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  1. Lew, not a big Mariah fan, but thinking about the nice job she did on Nilsson's "Without You" I could just imagine the big buildup she would give that final "There's romance in the sunset, we're boats against the current till the end." I think you've got a winner there. And BlackHawk, Couldn't you just hear Jet doing "Hard To Get Over A Heartache?"
  2. After hearing that hideous excuse for a song Celine Dion sang at the Oscars, I'd say she's in desperate need of "Born To Love You."
  3. I wonder if Eric still has the denim jumpsuit?
  4. Sample of Travolta savaging Eric's tune at Amazon.com Best of John Travolta. Funny.
  5. and his hair sure does look purdy...
  6. Of course I was kidding! What is the Cartnill the only person around here that can be silly:)? But if you've ever heard the John Travolta version of "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" you'd get the joke. You know I thought long and hard about somebody that actually sounds like Eric, but it's really tough.I don't really think he sounds particularly like Richard Marx or even Paul McCartney for that matter. You sort of need at least two people to do it. How bout Roger Daltry on the Hard Rockers, and "wouldn't it be nice" era Brian Wilson on the other stuff?
  7. Emitt Rhodes--Paul McCartney David Gates--David Mead Pete Ham--Paul Mccartney One Legged Pirate--Heather Mills Jullian Lennon--John Lennon Eric Carmen--John Travolta (but just on NGFILA) John Mayer--Josh Kelley Five For Fighting--James Blunt (or Tweety Bird)
  8. But I think if this war has taught us anything, it's that there are places in the world where ruthless dictators are actually useful. Say what you want about Saddam, but that wacko was able to keep law and order, and keep all the warring factions at bay. Now we have created the Terrorist Capitol of the World, where everyone can gather to fight and kill the Imperialist Americans!
  9. Let's all remember that Let's Pretend, I Reach For The Light, and I believe a third song were all written in a single weekend. Once Eric gets going, there's no telling what can happen. In the meantime, can't we get Bernie cracking on the Rarities Box Set that will only be available at ericcarmen.com? MAC
  10. It would have been great for the old Meatloaf. The one who could sing his Ass off and had that huge stage presense. Unfortunately now he sings in a hideous vibrato, swoops up to every note, and seems to be lagging in slow mo behind the music. All that as he looks like he might pass out on the stage in a pool of sweat at any moment...
  11. This is good news for me. They just announced my 30 year class re-union for October 7th. I was picturing all my former classmates seeing me and saying "Nice guy, but he looks like he has Jet Lag." Now I'll be able to make a weekend of this thing like I originally planned. Hard to knock Barbara with her wonderfully powerful voice and spectacular 40 year career. I wonder if she'll be doing "Stoney End." Love that one.
  12. Not only has Paul never played "Back Seat Of My Car" live, but even more surprisingly, he has never done "Uncle Albert" either. Got to put "Sunrise" on the list of gorgeous middle eights... From my bed I can hear the world outside I get up throw my window open wide Take a breath of that fresh air Take a breah of that FRESH air (and I'm thinking...how's he ever gonna make it back from WAY OUT HERE) Fresh air and then he uses that really cool piano thing before the drum roll to take us back home. Sunrise also contains a great "intro" AND "outro" totally unrelated to the rest of the song, but that's a whole topic onto itself. MAC
  13. I was going to say that I was hoping maybe Mike Love would fall off that rooftop... But that would be very Cartnil of me wouldn't it?
  14. After seeing Brian a couple of times with The Wondermints and listening to Smile a few hundred times. I don't want the Beach Boys to re-form.
  15. "Bring Your Friend I Want Her Too" Well I guess this thread just about kills any chance of hearing "Hands on You" on October 6th...
  16. I think George Martin said it best. "All You Need Is Ears"—Yes, The Beatles had just broken up and I was searching. And all those Teenage Frustration Classic's spoke to a kid my age. And watching Raspberries grow by leaps and bounds with each of the four albums was thrilling. But for me, more than anything else, it was your voice and your songs. Great singers that can also write amazingly powerful songs are few and far between. Billy, Elton, Paul and Brian. I can't think of too many others. I put you right up there with those guys. They've got nothing on you other than sales and I mean it. And then there was the Underdog component. For all your success, you never seemed to get the credit you deserved. So I lived your triumphs AND disappointments with you through the years. The low of having "Hit Record" largely ignored. The high of seeing ABM zoom up the charts. I was crushed when "Boats" didn't sell, but I'm glad you made it. Up when "Hungry Eyes" and "Lose Control" topped the charts, and then puzzled by the silence thereafter. Yes, you've provided the soundtracks for many of our lives, but more than that, the music you've made is just extraordinary. I think one of the greatest gifts Bernie gave us when he built this website, is that you will always have an audience and an outlet for any future music you may want to make.
  17. Yes, I'm hooked too. I love the way you can fine tune it by telling it which songs you like best. This seems like the future of radio to me. I have a toslink cable running from my computer to my main stereo system and the sound quality Pandora puts out is amazing. I've heard more new music I want to buy this week, then I have in two years of searching Amazon or listening to conventional radio.
  18. Julie, I banished Air Supply from my EC radio along with Toto, but loved "Forgiven? as well. It's on my favorites. It's just a wonderful way to get caught up on some great music you've missed, because listening to conventional radio these days is an exercise in sonic torture.
  19. Skip, I missed the thread where Eric commented on Scott via the 05 tour. Could you point me to it?
  20. Everyone always talks about what a "control freak" Eric is, and yet he allowed the others to put out "Refreshed" and wished them all the luck in the world. I have no doubt he could have blocked its release had he wanted too. I would go see a Raspberries show with Eric and Wally and ANY of the other four. Without Wally though, I stay home and wait for the next EC solo show.
  21. I hate to admit that I agree with most of what Paulie said. I just didn't think anybody would have the balls to say it here. Including me. I don't agree that Raspberries could be Eric and Wally and 2 studio guys. Scott and Michael were very carefully chosen, and Scott is a major talent on his own, and just compliments Eric better than anyone could have imagined. THAT'S why Starting Over wound up being the masterpiece that it is. That and Eric's growing maturity as a songwriter and continued frustration with the music business. It always amazed me that the other guys never seemed to grasp the fact that Eric was THE creative force behind Raspberries. Talent like that doesn't grow on trees. Without him and Wally, there is no band. He never seemed to (and still doesn't obviously) get the respect he deserves from the others. That half baked reunion disc proves it... MAC
  22. I'm addicted to this thing. It just played "Make Me Lose Control" followed by "Every Breath You Take" and then "Downtown Train." Anybody tried Raspberries Radio yet?
  23. Yes Craig. Huge Badfinger fan. I always wondered why Pete Ham didn't sing the chorus too. Did you ever hear the Mccartney version of "Come and Get it?"
  24. But absolutely no chance of some hideous rap song or Mariah Carey screeching endlessly while destroying Harry Nilsson's beautiful "Without You"
  25. Would you believe "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" followed by "I've Loved These Days" by Billy Joel?
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