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  1. Hey Marv, I'm a young dashing single guy who loves EC and Raspberries. What could they do to little ole me?
  2. Damn! I need a little excitment in my life...
  3. Can we have a little more information on the EC Girls? This is the first I'm hearing of them. Will they be at "WAB3?" Care to share a story or two"
  4. I disagree Marv. The first EC solo album sold a ton, had three hit singles and a long chart run. Eric has had a long and varied songwriting career and people all over the world know and love his songs. There's a reason he lives in a big beautiful home and works only when he wants. It's called success.
  5. ...and I would have put "Love is all that Matters" on my list, if it had not already been included in yours.
  6. Oh man, I could feel the excitment bubbling under the surface for weeks. Every time I'd come back to the site and see "last updated January 16th," I'd think Bernie's waiting to bust out with something big!!! Well it appears things are about to blow!!!
  7. Underrated Eric? I’ll stick to just the official releases. Ok here goes, in no particular order… SOMEDAY Too happy for “Boats†this one wound up on Change of Heart. I heard it first as a single B-side. Catchy as anything. I love this one. WAITING Pure vocal with simple lyrics and instrumentation. The classical influence he would cultivate years later in All By Myself. A very innocent and lovely song. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Stuck in the middle of Change of Heart which I consider a Clive Davis solo album. The melody stands up and so do the words. Nice orchestration. And Eric sings it beautifully. RUNAWAY Haunting. The piano intro and world weary vocal. The loss of innocence. Builds and builds and then blasts off into the fade. An epic ballad really. My favorite EC fadeout… THE WAY WE USED TO BE Why is this not a standard? Was there ever a more perfect song written? Celine, are you listening? HONORABLE MENTION The two Power Ballads from Tonight You're Mine. "Sleep With Me" and "All for Love" are both incredibly underrated!
  8. This is going to be tough Bernie. You answered every "Ask Eric" question I ever had in that book you wrote!
  9. Pump up the volume to 10 and play "Hey Deanie." They'll be calling you "The Gay Blade of East Luray!"
  10. Darlene, I too spent hours and hours learning Eric's stuff on the piano. I Can Remember was a bitch wasn't it?. I never did figure out the middle section of All By Myself. Did you?. And of course I never saw them play live until New Years Eve. But I saw Eric many times. Dragged my friends to the Bottom Line three times. Remember the Christmas Concert with Peter Frampton? I think Frampton's people sabotaged the sound system on him that night. I sat through some hideous Arista Records concert and they announced that Eric's truck had broken down. So there I was, miserable, watching the Patty Smith Band instead. The things we fans do...
  11. Ok, Aggie first. Yes I tried to put them in order. Gordy, no fair and I demand a do-over. Not allowed to mix Eric solo in the Raspberries Bakers Dozen, that’s a whole other list. Loved the personal stuff though. We need to know more about the girl who left you for another woman?!?! Trindy, you are right, that is a "synth" flute on Starting Over. I saw him play that solo on Rock Concert. You got great ears! I have corrected the post. The sitcom idea is interesting, but I'm banking on some nice Acapulco Gold being involved in that ending. Maybe Eric was sitting at the piano, smoking a J. and watching Mary Tyler Moore? James, nice list. I love "Might As Well" too, but I couldn't figure out how to stretch the list to include it. "On the Beach" is another favorite. Interesting about Let's Pretend. I used to listen to American Top 40 every Sunday morning. That was the only song I can ever remember falling out of the top 40 and then making a strong comeback twice. I remember Casey being very perplexed about that. Darlene, I was so looking forward to your list along with what was going on in your life at the time. Marvin, if I don't see your list I will be CRUSHED and may retire from the board forever...
