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  1. I really loved what he did with "You Give Love A Bad Name," but TOTS was great as well. He's going to make a wonderful album. And wasn't Elliot fantastic tonight?
  2. Bernie, I was there in the same audience as you when he played the Radio City show. Not only did he do the five songs, but he played the full version of "All By Myself" on the weirdest looking piano I had ever seen. Turns out if was a Yamaha Clavinova in polished ebony. I ran right out and bought one and still have it today. And it still sounds great. Still baffles me to this day that Clive could have watched Make Me Lose Control rocket up to the top of the charts, and then somehow conclude that Eric had lost his songwriting ability...
  3. As usual you are making this look easy. But we know you have been planning this 10th Anniversary sneak attack for months. It's like fricken Christmas every day here. Could you share a little of the inside dope? How did you come up with the idea for the pin? How did you go about getting it made? Who did you have to bribe or threaten to get the rare flim clips. C'mon we want to know the inner working of the mad genius's lab... and Kathy...do you have any hair left...or did you pull it all out? What's life like with a guy as driven as this? MAC
  4. Craig, would you give me that the show itself hasn't been as good?
  5. Jordin should win and Blake will make a very nice contemporary album, but for me this was a very disappointing season. The mentors seem less involved. It's more like they just show up one day and listen now. Other years, guys like Barry Manilow would spend the whole week working with the talent. Last year you'd really look forward to what Chris Daughtry, Catherine Mcphee and Taylor Hicks were gonna do. I remember rooting so hard for Constantine the year before even though I knew he wasn't the best singer. And there's nobody of the caliber of Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson. Not even close. We don't even have a Kelly Pickler this year for comic relief. Paula seems really out there, NEVER disagrees with Randy, and Simon just looks bored. Like me. Thumbs down. MAC
  6. All we had before EC com was fruitless trips to the record store where we’d find an empty separator card right behind Belinda Carlisle. Our internet searches brought us Opera Singers and sites that would instruct us on the fine art of growing fruit. We never knew why we missed you on the second half of the Dirty Dancing Tour, or why you are the only artist in history to follow up two top 3 smashes with… silence. We have those answers now and many more thanks to this little place. Most of all, we got to find out what a good person you are. The partnership you and Bernie forged here is beautiful. Some things are just meant to be and this is one of them. I’m proud to be a member of this community. MAC
  7. It sounds to me like she is doing sort of a "You Ought to Know" type thing. Kind of cool. It Rocks. She's taking chances. I like it. Let's all remember that Clive hated Tonight Your Mine and refused to promote it. But he liked Change of Heart which was Eric totally giving up. MAC
  8. Ronda, I once asked Eric on this site what the inspiration was for "I Can Remember," another heart wrenching and emotional song. He answered that most of his songs were composites of many different experiences in his life. I've also read in interviews that the song was about the end of a relationship, but also about carrying on after Raspberries ended.
  9. Listen to the words of the first verse in "Help" by the Beatles. I can't "help" but think some inspiration came from that song.
  10. There are three versions coming out and you will be able to buy any one of them at your local Starbucks. I sure ain't waiting for the mailman!!!
  11. Everything you would ever want to know about Memory Almost Full is posted here... http://www.dmbeatles.com/forums/b-mccartney/m-1176284442/ Download and listen to two of the new tracks here... http://pepperland.multiply.com/music/item/1 MAC
  12. This Thread gets my vote for one of the Top 5 EVER at EC.Com. After so many years of settling for biased "interviews" or "soundbites" for a glimpse of what Eric's thoughts might be, how cool is it that we get the info straight from the source? Who would have ever thunk it? Bravo Bernie. Eric, thanx for that hour. I can assure you it was time well spent. We treasure the posts that you really sink your teeth into the most. Absolutely riveting stuff.
  13. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest Diane Warren's armpits...
  14. Two Questions... How does the stereo sound? Does this mean Susan gets to buy all the shoes and handbags she wants?
  15. Halley's Waitress is one of my faves... FOW are a wonderful powerpop band. I enjoy them very much. I especially loved the Beach Boy influences on WIM. But for me, they lack an amazing lead singer like Raspberries had, and they are not capable of putting together a pop masterpiece in league with "Overnight Sensation." They've stopped growing and have been sort of stuck in "Fresh" mode for three albums now. By the way, I live 8 miles from Wayne New Jersey. There's a place on Route 46 selling outdoor statues and fountains called Fountains of Wayne. That's where they swiped their name from.
  16. Arista purposely buried the Tonight You're Mine album and I will never understand why. It's one of Eric's best and "It Hurts Too Much" should have been a huge hit. I always thought of it as Eric's homage to Joel's great "Say Goodbye To Hollywood." "My Heart Stops," was a good little song. And I do emphasize the word "little." But it was as insult to make Eric record it. Like he'd lost his songwriting chops or something. Please...
  17. I don't care what you say...Overnight Sensation, Sunrise, Let's Pretend and Make Me Lose Control were glorious perfection personified. MAC
  18. You know, this thread has officially blown any chance we ever had of Eric's attending Weekend At Bernies...
  19. He looks like McCartney in the 8X10 that came with the White Album. Isn't this from the Flipside show?
  20. "Bus Stop" by the Hollies. I wore the thing out on one of those little record players. You know, the ones that looked like a little suitcase when you closed it including the clamp latches.
  21. I think Duane is suggesting that it would have been a good time to re-release it.
  22. I think what Chris is trying to say that Eric and Bernie have been scarce of late and that he misses them.
  23. Back to what Benfer said about Eric’s reluctance to record new material if the audience for it isn’t big enough. I would like to point out an artist that has done very well for himself with an fan base much smaller than Eric OR Raspberries. Dean Friedman had a minor hit back in the 70’s called “Ariel.†Cute song. Guy was from Jersey and was big in Paramus of all places. He has continued to write and record new material by letting his fans finance these projects for him (by pre-selling them) through his website at deanfriedman.com. It’s a long story but the bottom line is this. Who among us would not pay $100 or even $200 for a numbered signed copy of a CD loaded with new material from Eric or Raspberries? Now at that kind of price point, sales of just a few thousand units amounts to major dollars. And since there is no record company to rape you, the talent keeps the majority of the $$$, minus the studio and manufacturing costs. You guys have everything you need right now. The websites already exist, and we the fans are hungry for new material. Why not let us finance a new project for you? Something to think about. It can and has been done successfully by artists far less influential and revered than you guys. MAC
  24. Make Me Lose Control is one of my favorites too. Rickey and the Tooth back together again. Great song, fantastic production, unbelievable vocal. The patented EC false ending. Terrific video too. The moment in the song that gives me chills is near the fade where he belts out a BAY-BE that comes straight from Righteous Brothers Heaven. Am I the only one? MAC
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