9. And of course a "theoretical" post like this, dreamed up by the ever sly (like a fox) Mr M, just might influence Mr C's decision making about what songs all his travel weary fans would most want to hear...
  10. I'm not picturing any solo show that doesn't include "Overnight Sensation." Also, an argument could be made for "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" and "Change of Heart." I would can "She Did It," it never came across well live, but I think "Runaway" would be a great addition. A Rockin version of "Walk Away Renee" would bring the house down. And of course he's never getting out of the building without playing "Born To Love You." MAC
  11. Marvin, You get my vote for best post yet. You have a gift for probing ever so gently, but with great precision. Sort of the ANTI CARTMILL, if you will... We can discuss further on October 6th in Cleveland.
  12. I saw five of the ten shows, but I missed LA and Chicago. New's Years Eve was special, they were very loose and strong that night. But I will never forget the 2nd night in New York. That was the best concert I've ever seen. Eric, what show was the most memorable for you and why?
  13. I've been holding off buying the new Beatles Box until I can be sure to get one with the proper mixes. It's been said that the Beatles spent weeks making the mono mixes and only days on the stereo ones. On the recent Mccartney Doc Jeff mentioned, Paul talked about how the Beatles would bounce tracks over and over to create the 4 track masters. He said the bouncing was the secret to the great "crunchy" guitar sound the Beatles always got. A great pair of headphones is another great way to "take apart" a recording. Overnight Sensation is a great headphone listen. So much going on. The drums are thunderous on the solo at the end and reveal a lot about the production. No wonder John Lennon was impressed...
  14. Love the segue from IDKWIW to Won't Get Fooled Again. Nice work Bernie. It must have taken you hours to prepare and upload those files. The mad genius (and Neil Diamond lookalike) does it again! Thanks. MAC
  15. The juicy details we are treated to on a regular basis since Eric starting posting are truly amazing. Not that we don't deserve it after 30 years of faithful service, but it is much appreciated. Eric has taken so much heat through the years for his "perfectionist tendencies." But who else would have thought to hire Mark Linnett to record the LA show? Whatever them project's final form. I have no doubt that we should brace ourselves for something really special.
  16. Don, I'm pretty sure I rememeber hearing that "Let's Pretend" was one of the few records that ever dropped out of the Top 40 only to return. It might even have done it twice. As you know, once they go down, they usually stay down. I recall Kasey Kasem going on about it on American Top 40 when I was a kid. Any way to check this? MAC
  17. I was running a large music store in New Jersey from 1976 till 1983 and we were one of the stores on Billboard's "report list." Every week I would get a call from at least one record company promotional person requesting "help" on this record or that. Sometimes they even came to the store with free goodies. I'll never forget when the Arista Rep brought me a cassette of "It Hurts Too Much" over a month before it came out. I was blown away and so was he, but he had a very good reason why there was no way it would ever be a hit. Some internal crap going on at the record company, somebody got fired and this would not be a "product" the new regime wanted to "get behind." Some nonsense like that. Welcome to the record business. Forget that it was some of E's most brilliant work in years, he wound up being at the mercy of some political BS involving the suits at Arista.
  18. how bout... "If you believe that what we're doing is right, close your eyes and be still..." Imagine saying that to a girl today?
  19. Marvin, Good to hear from you. I know you think I've forgotten about that item I was going to send you. I have not, and one day soon you will go out to your mailbox and find a nice surprise waiting for you. MAC
  20. Just one more from me, since I've been seething about this since about 4 in the morning. Anyone who's read Bernie's book knows how Eric really feels about Wally. How much he admires his talent, and musicianship. How he couldn't stand to go on stage without him. He's much more than "just the guitar player." There is magic between those two guys, that is evident every time they play together and both of them know it. Someone needs to rent the movie "Spinal Tap" for the folks over at the other site. Maybe then they could understand the band dynamic better.
  21. Anybody who has ever been in a band EVER, knows that wives and girlfriends have lead to the demise of many a great group. Can you say Yoko Ono? I rest my case. Eric, thanks for tackling this tough subject and standing up for yourself without attacking anyone. You are a class act. MAC
  22. Screw it, everybody else ignored the top three rule, why not me? Three more... "Wedding Bells" Godley & Creme "Earn Enough For Us" XTC "Pauline" Richard X Heyman
  23. And Cartmill finally checks in. I was beginning to think he didn't know any Pop Masterpieces since he doesn think "I Can Remember" is one:) Pierson, WOW you actually know "Close Your Eyes" by Edward Bear? I remember putting that one on a mix tape right after "Last Song." Are you familiar with Richard X Heyman at all? Brilliant intelligent pop, you would love. Mamacote. "Roll To Me" ain't to bad either. Great Band. Mannoman, I always thought it was about a guy who didn't have enough money to afford a high maintenance chick. Did I miss the point? Thanks again everybody. The Amazon damages now stand at $234.00 and counting... MAC
  24. So apparently, I should ask Darlene to marry me?
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