  12. Baker’s Dozen. My favorite Raspberries songs and why… LET'S PRETEND Eric’s most gorgeous melody, and one of his most passionate vocals. Melts you every time. OVERNIGHT SENSATION (Hit Record) Groundbreaking masterpiece. Ienner’s most amazing production. I remember the first time I heard it on the radio. It was different in the way “Good Vibrations†was the first time. The song within a song. Those drums!. The hit record playing through a transistor radio. So thick, so cool. Best false ending ever. You didn’t need a video cause you could see it all unfold in your mind. Capital Records should die for not promoting it better. PLAY ON Fantastic songwriting and singing from Scott. One of Wally’s most vicious solos. There’s something about the blend when Eric sings back-up. I CAN REMEMBER The song that introduced me to Raspberries. Heard it on WNEW in New York. Dennis Elsas played it, and it took me weeks to find out who it was. The songwriting here is off the hook! And off a debut album! You’ve got to be kidding. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall the day Eric played it to the band for the first time. They must have been like… WHAT!?!? I REACH FOR THE LIGHT In my opinion, Eric’s greatest vocal performance. And the song wasn’t too shabby either. IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND This was my “get my girlfriend back song†in high school. Whenever I did something stupid and got dumped, I’d throw this one on a mix tape and give it to the girl. She usually fell for it! NOBODY KNOWS Getting the feeling I liked the Fresh album? SHOULD I WAIT? What a great song and so unexpected. The Eagles could have a smash hit with this one tomorrow. Great lyrics and lead vocal from Dave. And Eric sounds sooo good in the background… Just one guy’s opinion but this one should NEVER be left off a reunion set list. TONIGHT First time I heard this I was so proud of the boys. I was positive this would be their breakout hit on FM Radio. Now the whole world would know about my favorite band. It didn’t happen. But doesn’t mean it wasn’t great in every way. I remember thinking….did he really just sing “Won’t you let me sleep with you?†Capital blows it again. ECSTASY For me, even better than “Go all the Way.†Their absolute best “horny†song. Wally is possessed. That whole key change thing at the end from left field rocks beyond belief. I’ll put this against anything The Who ever did. STARTING OVER Never liked the way this one was recorded, but what a song! The double meaning. Was it about a girl? The original line-up? Both? The soaring middle eight with the *synth flute. And whatever Eric was taking when he wrote that ending…I’d like some please. GO ALL THE WAY Can’t leave out the song that started it all. Wally’s monster riff, Eric’s “Left Banke meets the Who†vocal. Two middle eights!!! All those “fucking†chords. Do you think a young Jim Steinmen had this song in the back of his mind when he wrote “Paradise?†“Go†also made quite a few of my mix tapes in high school. And yes it usually worked… Honorable Mention I WANNA BE WITH YOU What a great sequel to “Go All the Way†and a great start to my favorite Raspberries Album. People like to say the Raspberries sounded derivative. Well who the Hell did they sound like here? Sometimes they paid homage, but mostly they were totally original and unique. And they sound just as good today. Think it was easy making this list? I’ll be waiting to read yours. Are you up to it?
  13. Annie, It's interesting what you say because it really depends on the artist. Me, I like to hear the band try to re-create the record to the point that I get distressed when they don't try for the high notes or drastically change the arrangements. Guys like Mccartney and Raspberries seem to agree with the you and me and stay pretty true. But just tell that to a Grateful Dead fan. They want to hear it different EVERYTIME they play it. Dylan is famous for changing the arrangements so drastically that sometimes you don't recognize the song. Marvin could explain better, but it all seems to come down to the band and the fan. MAC
  14. Since Eric seems to be following this post I'll just throw this out there. Pyramid records (which is a division of Rhino) released Eric's last solo album in the US. They also put out the re-release of Eric's first solo album. He seems to have a good relationship with them. They also put out a CD of all new material from the Knack a few years back along with a great "greatest hits" package. Somebody at Rhino is obviously a big fan of great Powerpop. I bet Pyramid/Rhino would be EXTREMELY interested in putting out a new CD with new original material from Raspberries and some of the live tracks from the reunion shows. How great would that be for the band and the fans? Great promotional tool for that appearence on Conan. And for radio. And to sell at gigs and stores. As far as a tour goes, how about putting Raspberries together with "The Knack?" Maybe Raspberries could play solo shows in the big media markets and team up with the Knack in the cities where either band would have a hard time selling out all by themselves? I really don't Eric is thinking in terms of big money and big hits here. Rather he would like to put on a great show for full houses wherever they play. Eric can sit home and collect royalty checks if he wants, so if he's going out, it's got to be right. Just my two cents for whatever it might be worth. MAC
  15. Marvin, I think you have a staggering amount of musical knowledge stored in your memory banks.
  16. I can't believe you all have even heard ILYMTICS! I WAS saying that Sting "borrowed" from the earlier song. What I didn't realize, and what Marvin pointed out is that the Leo Sayer tune was a cover to start with. Thanks Marv. Still doesn't change the incredible similarity. I can sit down at the piano and sing both songs to the same chords... Bahoo, you and I are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I was thinking off the top of my head to some of my BW favorites,and they all had middle eights all the way back to "Little Surfer Girl." "Sail on Sailor," "God Only Knows," "Good Vibrations," "Add Some Music To Your Day" "Heroes & VillianS," "Do it Again'... many others had them. Sometimes he sneaks them in at the beginning like "Be true to your School" or at the end like "Breakaway." Maybe we define "middle eight" differently. I think of it as any dissonent section of a song that appears only once and has nothing in common with the verse or chorus. Wilson was always sneaking these things in everywhere. Hey, we both love his music. That's what really counts!
  17. Yes Dar, I listened to it several times last night. I'm about 9 months out of a relationship that never should have ended. That might be the only song I've ever heard that truly sums up the way I feel sometimes.
  18. One would never suggest an alias to the Great Ferocious One for fear of being clawed apon and ripped apart, bloodied and left in a ditch by the Lioness Queen.
  19. Trindy here'a a good one for your firm worth millions. There's an old Leo Sayer hit called "I love you More Than I Can Say." This song is the exact melody and chord structure to "Every Breath You take" by The Police, which was a huge hit. I swear, they even stole the bridge. Can you imagine if they had to part with half of the Royalties now? "
  20. And where Oh Great Tigress can one find "The Cost of Loving" on line? My cassette copy is just about worn out.
  21. I saw that Darlene. Great claws. And quick! Remind me to never cross you:) MAC.
  22. I love "Seeds of Love" by Tears for Fears, but those boys were obviously listening to "I am the Walrus" alot when they wrote it. How about Emitt Rhodes? The guy could be Mccartney's twin. Good songwriter too. Myracle Brah "Super Automatic." Lennon comes back to play. Greenberry Woods "Rapple Dapple." My Vote, best song the Beatles never did. XTC, Skylarking album, "Earn Enough For Us."Sooo good. So them.
  23. Marv, They wanted to be all things to all people. I always considered Heart a "singles" band. You always knew there would be a couple of killer cuts, but not enough to buy the whole album. How about the influence of The Beatles VS. The Beach Boys. Without the healthy competition between the two bands we may have never had Pet Sounds OR Sgt Pepper. And without those Albums, all that groovy psychedelic music from the 60's might have never happened... I still have steam coming out of my ears thinking about the guy who said Brian didn't write middle eights. Has he heard Smile? The whole thing is a middle eight!
  24. Bernie, I never made the connection between “ Pretend†and “ABM,†but as usual you are right. See that’s why I started this thread. To gain incite into some of Eric’s song writing influences beyond the obvious. The Righteous Brother’s “Soul and Inspiration†similarity never dawned on me either and “Lose Control†is one of my favorites. I also had no clue the intro to “My Girl†was Rachmaninoff. I was thinking the other day that “You Took Me All The Way†could have been about Rene’s younger sister however…
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